Want to meet up with fellow Chowhounds offline for a meal? Or post a report about a meal you shared with other members of the community? This is the tag for you.


Chowdown Report: 4/20 @ Lagunitas Brewing Petaluma Taproom

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Last weekend, four 'hounds gathered at the Lagunitas Brewing Company's Petaluma Taproom for the infamous 4/20 party. Maybe not so infamous nor radical these days now that cannabis is legalized. Und...

Chowdown at Mangal Mediterranean, SF

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

On Monday seven 'hounds and guests gathered for a late night chowdown at Mangal Mediterranean. Please tell us about your favorites. Previous post about Mangal: https://www.chowhound.com/post...

Chowdown at Silla, "Modern Korean" in Santa Clara

by Cicely 4 months ago

Melanie, Marc, and I met up for dinner at this new Korean restaurant, I with a 10-year-old in tow. Melanie had given us the heads-up that this place was in its soft opening period, and I was easily...

Chowhound Dinner at Momofuku DC

by Steve 7 months ago

This was a kind of last-moment replacement, as we were supposed to eat at Yu Noodles in Rockville, but we found ourselves in DC instead. Six hungry Chowhounds went through quite a bit of the men...

Chowdown report: Royal Feast (Millbrae)

by hyperbowler 2 years ago

Twenty-one hounds met up today at Royal Feast to try the cooking of Chef Liu, who delighted many during his years at China Village and recently returned to the Bay Area. Thanks to Melanie for organ...

Wojia Hunan Cuisine, Albany: Chowdown report

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 10 months ago

Wojia Hunan Cuisine is a new addition to the regional Chinese restaurant scene in Albany. What stands out is that unlike many regional Chinese restaurants, especially those outside Chinese enclaves...

Extravagant 14-course lunch at 2018 Michelin Bib Gourmand recipient Royal Feast in Millbrae, CA

by vincentlo 1 year ago

For only $40/person inclusive of tax & gratuity, Melanie was able to prearrange a phenomenal 14-course lunch showcasing the talent of Chef Liu and his team at his Royal Feast restaurant next to the...

"Bombay Touch, Vaughan" - Decent Indian Fare in a Culinary Wasteland

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

Apart from Center Street Deli and the surprisingly good, hole-in-the-wall Chinese place - " Anne's Congee ", the area around Promenade Mall, in my opinion, is a total culinary waste land. As such, ...

Chowdown report: Chef Wang (Millbrae)

by geofflee 1 year ago

It was a pleasure being at Chef Wang today for my first ever Chowhound event! Thanks to Melanie for initiating the event. Apologies to anyone else who made this possible whom I failed to thank. ...

Chowdown: Phở Hà Nội in San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

On Wednesday we'd planned a happy hour chowdown at Pho Ha Noi in Vietnam Town on Story Road, https://www.chowhound.com/post/pho-ha-noi-vietnam-town-san-jose-1047150 . However, when I arrived and as...

[Singapore] Chowdown at Guan Hoe Soon

by klyeoh 1 year ago

It's been quite a while since I took part in a Chowdown - the last one where I participated in was at Crystal China near Tower Bridge, where London-based Chowhounds got together for a night of reve...

Barbacco In FiDi with Friends!

by ChowFun_derek 1 year ago

Melanie, Ruth and I met at Barbacco 220 California near Battery For Last Lunch before 2018... A beautifully designed space..modern yet warm and inviting....We naturally ordered for the Table... ...

Chowhound Dinner at Baan Thai - Report

by Steve 2 years ago

If you love to compare a favorite dish from restaurant to restaurant, say pad thai, then you might have a problem eating at Baan Thai. The menu does not conform to standard "Thai restaurant" dishe...

Marcella's Lasagneria chowdown report [Dogpatch, San Francisco]

Peter Yee
by Peter Yee 7 years ago

Melanie Wong organized a scouting trip to Marcella's Lasagneria in the Dogpatch just off 22nd Street. (Thank you, Melanie!) Five hungry hounds met there today for lunch to sample their wares. Th...

Looks like we might need to do a chowdown?

by howdini 2 years ago


The SD Bucket List 21

by NavyFitBoss 2 years ago

As promised in my last features posting, the next 2 spots I plan to hit are as follows: Queenstown Public 630pm Tuesday night for the Lamb Burger. Underbelly Friday night 630pm for Belly of the Bea...

Chinese New Year's at Grace Garden

by Vidute 2 years ago

Charm City Chowhounds are gathering to celebrate the Year of the Rooster at Grace Garden on January 28 with a special menu prepared by Chef Li. Please see our Facebook page for further informati...

Chowdown at Royal Feast, Millbrae: report

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 2 years ago

See's hyperbowler's post!http://www.chowhound.com/post/chowdown-report-royal-feast-millbrae-1045414

Tianjin and Szechuan Dinner at Golden Garlic in West San Jose

by charliemyboy 2 years ago

Eight congenial diners met at Golden Garlic Restaurant on DeAnza in West San Jose last night for a combination Tianjin and Szechuan dinner. The unusual combination is the product of a husband/wife...

Chowdown Report: Chengdu Festival banquet at Koi Palace

by Thomas Nash 2 years ago

Eleven of us gathered last night for the Koi Palace instance of the Chengdu Food & Cultural Festival in San Francisco. An earlier thread on the Festival is at http://www.chowhound.com/post/nov...