Is this a valid onion chopping technique?

by betsy_VA 2 years ago

Hi all -- Please forgive what is likely a silly question, but I watched "Julie & Julia" recently and one scene in particular has stuck in my mind: Julia Child (as played by Meryl Streep) is practic...

The best way to coarsely chop nuts?

by greygarious 11 years ago

Costco's Kirkland brand nut meats, in 3# bags, are good quality and a good price. I like to chop them coarsely but evenly for use in cookies, brownies, etc. I do about a pound at a time, to keep...

Chopping Onions beforehand, and storing them in fridge prior to use?

by katie.beginner 4 years ago

Is there any harm in finely chopping onions beforehand - say 7am in the morning - and putting it in an airtight bag in the fridge until say 1pm, for use in a dish? Or will that impact the flavour t...

Word difference

by walnut 5 years ago

I have a question and was wondering if any one could shed some light on it. I had some one ask me if something says chopped vegetables you think of vegetables chopped with a knife and can be slice...

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