Chicken Giblets


How to make gravy using chicken carcass and giblets?

by LMK 2 years ago

I've been tasked with bringing the mashed potatoes and gravy to thanksgiving dinner. I have at least a couple chicken carcasses (roasted) in my freezer plus a couple bags of giblets (raw). Can i ...

When roasting a chicken, what do you do with....

by MeowMixx 14 years ago

....the giblets? I usually saute the liver in butter and sage while the chicken is roasting and spread it on a cracker. Not sure what to do with the rest. ' Thanks in advance :)

Chicken soup: large assortment of raw & cooked chicken stock material - how to best use?

by kingfisher5 4 years ago

I've been on a kick of grilling whole chickens lately (whole other post) and have accumulated quite a few raw necks and giblets; also a lot of cooked carcasses. All of them are in my freezer. Now I...

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