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Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Hot (Chili) Oil Recipes

by zackly 1 year ago

The only hot oil I've ever made was by simply heating crushed red pepper flakes in olive oil. I know there are many t...

Chili oil a la French pizza joint

by triomphe 4 years ago

After spending a year in France, the food item I remember with the most fondness is chili oil. They had it in all the...


Donatzsky commented 2 years ago

Chinese Hot Mustard & Chili Oil

by JolokiaJen 6 years ago

I read people talking about getting chinese hot mustard and hot chili oil with their chinese restaurant meals, but I'...


njmarshall55 commented 3 years ago

Building a sandwich around a chili oil / Asian pepper spiced chicken cutlet.

by zakappel 4 years ago

I pounded and sliced up some chicken breasts into 4 sandwich size portions, and seasoned each one differently, to use...


zakappel commented 4 years ago

Secret Tien Hong Chili Oil Source?

by magnoliaontherocks 4 years ago

I've been told by a secretive source you can buy Tien Hong's chili oil somewhere. I even ate some of it so they are ...


sqwertz commented 4 years ago

How do I get chili oil off of my hands?

by Westy 14 years ago

After I finish chpping spicy chilis, the oil stays on my hands. Even after scrubbing with soap and water - the darn s...


idontknow76 commented 4 years ago

hot chili oil recipe

by mobscne 8 years ago

Hello I really hope someone can help me. I'm trying to find a recipe for hot chili oil - like the kind you would fin...


giddylydia commented 4 years ago

Thai chili oil/prik nam man

by luckyfatima 4 years ago

Can you recommend a brand of this that you like? I presume this is just coarsely pounded/ground dried red chile st...


eljnwin commented 4 years ago

American style chili oil

by EdwinNJ 5 years ago

So, with my buddy, we made a video showing how to make my take on chili oil


chefj commented 4 years ago

Good hot chili oil brand?

by Emmmily 10 years ago

I just made Fuschia Dunlop's recipe for dan dan noodles for lunch. (It was delicious, thanks to all who steered me to...


Kholvaitar commented 5 years ago

Din Tai Fong Chili oil recipe

by SamVee 5 years ago

Can any one tell me how to make or where to purchase the chili oil sauce Din Tai Fong keeps on their tables?


OCAnn commented 5 years ago

ISO Roasted Chili Oil

by Strongbad789 6 years ago

I'm somewhat addicted to the chili oil they have at Pizzeria Libretto, but despite my many requests, they refuse to s...


Strongbad789 commented 5 years ago

Chinese chili oil

by peanuttree 5 years ago

From another thread I posted this, I figure I may well as make it its own post. At the very least it will be more eas...


peanuttree commented 5 years ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Spicy tuna chili oil

by NoozyTheGreat 5 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a sushi place where the spicy tuna rolls are made with chili oil and not spicy mayo. Doe...

Substitute for Asian chili oil?

by arielleeve 6 years ago

I'm making a recipe for soba noodles with a scallion ginger sauce. The recipe calls for chili oil (just a few teaspoo...


arielleeve commented 6 years ago

ISO Saigon Chili oil

by Quattrociocchi 8 years ago

I can't seem to find my favorite chili oil these days. The brand is Saigon Oil 'n Chili Hot Sauce (no joke). It's m...


betterthanbourdain commented 8 years ago

Spicy Condiments: Chili Oil is to Sichuan as...

by Tom from Raleigh 9 years ago

Hi- I ate in a local Chinese restaurant last night. I ordered a Sichuan dish and ask that it be prepared "extreme...


SaltyRaisins commented 8 years ago

Oil for making chili oil?

by magica 8 years ago

Hi I want to make chili oil, which oil should I use? I want some oil that is healthy and without GMOs. Thanks


BodaciousGirl commented 8 years ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Recreating White Bear's Spicy Wontons in Chili oil at Home? Toppings?

by ZenFoodist 8 years ago

Hmmm.....chili oil, scallions, pickled turnip? pickled mustard greens? What about the powders sprinkled on top? Sumac...

Sam Woo Chili Oil?

by SamNoseSquisher 8 years ago

I really like the hot chili oil that Sam Woo serves at their restaurants. It's the main reason I continue to eat ther...


SamNoseSquisher commented 8 years ago