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Chiles Rellenos - unseeded? What's with that?

by Will Owen 7 years ago

Back in July we were up in Santa Cruz, and had a late supper at a place called Vallarta. As I often do in an unfamili...


ktvelt commented 6 days ago

Looking for a Hatch New Mexico Chile Relleno Recipe

by steveblv 8 years ago

I was in Hatch or T or C New Mexico a few years ago and had a very unusual but GREAT chile relleno and have been unba...


arbieri commented 1 year ago

tortilla soup, enchiladas suizas and chiles rellenos

by prima 4 years ago

Does anyone have recs for good versions around TO? Seems most Mexican places are very taco-centric lately. I've order...

prima commented 2 years ago

CRISPY Chile Relleno

by flproject 11 years ago

Where in LA can I find a cripy chile relleno?? Places I have been: 1. El Coyote (sick) 2. Merix 3. Gardens of T...


hippiegrenade commented 2 years ago

Seeking Outstanding Chili Rellenos in Santa Maria

by Bruce in SLO 9 years ago

I am a big fan and seldom find them done well. Any proven hits in the greater Santa Maria area? Had a couple terrif...


Sagbrush commented 3 years ago

Chiles Rellenos - not with poblanos?

by Jaymes 3 years ago

Got a friend that prefers chiles other than poblano. I know poblanos are traditional, but I have seen other chiles us...

Lambowner commented 3 years ago

Chiles Rellenos - Meh?

by DuffyH 3 years ago

In my desire to really master Tex-Mex cooking (it IS one of the basic food groups, yeah?) I decided to pit myself aga...

juster commented 3 years ago

"Where are the best" chiles rellenos?

by Jon G 4 years ago

My favorite is Virginia's in Oak Cliff. Light, eggy batter. Simple queso fresco filing. Delicate salsa roja on top...

Carrollton Foodie commented 4 years ago

Fantastic Poblano Peppers....Recipes Other Than Chile Rellenos???

by Phoebe 6 years ago

Local store has fantastic looking poblanos peppers. (I've never seen them this nice or big) I've already made chille ...

c oliver commented 5 years ago

Home made corn tortillas, horchata, great mole and chile rellenos in SF?

by atanger 6 years ago

Is there such a place in the City, not looking for anything fancy just a great place to eat. Horchata should be fres...


atanger commented 6 years ago

Chile Rellenos in Austin

by amysuehere 15 years ago

I'm looking for a chile relleno made like they do in El Paso (I'm a bit homesick for the food). What I want is a ch...


danny_w commented 6 years ago

The Best: Chili Rellenos

by Boognish 6 years ago

I stopped in a little place on the DelMarVa peninsula on my way to the beach a few weeks ago and picked up the best c...


Boognish commented 6 years ago

Chuy's Chile Rellenos

by Bob 15 years ago

Ok. I feel obligated to post this. Now, there are some restaurants where I have a short list of entrees that I'll o...


Jaymes commented 7 years ago

Chile Rellenos in Marin?

by tstrum 7 years ago

OK, I have been to Pancho Villas, Marinatas, Joes Taco lounge and I can't find a decent Chile Relleno in Marin. Anyo...


mare commented 7 years ago

chile rellenos on the westside.

by Baron 8 years ago

Can any of you chowhounds recommend a good place to get some great chile rellenos on the westside- culver City, Palms...


Skapesx2 commented 7 years ago

Grilled chiles rellenos

by susans 7 years ago

I made a recipe featured in a DVD from the New Mexico Dept. of Agriculture green chile promotion. You stuff finger si...


ESNY commented 7 years ago

Chiles rellenos: batter-fried and not batter fried

by luckyfatima 7 years ago

Why are some chiles rellenos a batter-fried chile and some just skin off, stuffed, a sauced? Is it a regional prefere...

bbqboy commented 7 years ago

Chile Rellenos

by chef chicklet 11 years ago

It has been awhile since I've made these. I'm using poblanos and they are now resting in a bag sweating to allow for ...


LuluTheMagnificent commented 8 years ago