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What is your favorite chef's knife, and where to buy in NYC?

by brownrice 7 months ago

I'm looking for an 8" chef's knife to replace one that won't hold an edge. I don't want to purchase online — I want t...

ChefWill2 commented 2 months ago

~$100 to spend on chefs knife

by vonshu 4 years ago

So for the past few years, I've been using a really awful $20 chefs knife from target, and its definitely time to upg...


SognSpatula commented 3 months ago

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Moab Knives?

by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

Read this blog post this morning about the 12" chefs knife and wondered if others have any experience with this knife...

Sabatier identification

by Velomancer 6 months ago

What do I have? Obviously it's a Sabatier... It belonged to my father and as far I as I know it's at least 40+ years ...


travelerjjm commented 6 months ago

Advice needed - looking for HIGH quality Japan knife-series

by CHSeifert 6 months ago

Hey, I already own a good deal of Global SAI, Ni and Classic knives and 4 Zwilling Twin Cuisine. I almost bought ...

drrayeye commented 6 months ago

Messermeister Meridian Elité vs. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro?

by itsmekarak 6 months ago

Hello all, I am trying to decide between the Messermeister Meridian Elité 16-Piece Knife Block Set and the Zwilling J...

drrayeye commented 6 months ago

What knife sharpener do you use?

by CHSeifert 6 months ago

I wonder what knife sharpener you use. I own the Global 220 and the 440 and also own the Yaxell combo 1000/600 gri...

SandraEricson commented 6 months ago

What's your favourite knife brands in your home collection ?

by CHSeifert 6 months ago

I wonder that your favourite knife brands are in your home kitchen collection ? Do you personally feel you get bet...

mikie commented 6 months ago

Dating vintage Henckels carbon steel chef knife

by carnicero 3 years ago

Pics here: Found at a second hand store and wondering if anyone could help me date and/or...


hilliage commented 8 months ago

Wusthof Classic Knife and Sharpening Stones

by Calfedon 9 months ago

While I've been cooking for many years, I haven't really invested in any good cookware until now. Recently, I purchas...

drrayeye commented 9 months ago

Best Chef's Knife?

by AprilLove 3 years ago

I'm looking to invest in a good chef's knife and am daunted by the choices out there. Hoping some of you foodies have...


Sussan21 commented 10 months ago

Shun Classic 8" chefs knife.

by Ross101 6 years ago

I've been looking to purchase a chefs knife and Chem made some suggestions of reasonable Japanese knives. And he also...

chefsdreams commented 10 months ago

What is the best Chef Knife for the Professional?

by djdarroch 5 years ago

So this thread is designed to act as a knife buying-guide for professional Chefs and line cooks. Those of us who have...


kitchenknifeguru commented 11 months ago

Japanese Gyuto Chef's Knife Advice: Tojiro DP or Tojiro DP Pro?

by PhotoMike 2 years ago

I'm trying to decide which knife to ask my GF to get me for Christmas. I've narrowed it town to the Tojiro DP or the ...


Sinisalo commented 1 year ago

Should OXO Good Grips extend their product line?

by echao 1 year ago

I'm currently working on a design project revisiting the OXO brand and I hope those of you who are familiar with OXO ...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 1 year ago

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Need help identifying my Japanese knife

by chef1jeremy 2 years ago

I have this Yaganiba and I have no idea who made it, anyone have any ideas?

Are there different honing rods?

by cocktailsauced 2 years ago

I've had my first "real" knife for almost a year now. It's an 8" classic wusthof chef's knife. I've gotten fairly han...


Bladerfencer commented 2 years ago

Knife sharpening - DIY vs Service

by imanewbie 2 years ago

I've got a few knives I need sharpened. I've heard that knife sharpening is really an art and that u should just have...

mikie commented 2 years ago

Sharp knife for striploin

by Vinnie Vidimangi 2 years ago

I want a reasonably cheap, reasonably practical , sharp knife to cut Cryovac sized cuts of meat into smaller portion...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 2 years ago

LamsonSharp Vintage Premiere??

by LucDanckwart 2 years ago

About a year ago a purchased a LamsonSharp Vintage Premiere Santoku. I love the knife and recently I was looking to ...

mikie commented 2 years ago