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Fat Boy's Roadside Eats in Chattanooga, Tennesse

by HihoRemy 12 days ago

My newest addiction. Their bbq and burgers are out of this world. Also, try their street tacos, sweet tea and mac & ...

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Help with Chattanooga restaurants

by Jscarroll 6 months ago

My husband and I are making a quick trip to Chattanooga for our anniversary. We are staying at the Marriott downtown ...

Where to eat downtown Chattanooga..local style?

by charlestonrealtor 9 years ago

I am going to Chattanooga in August with family. We are staying downtown near the river and would like to eat at some...


chattagirl56 commented 7 months ago

Small road trip, Chattanooga to Pine Mountain, GA. Best Breakfast?

by FoodCreature 1 year ago

Hi everyone! This coming Saturday some friends and I are leaving Chattanooga, TN and going to Pine Mountain, GA f...

CourtneyAdams commented 12 months ago

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PIt-Cooked BBQ in Chattanooga

by dcbbq 1 year ago

What are a couple of good BBQ places in Chattanooga? Is there any place that cooks in a pit (over coals) as opposed ...

Asheville to Chattanooga

by demigodh 1 year ago

Hi All, I'll be driving from Chattanooga to Asheville in a month and would love some recommendations. I want to av...


demigodh commented 1 year ago

Moving to Chattanooga / Cleveland - best eats and looking for gluten free

by dwatkins79 4 years ago

I'm looking for some help as our family is moving from Maine to the Chattanooga / Cleveland area. We will be living o...


AmyLeger commented 1 year ago

Two days in Chattanooga

by mardisk 2 years ago

We'll be in Chattanooga for two days and one night next month, and we would love some suggestions for eating places. ...


mardisk commented 2 years ago

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Hotel in Chattanooga near attractions

by mardisk 2 years ago

We're visiting for 2 days next month and would like some advice about a great place to stay. We would prefer a downt...

Going to Chattanooga

by jpdanart15 2 years ago

Heading to Chattanooga for a few days between Xmas and New Years. Would like recommendations for good local and inte...


littauer commented 2 years ago

Upscale, kid friendly dining in Chattanooga?

by kmopalmer 3 years ago

We have family in town with 2 boys (7 and 8) and we have a 13 month old. They would love to try some place nice, but...

Brawny commented 3 years ago

Second marriage honeymoon in Chattanooga

by aliciapt 4 years ago

I'm planning to honeymoon in Chattanooga in late May/early June. Any recommendations for romantic dinners as well as...

carolinadawg commented 4 years ago

Chattanooga Reccomendations

by bizzylizzy 7 years ago

It seems we find ourselves in TN again for another marathon (Well technically Fort Oglethorpe but staying in Chattano...


Hillbilly Foodie commented 4 years ago

Barbecue between Chattanooga and Bristol

by dcbbq 4 years ago

I'll be driving through Chattanooga and Bristol on my way from Tuscaloosa to DC, and there doesn't seem to be much on...


shallots commented 4 years ago

[Chattanooga] Broad Street Grille

by Harters 4 years ago

What had appealed to us was the restaurant’s declared commitment to the “farm to table” concept. Local and seasonal i...


Harters commented 4 years ago

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[Chattanooga] City Cafe Diner

by Harters 4 years ago

We ate two meals here. Lunch on the day we arrived and breakfast the next morning. We were staying at the adjacent Da...

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Chattanooga and west via US-64

by MarieLetsEat 4 years ago

Earlier this month, I took a two-day "circumnavigation" of the Tennessee River Valley, looking for some good local ea...

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WHOLE catfish (not filets) in Chattanooga?

by CRF 4 years ago


Champy's Chicken - Chattanooga

by TreyCo 7 years ago

Anyone living in, or visiting Chattanooga must try Champy's Chicken on MLK across from the new UTC dorms. They have ...

Davwud commented 5 years ago