Chula Vista


Neveria Tocumbo | Chula Vista

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Before an appointment on Wednesday, I stopped at Tocumbo Ice Cream in Chula Vista for a quick snack. The Mexican-style ice cream shop offers paletas, ice cream, aguas frescas, savory snacks, and al...

Coming Back For a Visit

by Spinal Tap 4 years ago

I just read another member post something similar so I thought I'd do the same seeing how that member and I have different restaurants in mind. When I lived in SD some of the restaurants on ou...

Mongolian Hotpot, Prado and more

by curioussheridan 5 years ago

My two best meals were Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot on Clairmont Mesa Boulevard, and the seafood taco truck on the Toys R Us parking lot in Chula Vista. Mongolian Hot Pot reminded me of Xian in ...

Anything good but not Mexican in Chula Vista?

by curioussheridan 6 years ago

Coming from Maryland, We will be traveling up the coast starting in Chula Vista then San Diego. I can persuade my partner to eat at a couple of Mexican places (maybe Romescos and Aqui es Texcoco) ...

Phở Hung Cali: great Bún and Phở in Chula Vista

by ipsedixit 7 years ago

We tried the Bún Thịt Nướng and the Phở Bò Kho. Both were the perfect remedy for these chilly temps. Can't say enough about the broth. Savory, a slight undertone of sweetness that's only ...

Sit down Mariscos in Chula Vista area

by SanDiego 7 years ago

My old favorite, Mariscos Godoy has closed. Can anyone recommend a replacement - great food, margaritas, a place you would go for dinner tonight with out of towners? Has anyone tried la Perla Negra...

Hilarious Commenter Argument War About Tacos el Gordo in Chula Vista

Gypsy Jan
by Gypsy Jan 8 years ago

From the San Diego CityBeat: http://www.sdcitybeat.com/sandiego/article-12540-tacos-el-gordo-looks-at-tacos-through-a-lebanese-lens.html

El Charco en Chula Vista

by DiningDiva 9 years ago

El Charco is what happens when local lamb barbacoa guru (Paco) from Aqui es Texcoc teams up with the folks who own and operate a small chain of taquerias called Charco de las Ranas in Mexico City. ...

Chula Vista to North Park

by FranklinJefferson 8 years ago

Hi there, SD Hounds! Heading down from LA this weekend to see friends who live in the CV area. I spent a lot of time in the La Jolla and the South Park area from '04 - '07 but haven't been there...

Weekday Happy Hour Near Chula Vista Waterfront

by zare_k 9 years ago

I have been asked to suggest a venue for a coworker happy hour on a weekday afternoon/evening this month. Our office is in Chula Vista near the bay, and I would like to avoid a long drive or any pl...

Bullseye Burgers and Grill (formerly a Boll Weevil) in Chula Vista

Gypsy Jan
by Gypsy Jan 9 years ago

While waiting for our car to be finished at the Firestone on Broadway, on the GM recommended the Bullseye and we walked about one hundred feet south for lunch We had a terrific 1/3 lb. cheesebur...

Weekday Lunches in Chula Vista

by zare_k 10 years ago

I recently started working in Chula Vista and am seeking places to go out to for lunch during the week. So far I've tried (and enjoyed) Tacos El Gordo, Mariscos El Pescador, and Aqui es Texcoco. I'...

Lunch at Pho Hiep & Grill, Chula Vista

Gypsy Jan
by Gypsy Jan 10 years ago

This was a very hot day today in San Diego. We picked up our mail from the UPS store and then, we were starving. The restaurant is just a few doors down in the same shopping center . Whe...

new branch of canada steakburger opening in eastlake/chula vista

by tastycakes 10 years ago

still the best gyros i've ever had, and the steakburger with gyro meat sliced on top is awesome. it's been family owned and run since i can remember, and always on our must-eat list when my husban...

National City Chula Vista - Vast foodie wasteland?

by hoodat 10 years ago

I returned to South San Diego after being away for quite a while. When I left there were several good seafood and other good restaurants around here. What happened? Other than a few fair Mexican r...

Chula Vista: Pho Hiep & Grill

by tanne 12 years ago

I love this place, I only wish I had an excuse to go to Chula Vista regularly. I found their website, they have a Linda Vista location that I'm hoping to try soon. Anyways, the service was great an...

Sit down Mexican in Chula Vista

by SanDiego 13 years ago

Looking for recs for a sit down (not to casual?) Mexican lunch in Chula Vista. While I love small taco shops, I want to take my folks out to lunch in someplace that they are more comfortable. Sea...

Pampas do Brasil Chula Vista

by kare_raisu 12 years ago

They will be opening 'approxiamente' on a storefront on Broadway just south of the mall. This is the Brazilian steakhouse that is located in TJ and rumored to be much better than Rei do Gado. J...

puerto nuevo lobster in chula vista

by sushiempress 12 years ago

my family went to a restaurant serving puerto nuevo lobster in chula vista about 5 (?) years ago. it was a small establishment about 3 blocks from a red car (?) rail stop. the lobster was fantast...

Mariscos El Dorado in Chula Vista?

by SD Native 12 years ago

Does anyone know if the El Dorado restaurant on Palomar in Chula Vista is the same as Mariscos El Dorado in Tijuana? I ate at the Mariscos El Dorado in Tijuana yesterday. Because of the economy...