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Easter Chocolates for Grown-Ups

Looking to fill a grown-up Easter basket? This high-end Easter candy is fantastic. Quick, name your earliest memory of Easter. Probably it involves the grape flavor of purple jelly beans, peeling pastel...

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Chocolate Beignets Trial (moved from Manhattan board)

by Dena 18 years ago

I gave it a try this weekend and, while they were good, they weren't great. I know I'm missing something or some crucial step. I'm taking another course at the French Culinary Institute and I'll ...

Mail Order - Chocolates

by Rachel Perlow 19 years ago

For good old fashioned chocolates and candies, check out See's Candies. It has been a topic lately on the SF Bay Area board, but I thought as it does a large mail order business, that I'd put a li...

Best Instant Hot Chocolate or Cocoa

by Randall Kellogg 19 years ago

Has anyone discovered a tasty instant hot chocolate powder? I am looking for the kind where you add hot water and stir. I have tried Swiss Miss and Carnation and haven't been satisfied. Is there...

chocolate & cholesterol

by Jim Dixon 20 years ago

I mentioned that dark chocolate is relatively benign, cardiovascularly speaking, in the cholesterol thread (see Re(3): need the help of all chowhounds). Someone asked for more details, and he...

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