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9 Pizza Styles to Know & How to Make Them at Home

Pizza generally means one thing—in that everyone understands what you're talking about when you say the word—and yet, the particular type of pizza one thinks of can vary widely, especially if we're...

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Road Warriors Chicago Eating Guide

by Steve Drucker 19 years ago

Road Warrior Chowhounds have multiple challenges: find good food, keep within the travel budget (except if you have clients along), find new places, replicate that at-home feeling with familiar sur...

British Foodstuffs

by bryan 19 years ago

On the International Board someone mentioned a British food shop in Chicago. He said he thought it might be west of Wacker somewhere. He'd been to Printers Row bookfair so I'm guessing it's somew...

Chinatown recommendations?

by Adam Stephanides 19 years ago

I'll be visiting Chicago soon. Are there any restaurants in Chinatown you'd recommend? (Chinese restaurants in the Argyle St. area are fine too.) --Adam


by Eric 19 years ago

I will be visiting the "chowpuppy" for colegiate parents' weekend on the 27th. We have decided to pursue dim sum. I need a rundown of the local possibilities. Thanks.

The Beef Ranch

by Mary Westerhorstmann 19 years ago

Does any one remember this restaurant from the early 70's? There was one either in Western Springs or LaGrange just down the street from a McDonald's. I was just in high school so I can't even rem...

In search of pumpkin chow (both sweet & savory)

by Mark 19 years ago

So far I've had an excellent pumpkin shake from Earwax Cafe and some tasty soup at Le Bouchon... what else is out there? Also- any favorite pumpkin beers and where to get them? Happy Halloween, Mark


by Casey 19 years ago

We used to get great beef chili con carne style enchiladas at Salsa Sam's in Evanston. They closed when the city pulled their liquor license (insensitive brutes). Where in the Chicago/Evanston area...

West side butcher shop?

by grace 19 years ago

Hello, Can anyone recommend a good butcher shop around the west side of Chicago? I'm in the neighborhood around North & Harlem (close to Caputo's and Johnnie's Italian Beef, yum). I imagine Oak P...


by ssm 19 years ago

Does anyone know where to buy game meat (specifically pheasant) in Chicago? I know there's a place called Specialty Game out in the suburbs, but I was wondering if there's somewhere in the city as...

Printer's Row

by Grace Lee 20 years ago

Hello all: Has anyone eaten at Printer's Row recently? It used to be a Wine Spectator award winner but isn't anymore. Chicago Magazine gives it a great review but I noticed the Citysearch review...

Love that Lebanese!

by Bryan 20 years ago

Forget every place else. Saturday night we were driving around and a middle eastern craving hit us like a ton of kebabs. Instead of going to one of the standard places in Andersonville - we went ...

Yummy oatmeal in Evanston

by lee 19 years ago

Lucky Platter (on Main between Chicago and Hinman) has REAL oatmeal as one of their October breakfast specials. It is the real deal, steel cut long-cooking oats done perfectly. Please, come to E...


by Clifford Abrams 19 years ago

By the way, had a great Japanese dinner last night at Sunshine on North Clark Street (about 5400N.)And i don't even like Japanese food all that much. Great appetizers--pickled burdock (they comped ...

Walker Bros. gets it right (longish)

by bryan 19 years ago

Had to get the breakfast itch scratched after the not-so-hot one at Lou Mitchells. (See previous thread). My husband and two friends joined me in this culinary adventure. They knew their assign...

Lucky platter and other places in Evanston for breakfast

by lee 19 years ago

Hi, I'm following up on Cliff's message below (see the Lou Mitchell thread about 3 down) Lucky Platter in Evanston is a great diner-esque place, but it doesn't do the traditional diner dishes t...

fast Indian

by joan 19 years ago

i just returned from the toronto film festival. never any time for sitdown meals, but fortunately, right across the street from many of the theaters is a plethora of cheap(real cheap) fast food. m...

chicago chocolate cake

by alice 19 years ago

I want to have a major chocolate cake delivered to a friend in Chicago for a major occasion. It needs to be delicious, big, and creatively decorated. Bakery recommendations?

Saturday night in Chicago!

by greg 19 years ago

My wife, daughter and I will be in Chicago next weekend. We've been before and tried a number of the great eating places there. For Saturday night we're considering (based on descriptions in Chic...

Innovative, well-known chef RESTAURANTS open for lunch in Chicago SOUGHT

by Rob Wallauer 19 years ago

I am seeking innovative restaurants with a well-known chef, open for lunch, and preferably with a private room for 15 guests IN CHICAGO. Need leads ASAP, any help (with contact info or web address...

Cheesecake in Evanston?

by Melanie 19 years ago

Hi -- My sister lives in Evanston and I want to send her a cheesecake for her birthday (I live abroad). Who sells the best cheesecake in the area, and who might deliver one in mid-October if I pho...

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