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Academic Home Cooks who are avid cooks and/or bakers - why do you do it?

by nofunlatte 2 years ago

Over on the Home Cooking board, there's a concentration of us who are academics, So, if you are an academic, why do you enjoy cooking/baking? What is it that draws you to this hobby/interest? FY...

Gardening dreams

by Dorothee5 2 years ago

Hello! It is very important to have dreams! However, is there anything you dream of having in your garden that maybe you don't have funds or space or money for? If it goes to me, I am dreaming a...

Myths of Owning a Restaurant

by chefearl 2 years ago

People assume that owning a restaurant is fun and exciting, a great way to make money and perhaps even become famous. Well, I am here to tell you that owning a restaurant is a lot of hard work mor...

Former 'Hound JB Bannister Seen on Chopped!

by ninrn 2 years ago

Surprised no one has posted about this already: Great former Chowhound JB Bannister competed recently on Chopped Grillmasters. (Season 4, ep 2, Airdate: August 8, 2017). He played well, but left a ...

Cacio e Pepe (or nightmares of a foodie)

by Cam14 2 years ago

Last night I made Anthony Bourdains version of Cacio e Pepe and it was very, very good. Did cut back the pepper. It made me curious about other versions and how they would be made. During th...

Cooking and Family History

by Querencia 2 years ago

I have a (totally unscientific) theory that when a family comes here from another country and time passes until several generations have come along, cooking outlasts other family history. I can t...

Calf's foot jelly and other foods you've read about but never had - some of which you'd like to

by buttertart 10 years ago

I remember reading in Victorian novels as a kid about calf's foot jelly being taken to invalids and wondering what the heck it was. Asked my mom, who told me it was like Jello made from meat (with...

Holiday Cookware Gift Haul 2017

by kaleokahu 2 years ago

2017 surprised me with how little I was gifted in the way of cookware and associated accoutrements. So I wanted to hear what Santa may have brought you. I DID receive one little jewel of a unit...

Thanksgiving Disasters

by Querencia 2 years ago

Did something not turn out today? You are not alone. I once tried using food coloring hoping to make the gravy a rich-looking brown only somehow it came out bright blue and I simply couldn't get i...

Do you wear an apron in the kitchen?

by Kooken 4 years ago

Do any of you folks love cooking wear an apron? I am a very messy cook and feel lost without it. Bebe

Happy 20th Anniversary, Chowhound!

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 3 years ago

July is the month we turn 20! We want to take a moment to thank you for giving life to this community with your contributions, restaurant reports, advice, and sharing your passion for food. Tog...

Cirella's - Melville

by Gastronomos 3 years ago

Lunch at Cirella's last week. Ignoring half the menu on an entire page of sushi. Service is the usual. Opting not for a salad, wanting pasta, we all had zucchini ribbons. Bolognese; saus...

Like Eating Something for the Very First Time

by Steve 4 years ago

I've had this sensation at least twice now when I've eaten something fairly normal that is sooooo good, it's like eating it for the very first time. Who knew it could be THAT delicious? Or amazin...

Foodie and Non-foodie, is there hope?

by Motosport 4 years ago

So, I've been a single senior for several years and I date. I date a lot. "Kiss a lot of frogs" so to speak. So many of my contemporary's have thrown in the proverbial towel and given u...

Have you ever lost . . . .

by JerryMe 4 years ago

Neighbor came by and asked if I'd ever lost a pound of potatoes that I'd bought from the store. I had indeed! They got buried in the back of my extended cab pick up on our very thorough trip to t...

Seduction Dinner Disasters

by outRIAAge 3 years ago

You know the kind: you've spent days planning the menu, getting rid of roommates, making a custom seduction playlist, but when the moment arrives, it just doesn't go well. I'll seed the thread w...

First REAL Food memory

by shaebones 11 years ago

YOU know, the one you think about everytime you eat that food. For me its a BLT. I was in ~ 3rd grade and went to my friends house for lunch during the school lunch break. Her mother made us BLT's ...

Thanksgiving 2016: Your Worst Nightmare?

by Cynsa 3 years ago

Once Upon A Time; my neighbor's uncle set his house afire when the pot of hot oil tipped over on his deck while deep-frying the Thanksgiving turkey. My worst nightmare was shopping too late the ...

When recipe sharing bites back.

by Canuget1 3 years ago

Every year during the holidays I'm asked to make the same dishes and one year I gave a recipe out. That person is at the same function every year and I didn't see the harm. Well fast forward to nex...