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Anyone still using chipped beef?

by dave_c 6 years ago

I've been wanting to make "authentic" SOS using chipped beef. The problem is I just can't get myself to buy it. I'l...


EagleJBW commented 2 months ago

Where to buy chipped beef

by Oliver Ranch 11 years ago

One of our customers has asked where he can buy chipped beef for his grandmother. Apparently, her favorite butcher/s...


nasigoreng commented 2 years ago

Is creamed chipped beef only liked by the people who were or are currently in the military?

by bwinter714 7 years ago

I'm a Marine, and I remember eating "Shit on a Shingle" in bootcamp in Paris Island. For some reason, it was so damn ...


mkearin commented 2 years ago

S.O.S. (shit on a shingle)

by geekgirl 12 years ago

I just finished reading the article and recipe on G.I.Grub in Saveur, I would like any suggestion to improve this rec...


SanFranChef commented 5 years ago

ISO chipped beef

by Chocolatesa 9 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get some?


Kacid commented 9 years ago

Chipped Beef?

by MRMoggie 9 years ago

Anyone have a source for real chipped beef? (Slightly dried, lightly smoked) This used to be a staple at every del...


chefj commented 9 years ago

ISO: Dried beef for creamed chipped beef

by stephen 9 years ago

After a recent trip back to the Jersey shore where I had this again, I am looking to source some dried beef in the GT...


Wahooty commented 9 years ago

Chipped beef on toast...using leftover steak?

by melly 10 years ago

It is rainy and overcast....I am craving chipped beef on toast. Can I somehow use leftover rib-eye steak for the dis...

Pat Hammond

Pat Hammond commented 10 years ago

chipped beef

by LauraInPhilly 10 years ago

I don't know if this has ever been discussed , because I am fairly new to chowhound. What are your opinions on the be...


Eleashag commented 10 years ago

Cream chipped beef

by hoops47 11 years ago

What diners or restaurants in the Philadelphia area including Berks and Lancaster Counties have the best cream chippe...


silverbullet69 commented 10 years ago

Remembering: creamed chipped beef (aka S.O.S.)

by rpglancy 10 years ago

Does anyone know where you can still get creamed chipped beef? I have seen it in the grocery store freezer case (Stou...


Joanie commented 10 years ago

Creamed Chipped Beef in DFW?

by popkulture 10 years ago

Ok, so I might get slammed for publicly admitting my love for creamed chipped beef, but it was a dish I grew up with ...


Maynerd commented 10 years ago

Creamed chipped beef,

by dhelman1 10 years ago

I am looking for a good place for breakfast/brunch, particularly creamed chipped beef within about a half hour of Vil...


PattiCakes commented 10 years ago

Using Bresaola for Creamed Chipped Beef

by Springhaze2 11 years ago

I'm home alone and feeling in need of comfort food. I have an odd craving for Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast (yes tha...


TomDel commented 11 years ago

Chipped Beef

by BMartin 12 years ago

I want to make creamed chipped beef. Anyone know where you can buy chipped beef in the NYC area?


grossr commented 11 years ago

SOS on Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast in SF

by Gary Soup 11 years ago

Okay, all you trendspotters out there. It appears that every man Jack with a toque is messing around with good ol' m...


wolfe commented 11 years ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Chipped beef...

by southern transplant 11 years ago

Does anyone know anywhere in Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens where I can get some creamed chipped beef on toast? Mmm, m...

Creamed Chipped Beef

by lovepoutine 12 years ago

Hello out there...any recommendations for CCB, preferably west-side?


TBB3 commented 12 years ago

Creamed Chipped Beef

by Michael S 14 years ago

Any ideas on where it is served in LA or where it can be bought frozen or packaged? Thanks!


Westsideman commented 14 years ago