Chicken Stock

5 Kitchen Skills to Finally Master (Plus One You've Never Thought to Try)

From making fresh pasta and baking bread to perfecting chicken broth from scratch, here are the kitchen skills and techniques to master while you are at home. You know all those kitchen skills you have...

Buz & Ned's Soup Giveaway | Richmond, VA

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

My friend Buz Grossberg has soup to give away today. “ If you know anyone who has lost their income and is not receiving government assistance or shut ins, We have about 200 quarts of a Centra...

Stock - Removing bones before adding aromatics?

by klaw02 3 months ago

Hi everyone, I like to make chicken stock in mass and put it in the freezer. I would like to make more stock per batch, but I am always limited by the size of my stock pot. Instead of putting...

What's the best way to rescue a thin chicken stock?

by TKB21 4 months ago

I've been making my stocks in an 8qt stock pot but needed more room for each cook. I recently upgraded to a 16qt but have been making the mistake of filling it to full capacity. To give you an idea...

Only 1/4 of chicken stock came out gelatinous. Is the rest worth saving?

by TKB21 5 months ago

I made a stock in my new 16qt stock pot and it seems to have been my worst so far. Strangely after refrigeration, 1/4 of my reduced stock has become gelatinous while the other jarred liquids are wa...

Chicken stock food safety question

by vanessa7 1 year ago

I put a chicken stock on the stove yesterday afternoon and my husband turned off the stove after 3 hours. When I came home, I completely forgot about it and it sat on my stove overnight. I'm wonder...

Can I Use Box Organic Chicken Broth After Opening?

by cgxy96 1 year ago

I opened a box of organic chicken stock that comes in a box 3 months ago but barely used a quarter of it. It has been in the fridge the whole time of opening. Can I still use it?

how long does stock keep in the frig?

by mschow 12 years ago

I made some homemade chicken stock 2 weeks ago and have not used it all up. It's been refrigerated and kept in a ceramic container in the frig. How long will this stay good, or is it already spoi...

What to freeze homemade broth in?

by Starr5678 8 years ago

I make my own broth and have been struggling to find an easy frozen storage solution. I want to freeze in 1 cup portions, since that is what I use most often. I have been premeasuring the broth, ...

Help w/ "Cheater's" Soup Base using Rotisserie Chickens and Commercial Chicken Stock

by spygrrl 1 year ago

I'd like to hear from people who have used rotisserie chickens and purchased broth or stock for their soup, on your method and proportions. I DO NOT have a pressure cooker so this would be in a pot...

Tori Paitan

by yohhendry 1 year ago

hello, anyone had any experience in making tori paitan? im trying to learn to make one myself. would appreciate any knowledge anyone can shares. =]

Chicken feet and stock

by nofunlatte 2 years ago

Hi all! A work friend has started raising chickens and gave me some chicken feet for stock. Is there a certain ratio or number of feet to use (i.e. use one foot per x liter of stock)? I've never us...

What do you do with the chicken after making stock?

Miss Needle
by Miss Needle 12 years ago

Reading the thread on chicken stock, I'm curious as to how many of you make use of your chicken after stock. I do have problems throwing away food, and use the leftover meat (kind of devoid of flav...

Where can I find just plain chicken stock?

by chowchow12345678 8 years ago

No one seems to sell chicken stock or broth without several other ingredients. I'd rather not have to make it.

Over reduced Chicken Stock

by porkphat2323 2 years ago

I cooked my chicken stock too long. It reduced to half of what it should have. Will I lose too much flavor if I just add water to it?

Chicken stock from feet only?

by xhepera 3 years ago

Ordinarily, when I make chicken stock, I start with a roasted carcass and supplement with a bunch of chicken feet (pound or two) and a couple of leg-thigh quarters. I'm considering doing a batch th...

Is it safe to let my chicken stock simmer on the stove overnight while I sleep?

by nycguy20011 5 years ago

Is it safe to let my chicken stock simmer on the stove overnight while I sleep? I've never tried that before, but don't know what the risks would be.

Correct chicken feet prep. for broth (ramen)

by Chili_Junkie 3 years ago

Dear Chowhound community, I am back with another ramen related post. I might have finally found a source for fresh chicken feet in Germany (seems impossible, no market here for that) and I am go...

Chicken stock question

by vanessa7 3 years ago

I took out some chicken stock out of the freezer maybe a week ago because it takes so long to defrost in the glass jars I use, but then I ended up not using it for what I intended so I was going to...

Thawing frozen stock

by vanessa7 3 years ago

I froze chicken stock in wide-mouth freezer-safe glass jars and put one in the fridge to thaw last Thursday. It has been 3 days and it was still mostly a frozen mass so I made the mistake of runnin...

Homemade Chicken Soup

by jules1267 3 years ago

I have a whole chicken, I am wondering if it's better to roast or boil it to make chicken soup. If I boil it, how long do I boil it for before taking the whole chicken out, removing the meat from ...