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chewy boneless chicken breast: undercooked, overcooked, or poor quality?

by pollymerase 11 years ago

I apologize if this has been discussed recently, I did a quick search and didn't find anything that seemed to fit the...


Moonman1 commented 1 month ago

What temperature do I cook these foods on?

by cookingnewbie1 1 year ago

Im 19 just moved out of my parents house and am a cooking newbie. What Temperature or heat settings do I cook the fo...


masha commented 1 year ago

I'm confused about temperatures and 'doneness' with chicken breasts

by J_Tay81 5 years ago

I've been getting back into cooking, this time more seriously since I now live on my own. Tonight, I cooked some bone...


citytennis commented 1 year ago

Raw chicken breasts: too dense

by theamusedbouche 7 years ago

I recently purchased some boneless skinless chicken breasts from my local Whole Foods and when I got home to prepare ...


sbp commented 1 year ago

Flavorless chicken breasts

by willowgirl28 4 years ago

i cannot seem to produce a flavorlful boneless, skinless chicken breast. They always come out tender and juicy, and t...


hotoynoodle commented 2 years ago

Mass of chicken - HELP

by finneuphoria 2 years ago

Hello, A friend and I went in on those too-good-to-miss bulk deals for chicken breasts at .50/pound. The problem is...


outRIAAge commented 2 years ago

Costco "Rotisserie Chicken Cooked Breast Meat"

by Shrinkrap 2 years ago

So I've read about it before, then bought some on a whim several weeks ago, and now want to use it in a recipe for "C...


outRIAAge commented 2 years ago

Freezer burned chicken

by wandajune6 6 years ago

I recently made the mistake of entrusting my non-cooking boyfriend to put away the groceries. I didn't realize until ...


DMCA commented 2 years ago

HELP! How do I cook chicken breasts with just a hot plate and Stainless Steel pan?

by jamiemadrox 2 years ago

Im working with limited gear here. I've got a ton of chicken breasts and no oven which I how I'd usually cook them. I...


Shrinkrap commented 2 years ago

Chicken Breast Challenge

by munchkin1 2 years ago

I know this should be simple, but I get confused unless the recipe is very specific. Today's debacle: I am looking at...


cinisajoy commented 2 years ago

Brine vs. Marinade for grilled chicken

by jerry200 9 years ago

I'm somewhat new to cooking, but I've got a fancy new outdoor grill and I'm trying to educate myself. Last night I...


Obsession2013 commented 2 years ago

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

by munchkin1 2 years ago

Question: When cooking boneless breasts in the crockpot, how do they turn out when you just throw them in? Dish is se...


Caviluv commented 2 years ago

Chicken Breast Tough When Raw, Stays that Way

by sbp 2 years ago

Stew Leonard's had boneless skinless breasts on sale for $1.99, so I bought a family pack for stir fries, etc... The...


sbp commented 2 years ago

Grilling Chicken Breast Kebab

by djcamp 2 years ago

I know I know. But I want to make chicken breast kebabs. I have them marinating in a yogurt based Middle Eastern flav...


BiscuitBoy commented 2 years ago

Chicken breast rubbery inside

by Valhallas_Chosen 2 years ago

When I bake chicken breasts, I can't seem to get them to come out how I need to. Their either way too tough, or disg...


masha commented 2 years ago

Alternative to pounding chicken breasts?

by NotSoHot 2 years ago

Making a recipe we haven't made in years of chicken breasts rolled with ham and swiss inside. But breasts have become...


fourunder commented 2 years ago

Help with learning to use multi function Slow cooker

by Barrbayb64 3 years ago

For the past year, I have been trying different recipes, for use in a slow cooker. I really do enjoy the ease of cook...


DLovsky commented 3 years ago

Dry Chicken Breast

by Munkipawse 3 years ago

Hi Chowhounders, I spent the weekend roasting a huge tray of chicken breasts in the oven to take all week for lunc...


Munkipawse commented 3 years ago

Grilled chicken breasts en masse

by tmx 3 years ago

Hey guys, recently moved to the twin cities and im trying to find some grilled chicken breasts 20 or so pounds of it ...


liney714 commented 3 years ago

What happened to bone in chicken breasts?

by Mars10 3 years ago

Where have they gone? I live in the Memphis metro area and have noticed that finding bone in chicken breasts is very ...


breadchick commented 3 years ago