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Please help me with roasted chestnuts-How do you get the fuzzy lining off? I just threw 3 pound in the garbage!

by hungryinmanhattan 7 years ago

I love roasted chestnuts and I am USUALLY a very good chef, so I decided to make some. I could NOT get the fuzzy lini...


Fungi2bewith commented 2 months ago

What can I do with chestnut paste?

by brendastarlet 9 years ago

On a quick trip to Paris, I was charmed by little cans of chestnut paste (they came four cans in a little container.)...


Querencia commented 1 year ago

Making Marrons Glacés

by souschef 8 years ago

I have long been a fan of Marrons Glacés, that wonderful confection made by candying chestnuts. I was turned on to th...


arasta commented 1 year ago

What goes with chestnut?

by outRIAAge 1 year ago

A friend is currently gaga about chestnuts, and I sent her this Saveur recipe for tortellini made with chestnut flour...

Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

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How long can you keep dried chestnuts?

by saluki 1 year ago

I have a bag of dried chestnuts from a Chinese market in my pantry. They must be years old, since I can't remember wh...

Chestnut recipes

by bblonde 1 year ago

I purchased two vacuum-sealed packages of peeled chestnuts from Trader Joes. I'm so excited Except I have no idea...

Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

Has anyone found fresh chestnuts in the valley?

by Jen76 7 years ago

Would like to try making a chestnut stuffing. Has anyone found fresh ones - preferrably in the East Valley? I swear I...


GasWreath621 commented 1 year ago

Jarred chestnuts vs. Roasting and peeling my own

by free sample addict aka Tracy L 1 year ago

I am interested in making garbanzo bean and chestnut soup. Would jarred or packaged chestnuts be better than chestnu...


sushee commented 1 year ago

Chestnut flour?

by Joe MacBu 1 year ago

Who carries chestnut flour in Austin? Whole Foods, Central Market, Mandola's, Trader Joe's?


jspancake commented 1 year ago

A can of unsweetened chestnut puree

by Monica 1 year ago

I have a can of imported chestnut's by Element Faugier which is a French brand. I probably picked it fro...

Monica commented 1 year ago

Help with Chestnut Flour

by saltylivingguru 2 years ago

I have a large bag of chestnut flour. I haven't used it before, and I am not sure how to use it. Any ideas? Thanks ev...

paulj commented 2 years ago

Chestnut dish and dessert

by Monica 2 years ago

I am looking for a restaurant that serves dishes and desserts made with chestnut. Do most Italian restaurants serve ...

Monica commented 2 years ago

Where to find Chestnut flour in Calgary?

by mikedbuch 2 years ago

Hey everyone found a recipe for chestnut gnocchi & want to make it this week anyone in Calgary area know where I can ...


Scary Bill commented 2 years ago

Does the parboiling and spring-loaded plier method work for peeling chestnuts?

by qwerty1 2 years ago

I came across this: . I was wondering if anyone has tried the afor...


jjjrfoodie commented 2 years ago

Sourcing/ selecting decent chestnuts?

by annotate 2 years ago

I am tired of paying top dollar for chestnuts only to find the majority have very few non-moldy, edible parts. Does a...


jmoryl commented 2 years ago

Roasted Chestnut cocktail?

by alialiali 2 years ago

Any ideas for making a cocktail with roasted chestnuts? I have some from a party last night and I feel like I saw a r...


alialiali commented 2 years ago


by jackfredi 2 years ago

I have a recipe for potato leek soup calling for frozen chestnuts. Impossible to find! Can I use fresh and roast them...


medlar commented 2 years ago

Can you actually buy American chestnuts anywhere?

by murphlaw152 4 years ago

My mother-in-law recently asked me to bring New England chestnuts back to California... and I was a little confused b...


Gunner1949 commented 2 years ago

Chestnut flour - making at home

by jimmyb32 11 years ago

Can anyone give me some tips on making my own chestnut flour? I've been unable to locate it in my local stores. I hav...


JosephPas commented 2 years ago

Any foolproof way to roast chestnuts ...?

by Cheese Boy 11 years ago

Is there a proper way to roast chestnuts? I've been doing the same routine for years, and a lot of times that inner s...


Halloweena commented 2 years ago

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