Cheese Curds


Cheese curds in the Bay?

by walkie74 2 years ago

hey folks, I'm trying to find cheese curds to make poutine at home. Any idea where I can look?

First Time in Milwaukee in Search of Vegetarian and Cheese Curds

by NShewmaker 3 years ago

Hey All, My friend and I will be heading to Milwaukee (I live in Chicago and she lives in Brooklyn) for the first time. She’s a vegetarian and in search of the best cheese curds we can find. I’...

Where to buy bulk curd cheese?

by me0kat 3 years ago

Anyone know close to the Montreal area if there is a cheese factory offering fresh curd cheese? (traditional fromage en grain that goes "squeek squeek"). I've been to Costco and Marche Jean Ta...

Fried Cheese Curds @ A & W in San Rafael

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Last week I pulled into A&W Root Beer off Hwy 101 in San Rafael for a pitstop. Inside I saw the posters promoting fried cheese curds . . . I had no idea these were available here! They're made with...

veg poutine in toronto

by helenhelen 13 years ago

i have been on a poutine binge ever since i got back from montreal. best veg poutine i have had is of course still in la belle province, but i've sought out some of the veg poutine joints i've hear...

Where to get cheese curds in Central NJ

by wench31 14 years ago

I discovered cheese curds while on vacation out in the midwest and loved them! Does anybody know where I can them out here? Thanks!

Squeaky Cheese

by laluniapetunia 5 years ago

Hi! Does anyone know where I can find fresh cheese curds in Baltimore/Baltimore County for poutine? They need to be made that same day to stay squeaky!

do you need to hang fresh mozzarella to drain

by billy198621 6 years ago

I've made cheese curd plenty of time but when it comes to stretching fresh mozzarella it keeps falling apart to a really fine piece like rice and i wanted to know if i need to put the fresh curd in...

fresh cheese curds in Atlanta? (is this possible?)

by collegekitchen 11 years ago

On a road trip last summer, I had my first cheese curd from a cheese stand in central Wisconsin. It was incredibly fresh, nice and squeaky. I've been trying to find some down here but haven't been ...

fried squeaky cheese curds in NYC??

by oyvey 6 years ago

Craving Wisconsin fried squeaky cheese curds. Do any NYC restaurants make these? Nothing fancy - just the traditional, basic recipe. Thanks!

Source for cheese curds in Philly/Montco

by PattiCakes 12 years ago

My chef nephew gave my Sis a lesson in home-made mozarella while she was visiting him in San Antonio, but now we need a source for cheese curds here in the Philadelphia. Bucks or Montgomery County...

Fried squeaky cheese curds??

by oyvey 6 years ago

Craving Wisconsin fried squeaky cheese curds. Do any NYC restaurants make these? Nothing fancy - just the traditional, basic recipe. Thanks!

Hey, expat Canadians (or Wisconsinoids)...where do YOU buy cheese curds online for delivery in, say, California (or other equidistant locations)?

by annagranfors 6 years ago

That's really the nut of the question in the topic header...there are quite a few choices online (albeit with the dread shipping charges), but unfortunately, I don't know who makes THE best. I've g...

Looking for fresh cheese in Montreal (curds or other)

by Venusia 13 years ago

Near my grandma's house in Sherbrooke, there is a little fromagerie that makes its own cheese curds, the kind of place where you show up at 1pm and they say, "We just ran out, we're making a fresh ...

From NY and desparately searching for cheese curd!!!

by cjcboyd57 13 years ago

My fiance and I recently moved here from Upsate NY and are having trouble finding plain ordinary cheese curd. I used to buy from a Mom and Pop meat market up home, and when we lived in KY we could ...

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