Chef Cat Cora’s Top Tips for Getting Kids to Pack Their Own Lunch

Getting kids to pack a lunch isn't as hard as you might think, and it'll help save you considerable hassle. Whether it’s multiplication or Medieval history, back-to-school is the time of year when your...

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R.I.P. Vincent Scotto, chef at Gonzo

Tom Steele
by Tom Steele 13 years ago

Vinny died of a heart attack on Thursday. He was a friend, and a deeply gifted chef. For my tastes, his grilled pizza was as good as any pizza I've ever had. But there was much, much more going on ...

ISO New Yorker article about Sottha Khun

by gordon wing 17 years ago

need some help in determining which issue of the New Yorker had an article by Molly O'Neill about Sottha Khun returning to Cambodia ( he was the former chef of Le Cirque ) - I've tried google and ...

Grill Chef for a Party

by Jacobesq 5 years ago

Chowhounders, can anyone recommend a grill chef for a party? Grilling burgers and hot dogs for a kids party of about 50 people. Thanks.

Congratulations to Chef Carlos Salgado and his Taco Maria!

by josephnl 5 years ago

Food & Wine Magazine has just named Chef Carlos Salgado as one of the 12 best new chefs in the country!! Congrats to one of the nicest and best chefs around! Taco Maria and Chef Carlos rock!!!

Georges Perrier Sighting

by Philly Ray 5 years ago

We were driving past Fond and we saw Georges standing out front wearing his chef's whites. I wonder if he's moonlighting?


by Thor123 5 years ago

I was told last night that the chef at Chi Spacca left. Anyone know the story or if its true. I guess its less of a big deal given that the butcher and meat prep is key there but still...

New Boston-based private equity group to fund chefs seeking to open restaurants

MC Slim JB
by MC Slim JB 5 years ago

From today's Herald: http://www.bostonherald.com/business/business_markets/2015/06/fund_opens_restaurant_financing_to_investors Interesting. Reason to hope, maybe? http://mcslimjb.blogspot.c...

Walter Scheib, Innovative Former White House Chef, Is Dead at 61

by DGresh 5 years ago

I read his book about cooking for the Clintons, which was interesting.

Chef Laura Lam - anyone know where she is these days?

by uwsister 10 years ago

Formerly of beloved Monsoon (UWS) and most recently Safran in Chelsea, now called Legend and a completely different restaurant. Google hasn't turned up anything, unfortunately. Anyone know an...

Recommendations / Feedback - Taking 4 Chefs to Dinner

by revengeham 5 years ago

So, I will be taking 4 Chefs to Dinner in late June. It is a thank you to them from me. It does not have to be high end, they love food, but I want it to still be a treat. I am leaning to th...

NJ chefs make "Best Chefs in America" list

by maryanne06 8 years ago

The inductees were voted in by their peers. Congratulations!http://njmonthly.com/blogs/tablehopwithRosie/2013/3/19/breaking-news-jerseyans-named-to-first-best-chefs-america-list.html#read_more

Working in bad kitchens. Would you?

by Fakeaccount 6 years ago

For those who work in food service, would you work in a bad kitchen? Got a job recently in a food delivery service kitchen after many years being out of the food game. On one hand, it's a job. On t...

Aaron Franklin has almost made it!

by hairylegshoolihan 5 years ago

Aside from his TV show, cook book, and acclaim in various national magazines, AF's cookbook was suggested in the latest issue of Martha Stewart's Living. Now, if only Oprah would pay tribute to him...

Eric Briffard leaving Le Cinq

Rio Yeti
by Rio Yeti 6 years ago

Everything is said in the title... according to Gilles Pudlowski, Eric Briffard was fired for "stagnating and failing to pass over the 2stars, as well as the restaurant losing money". Whomever t...

Uh-oh, Bucato

by J.L. 5 years ago

It's being reported by the L.A. Times that Chef Evan Funke has resigned from Bucato. http://www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/la-dd-chef-evan-funke-resigns-from-bucato-20150521-story.html

Jeopardy Winner

by syrup09 5 years ago

Today seven time jeopardy winner Greg Seroka lost. His total earnings were roughly 180,000$. The announcer said he is a professional chef. Like all professional chefs I assume he going to u...

Spike or Cindy? Who should win The James Beard award?

by tartuffe 6 years ago

These Two Bmore chefs have been nominated multiple times for the Award. This time around there are no DC chefs involved, and I believe it likely one of the two will win. Which do you think it sh...


by pizzafreak 5 years ago

Bad news. Went there yesterday, and Brandon informed me that he is leaving Olio and moving to Charlotte, NC by the end of the summer. He is training Anthony, but I'm afraid there is only 1 Brandon.

RIP - Chef Lai of Fung Lam Court

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 5 years ago

I just received words that chef Lai of Markham's Fung Lam Court has sadly passed away. Some of us chowhounders who had the opportunity to savor his award winning ' BC Dungeness Crab in Creamy Rum ...

Chef Emily Moore

by David Burkhart 20 years ago

Does anyone know where Chef Emily Moore is cooking now? I remember loving her food when she used to be in San Diego, and I know she is in the Northwest now, but I haven't been able to track down wh...

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