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? re food safe cheese cloth

by OldDog 13 years ago

Is cheese cloth labeled 'cotton/poly blend' safe to use in food applications?

Cheesecloth in Edmonton?

by egon61 14 years ago

Is this product available in any mainstream grocery stores in Edmonton? When making stock I like to use it to strain out any fine bits of grit that would pass through a normal collander or straine...

Reusing cheese cloth?

by pickledgarlic 14 years ago

Hola gang, I made my first batch of cheese today ( a simple lemon paneer ). I'm left with this surprisingly expensive hunk of cheesecloth (atleast in vancouver). I don't really want to to tos...


by Bueno 14 years ago

Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you could help me out with finding a source for Cheesecloth or Muslin (please don't tell me the salad green section ;P). Do any of the large chains carry ...

Cheese cloth & alternatives?

by downtownstefanie 15 years ago

Tonight I am going to braise short ribs for my big vday meal. I've never done before and the recipe said to bundle the fresh herbs in cheese cloth. Few questions with this - 1) where does one buy ...

"Reusable" cheese cloth?

by Addisonchef 15 years ago

Hopefully, this is considered a "cookware" question, wasn't sure where else to post it! Any one know of a good source for resuable cheese cloth? Does such a thing exist? I've learned how to mak...

where can I get a cheese cloth?

Dio di Romanese
by Dio di Romanese 15 years ago

im making a stock tomorrow morning and i figured I could just get one at market basket but I was wrong. So anyone know preferably around the Medford area

Need subsitiute for cheese cloth

free sample addict aka Tracy L
by free sample addict aka Tracy L 15 years ago

My neighbor needs cheesecloth for her t-day turkeys but has been unable to find a bunch of it. I guess she soaks it in broth and covers her turkey and bastes it with the cloth on it. Any clever i...

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