Want to meet up with fellow Chowhounds offline for a meal? Or post a report about a meal you shared with other members of the community? This is the tag for you.

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Dim Sum at Mai Dragon in Hanover, MD - Report

by Steve 6 years ago

Twenty Chowhounds divided up into two tables of ten for a dim sum-aganza at Mai Dragon in Hanover, MD near Ft. Meade. I didn't write anything down, but I think we ordered: Siu mai Baked buns ...

Uyghur Chowmeal Report - Queen Amannisa in Crystal City

by Steve 6 years ago

15 Chowhounds got together for a very expansive feast at Queen Amannisa. We really took advantage of being such a large group and had about 17 dishes. For me, it was a return to some of the fla...

Chowdown at King Tsin, Berkeley CA

by ernie in berkeley 6 years ago

About fifteen of us met up at King Tsin in Berkeley. The restaurant was recently acquired by some China Village staff, including one of the old chefs, and while they've kept some of the old Cantone...

Chowdown Donut Taste-Off: SLO Donut Co. vs. Surfside Donuts

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

A sequel to our recent chowdown at La Simpatia in Guadalupe was a taste-off between San Luis Obispo County's most talked about donut producers: SLO Donut Company of San Luis Obispo http://www....

Sunday 1/17 at Sichuan Cottage

by seal 6 years ago

A few of us on the Sichuan Cottage thread have decided to meet there for an early lunch at 11:30 this Sunday. All are welcome to join us...just please post here if you plan to attend so we're sure ...

Milpitas Square Chowdown Report: My Dumpling, CBI Kitchen, Liang's Kitchen, Sweetheart Cafe

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Three of us took a long lunch today to trek around Milpitas Square. First stop was My Dumpling. http://www.chowhound.com/post/dumpling-opens-milpitas-square-790267 We tried two types of steame...

Two spots open saturday night chowdown at Redemption Asbury Park

by seal 6 years ago

This Saturday night at 6 at Redemption Asbury Park. Porchetta, mushrooms, brussel sprouts and potatoes from ChefMD for$25 pp. As always two last minute cancellations leave us with two spots availab...

Bawarchi in Chantilly - Report

by Steve 6 years ago

Six Chowhounds got together for dinner to explore Indian cuisine at Bawarchi in Chantilly. Bawarchi replaces Karaikudi, which had a nice selection of Chettinad dishes. Despite some different gra...

Chowdown at Uyghur Taamliri [San Francisco]

by ...tm... 6 years ago

Eight of us gathered at the recently opened Uyghur Taamliri restaurant cooking out of the kitchen of a sportsbar mid-Sunset. The meal and company were quite enjoyable, thanks to hyperbowler for o...

Chowdown Brunch Review: Patio Espanol

by michele_corum 6 years ago

9 Chowhounds met at Patio Espanol today for Sunday Brunch. The Patio Español Restaurant is located within the Unión Española de California on Alemany Blvd in San Francisco. The Unión Española w...

Chowdown at Redemption Asbury Park

by seal 6 years ago

Our old friend, ChefMD at the helm of Redemption, is making us a porchetta. We will be dining in the "speakeasy" room so seating is very limited. In addition to the porchetta, they will be serving ...

Request: Please Enable Chowdown Coordination Within Chowhound

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 6 years ago

For Chowhounds to plan a restaurant meal or gathering the rule has always been: "Plan Chowdowns offline." In other words a coordinator was chosen and emails were exchanged. With the advent of ca...

Chowdown Report - Fenix in San Rafael

by jackiecat 6 years ago

10 hounds gathered to sample Chef Gator's new lunch buffet on Oct 29. http://www.fenixlive.com/dining/kitchen-menus/ For $12 we enjoyed a wide array of Southern style dishes, so many that I cou...

Reno chowdown: Great Russian/Slavic food at The Aroma Club

by SteveTimko 6 years ago

To describe my enthusiasm for The Aroma Club, I’ll start with the summer borscht. Normally, I hate cold soup. I haven’t had a gazpacho I like, for instance. At The Aroma Club, the summer borscht h...

Chowdown: Mao Family Cooking, San Mateo

Peter Yee
by Peter Yee 12 years ago

A group of seven hounds were lucky enough to enjoy a chowdown organized by the gracious Victoria Liang at The Noodle Shop/Mao Family Cooking in San Mateo this evening. Despite miserable traffic, w...

Chowdown at Taste of Jiangnan

by ...tm... 6 years ago

10 hounds gathered to try the bargain $99 set meal at Taste of Jiangnan. It included many of their specialties, though we couldn't help but add a couple extra dishes. We enjoyed the homey meal, and...

Chowdown at Sichuan Cottage 09/17

by eleeper 6 years ago

I realize this is short notice, but we're going to Sichuan Cottage about 1:45PM for lunch. If anyone else wants to show up, we can make a "thing" of it.

Chowdown at Grocery Cafe, Oakland [Burmese]

by ...tm... 7 years ago

Eight of us gathered at Grocery Cafe for a great meal, set out by owner William Lue. It was a banquet of their classic dishes, and several that don’t appear on the menu, but may be offered as speci...

Searching for Chow Tips and specific posters

by Lgalen 6 years ago

I like the new look of the site, and especially the emphasis on the old "Jim Leff" Chowhound, vs. Chow. However, I miss being able to see and choose from all the chow tips. Also, sometimes, I wa...

Reno Chowdown: Great Thai meal at Moo Dang

by SteveTimko 6 years ago

The Greater Reno Grub and Gripe Group gathered at Moo Dang for what turned out to be another spectacular meal. The consensus of the group was that every dish was executed well and we would order th...