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Chicken stock from feet only?

by xhepera 19 days ago

Ordinarily, when I make chicken stock, I start with a roasted carcass and supplement with a bunch of chicken feet (po...


xhepera commented 7 days ago

Is it safe to let my chicken stock simmer on the stove overnight while I sleep?

by nycguy20011 2 years ago

Is it safe to let my chicken stock simmer on the stove overnight while I sleep? I've never tried that before, but don...


JoannaNYC commented 20 days ago

Correct chicken feet prep. for broth (ramen)

by Chili_Junkie 27 days ago

Dear Chowhound community, I am back with another ramen related post. I might have finally found a source for fresh...

hotoynoodle commented 27 days ago

Chicken stock question

by vanessa7 2 months ago

I took out some chicken stock out of the freezer maybe a week ago because it takes so long to defrost in the glass ja...

HeidiCooksSupper commented 2 months ago

Thawing frozen stock

by vanessa7 2 months ago

I froze chicken stock in wide-mouth freezer-safe glass jars and put one in the fridge to thaw last Thursday. It has b...

hotoynoodle commented 2 months ago

Homemade Chicken Soup

by jules1267 2 months ago

I have a whole chicken, I am wondering if it's better to roast or boil it to make chicken soup. If I boil it, how lo...

rasputina commented 2 months ago

Crockpot chicken stock, using bones twice? Almost broke my crock! Help!

by Chandler114 1 year ago

So I read online that you can make chicken stock out of the same bones twice. The second batch won't be as rich in g...


Chandler114 commented 3 months ago

Fresh Direct chicken stock

by itskim914 4 months ago

I purchased fresh direct chicken stock and it came today with an 8/23 expiration date. This has me concerned because ...

Ttrockwood commented 4 months ago

Quick help needed for skimming fat off chicken soup WITHOUT having to cool it down...

by linguafood 10 years ago

Made some chicken soup after recovery from a stomach flu. Tried the toast trick (I think I read about it on the boar...


acgold7 commented 4 months ago

What do you do with the chicken after making stock?

by Miss Needle 10 years ago

Reading the thread on chicken stock, I'm curious as to how many of you make use of your chicken after stock. I do hav...


Msmack commented 5 months ago

Where can I find just plain chicken stock?

by chowchow12345678 6 years ago

No one seems to sell chicken stock or broth without several other ingredients. I'd rather not have to make it.


ferret commented 6 months ago

What to freeze homemade broth in?

by Starr5678 5 years ago

I make my own broth and have been struggling to find an easy frozen storage solution. I want to freeze in 1 cup port...


MucousMembrane commented 7 months ago

Better than bouillon?

by jcattles 9 years ago

I can't find my favorite store bought chicken broth/stock lately. (kitchen basics) I found a container of Better than...


acgold7 commented 7 months ago

What to do with chicken after making broth?

by smgord 8 months ago

I making chicken broth – the Neiman Marcus recipe. It calls for whole chicken pieces, so I'm using up a cut-up fryer...


medlar commented 8 months ago

Is it safe to keep stock at 160F?

by nutellablop 8 months ago

Hey all, I made chicken stock by simmering it on a stove for a few hours, and then moving it into an oven at 180F ov...


nutellablop commented 8 months ago

When should I add vegetables to my stock?

by heetlr01 8 months ago

I frequently make stock from the leftover carcass after I roast a chicken. I have always thrown some onion, garlic an...

rasputina commented 8 months ago

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Massel vegan "chicken" stock

by ed fontleroy 8 months ago

Having become a vegan for health reasons some time ago and being an avid home cook, I have learned that it typically ...

Chicken stock didn't cool down over night! Help!

by Augieang 9 months ago

I made 7 quarts of chicken stock yesterday and put it outside to cool down last night. ( I live in Minnesota). I put ...


Augieang commented 9 months ago

chicken stock questions

by hobokeg 12 years ago

yesterday i used up all my frozen chicken leftovers and bones and made stock. used a large onion, a few cloves, peppe...

outRIAAge commented 10 months ago