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Not Fade Away

by Steve 4 years ago

As others have pointed out already, there is a huge generational divide going on right now in the world of food. We now have chefs and food that are praised as being near the top of culinary del...

The Latest "Yay Me" thread

by PotatoHouse 4 years ago

So, what is the latest new food item/recipe that you have made that you are proudest of? For me, it is the Ricotta Pancakes that I made for my family this past weekend. They came out light and f...

Do You Feel This Way Too After Cooking a Big Meal?

by vafarmwife 10 years ago

After cooking a huge Christmas lunch, I was sick of looking at it and really didn't want to eat any of it. Has anyone else ever felt this way too?

So, what's the average Chowhounder's weight?

by zippypinhead 6 years ago

Me? 175 pounds spread over 5'-10" I would suppose that, if we get many responses, it would probably be more accurate to add 10-15 percent.

Pairing Food with Music

by CindyJ 12 years ago

From the minute I begin prepping for dinner, throughout the cooking, dining and meal clean-up, if it's Italian I'm cooking I've got Italian music playing in the background. Andrea Bocelli works we...

how much do your kids eat? how old are they?

by eLizard 5 years ago

my almost 6 year old son eats a lot. has since the daycare infant room. he'd get his grain bar and melon first and then they'd go around the table to the other kids until they got back to him. a...

Restaurant Secret Shopping

by MobyRichard 11 years ago

Any C'hounds ever done restaurant secret shopping? I don't mean restaurant reviews but actual paid assignments to go in and be a diner in an honest-to-goodness, flatware-on-the-table restaurant, h...

Did you inherit any funky kitchen gadgets and appliances?

by Monica 5 years ago

When my mother in law sold her house of more than 40 years, she had a lot of old things to get rid of including some of her old kitchen gadgets and appliances. I inherited some nice old English Ch...

went to supermarket... what was I thinking!?!

by kseiverd 5 years ago

No super bowl festivities going on here. Might check in for a few of the famous commercials, but that's about it. Gray, dreary and cold enough to be good soup weather. Had all ingredients to mak...

Dining Alone - Experiences, treatment by restaurant staff

by huiray 9 years ago

What are your experiences when dining alone, particularly in fine dining places or at least 'nice' places? How does the staff treat you? How do you manage 'signals' you wish to convey? I am mu...

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