Chef's Knife

Try This Easy Trick to Cut a Winter Squash without Risking Your Fingers

Wondering how to cut squash like butternut, acorn, and other hard winter squash varieties (without muttering expletives, making a mess, and possibly slicing off a finger)? Here's an easy way to prepare...

Favorite Kitchen Knife

by drrayeye 6 days ago

What's your favorite kitchen knife--and why? The why is the hard part. My favorite, the Miyabi 8" birchwood guyoto, is not the most frequently used--nor is it the most versatile--but it's my fa...

Your current preferred knife setup in your home kitchen?

by CHSeifert 3 months ago

Mine is currently Zwilling Kramer Meiji 20 cm chefs knife and Global extra thick handle Tournier knife. That’s all I need for 95% of my tasks in the kitchen currently. I love these two knives. ...

Knife sharpening nightmares -- Knifemares?

by Eiron 3 months ago

One of the local Farmers' Markets recently sent out a community request for a knife sharpener to set up a stall. We have several sharpening businesses in town, but (apparently) none of them want to...

Cleaver VS Chefs knife

by CHSeifert 5 months ago

To all the cleaver users here, in what ways do you find the cleaver better than a chefs knife for daily tasks in a western kitchen? Why did you decide to use the cleaver as your daily knife over...

Value Proposition: Shun Kanso 7” Asian Utility Knife

by drrayeye 8 months ago

When I was given a nakiri in Japan to take home, I was told that others would be offering more expensive versions that would do no better. Even when it became my go to knife for vegetables, I thou...

Two different chef's knives

by Eiron 8 months ago

Two distinctly different chef's knives. The upper one's a Classic 8" Chef with African mahogany, and the lower one's a 210mm (8.3") Gyuto with purpleheart. Similar in length, you can see the differ...

New santoku out

by Eiron 9 months ago

The new owner picked out beautiful Ipe for the handle and requested a stunning custom coral colored mosaic pin fill. :-) The mysterious "MM&M" monogram on the back will have people pondering its m...

Another new knife heading out for the holidays!

by Eiron 11 months ago

This 6" santoku sports African mahogany with dark blue metallic mosaic pin fill. Up close (macro shot) the wood grain looks like it came right off a weathered sailing ship! The front is metal stamp...

Vintage Sabatier knife

by kj26 1 year ago

I found this at the thrift shop for $1.59 I’ve done some research but not sure exactly how well I did on this find. Is there are #sabatier lover out there that can tell me about this knife? I’ve ...

Dating vintage Henckels carbon steel chef knife

by carnicero 7 years ago

Pics here: http://imgur.com/a/Uy1le Found at a second hand store and wondering if anyone could help me date and/or price this piece. From what little I could find online about the hallmarks, I b...

Japanese knives near Boston?

by samfried 2 years ago

I'm looking for a store near Boston (very willing to drive a few hours away) where I can talk to someone knowledgeable about Japanese chef's knives and buy one. I don't want to go to a big commerci...

~$100 to spend on chefs knife

by vonshu 8 years ago

So for the past few years, I've been using a really awful $20 chefs knife from target, and its definitely time to upgrade. I'm looking for a fairly decent all purpose chefs knife that will last me ...

Chef’s Knife - Shun v Masamoto Gyutuo

by RuthDC 3 years ago

I am looking to upgrade to a better chef knife. I have the Global 8” but find that after doing a lot of cutting with it for a big meal, my hand can barely grip the knife after awhile b/c of the ha...

Chef's knife

by 11aadagokid 3 years ago

Can anyone help me date this French chef's knife. It was found in New Orleans and was used as a fighting knife I believe in the early to mid 1800's. A copper sheath was made for it from copper shea...

Sabatier identification

by Velomancer 4 years ago

What do I have? Obviously it's a Sabatier... It belonged to my father and as far I as I know it's at least 40+ years old... I know there are many different "Sabatiers" but apart from that I'm cluel...

Moab Knives?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Read this blog post this morning about the 12" chefs knife and wondered if others have any experience with this knife maker. http://www.madmeatgenius.com/2017/06/moab-knives-custom-12-inch-chefs...

World Travel with Knife Roll?

by AnoiseAnnoys 3 years ago

Hello Everyone! My wife and i have been saving up for a world travel trip starting in Europe, crossing through the middle east, and into southeast Asia. Our plan is to begin a travel video blog to...

Yaxell Dragon Fusion: evolution of a great knife

by drrayeye 3 years ago

In 2013, Ken Onion won knife of the year for his rain collection. He soon went into production with rain and two other series. The most interesting member of his collections was the Ken Onion Fus...

Advice needed - looking for HIGH quality Japan knife-series

by CHSeifert 4 years ago

Hey, I already own a good deal of Global SAI, Ni and Classic knives and 4 Zwilling Twin Cuisine. I almost bought 3 Miyabi 5000MCD 67, but in the last minute regeret it, and then almost bought 3...

Your Favorite Knife Storage Options

by mobiledynamics 3 years ago

With the recent thread on knife storage, be curious to hear what everyone's preference is. For me, it was a solid walnut block , 6 long slots parallel. Enough for cleaver and daily knifes. Everyth...