Chocolate Chips

These One-Bowl, Fudgy Black Bean Brownies Are Shockingly Tasty

Looking for a good, fudgy vegan brownie recipe that's also gluten-free? These flourless black bean brownies are legitimately amazing, and easy to make too. The fact that they're healthy-ish is an added...

Healthy meals in minutes recipe cards

by ladymcelmon 6 months ago

Hi, I'm new here and I'm wondering if someone might have the "healthy meals in minutes" recipe card for chocolate chip cookies. She swears they are the best but has misplaced her copy. Thanks!

ISO - President's Choice 'The Decadent' Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

by PwrSrg 1 year ago

I have been searching for the President's Choice 'The Decadent' Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for YEARS, and still haven't found it. I have searched Google up and down many, many times and have had...

why are my chocolate chip cookies so cakey?

by jennifer w. 17 years ago

Help! I am not a baker by any means, but thought I'd give the recipe off of the Nestle Tollhouse chip bag a try since my fiance is in town and he has a big sweet tooth. Aren't the recipes off of th...

Kenji's chocolate chip cookies

by tweetie 2 years ago

I'm working my way though a few ccc recipes just to fight the boredom and today is Kenji's day. I'm cutting the recipe in half in an attempt to stretch my supplies. In comparing his with others, ...

Chocolate Chip Cookies

by megney1 3 years ago

Hello! This is my first time posting, so forgive me if this has been asked before! I have been struggling to find a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies that I really love. I prefer fat cookies wit...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Help!!

by coffeeandcookies 5 years ago

I have been trying to make the perfect tall and chunky Chocolate chip cookies for the last year and I finally found the perfect recipe: http://www.modernhoney.com/levain-bakery-chocolate-chip-crush...

Chocolate chip cookies in TO, 2016

by prima 5 years ago

Which are your current favourites? I've liked the cookies at Bakerbots and the cookies sold at B Espresso Bar, as well as the sea salt chocolate chip cookie sold at Pilot Coffee at Union Station...

Flat edge chocolate chip cookies

by miamivores 5 years ago

I developed a recipe for my chocolate chip cookies which is as followed: -120g butter -80g white sugar -90g brown sugar -1 egg -185g AP flour -1/4 tsp baking powder -1/4 tsp baking soda -...

The Chocolate Chip Cookie - Do You Like Thin and Crisp or Soft and Chewy?

by treb 5 years ago

I enjoy a good simple chocolate chip cookie. I've always preferred Thin & Crisp, i enjoy the texture and the extra doneness required to get them crisp. I've never liked the texture of the soft ...

Trying to make the chocolate chip cheesecake from Gullifty's in Pittsburgh

by ninrn 6 years ago

Hello Chowhounds, One of the best cheesecakes I've ever eaten was the chocolate chip cheesecake at the now-defunct Gullifty's in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. It was a tende...

Chocolate... differences

by kseiverd 6 years ago

What's the difference between semi-sweet and bitter-sweet chips/morsels? I know I prefer either one to milk chocolate in just about any application. Giardelli, semi-sweet morsels are less than ...

Guittard Chocolate Baking Wafer Substitute?

by shiralamb 6 years ago

Hi all, I recently discovered that the E. Guittard Couveture 16 oz. Boxed Wafers have been discontinued. I was really disappointed to discover this because I frequently purchased them for bakin...

1940's Nestle's Toll House Cookie Recipe (Mrs. Wakefield's Toll House Cookies)

by Bec215 6 years ago

Did you know the original recipe isn't *exactly* the one on the back of the package today!? It's close, but the differences change the cookie's texture and flavor. I remember the ones we made from...

Best Chocolate for Melting

by foggybottom123 6 years ago

I'll be making white, dark and milk chocolate covered pretzels. Any suggestions on a brand of chocolate to buy for the project? Thanks!

Can You Melt Chocolate Chips?

by MissDior 6 years ago

Do chocolate chips have a chemical that prevents them from melting like baking chocolate? I bought some chocolate chips because my store didn't have baking chocolate.

Alter Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe to Make Chocolate Cookies with Peanut Butter Chips

by Philly Ray 6 years ago

I have a bag of peanut butter morsels that I want to use up. If I take the garden variety chocolate chip cookie recipe on the Nestle morsel bag, how do I modify it to make chocolate cookies with p...

Which Flour to Use for Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Jessiet 8 years ago

I am in search of the perfect chocolate chip cookie flour. I have some good ideas for a recipe, and frankly, it won't stray far from the classic Toll House Cookies on the bag of chocolate chips. ...

Does anyone else not like chocolate chips?

by laraibcooks 6 years ago

I think all brands that I have tried taste gross. I just end up using chopped up chocolate.

PLEASE help me make this chocolate chip cookie

by nothingswrong 7 years ago

Need help from any of you recipe developer types. I've read through Kenji and Alton's scientific explanations of what-does-what in CCCs, and I've read through probably 20+ blogs about cookie experi...

Best way to melt/drizzle chocolate chips?

by eenie1 12 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for me to put 2T of chocolate chips in a heavy duty plastic bag, melt in microwave, and then drizzle the chocolate out of a small cut I make in the corner of the bag. No...

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