Find the best restaurants and bars in Charlotte. Or share your favorite places to eat, from pizzerias to North Carolina barbecue joints.

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Southeastern Cities on Zagat's New List of 26 Hottest Food Cities of 2016

by jnwall 2 years ago

Regardless of how one feels about Zagat's, they bring recognition. They have just released their list of the 26 hottest food cities of 2016, and eleven of them are in the southeast. The list inc...

Where can I find Pate in NC?

by vttp926 2 years ago

Where can I find pate, more importantly duck liver pate in NC? Preferably in Charlotte but can go to Raleigh if needed. This is something that my dad is wanting to try and would love to buy since i...

Help finding a baby shower venue

by Newmommy2016 2 years ago

Okay, so I am looking for a decent sized venue in Charlotte, NC to have my baby shower in Nov. It will be around 75-110 people in attendance. I don't want to pay an arm, a leg and then some for a v...

DC Hound needs help in Mooresville

by DanielK 2 years ago

Going to be spending weeknights here for a few months while onsite for a client. Mostly limited to places that I can get dinner for $25 or under, not including tax/tips/drinks, though I don't mi...

Cross Country Trip Need Restaurant Suggestions

by ATLL2112 3 years ago

Taking a trip from NJ to AZ. Looking for restaurant suggestions. Nothing pricey, but would like to sample food that is either unique to or done best by that city. Will be stopping in these major...

What I Learned Making Biscuits at Bojangles’

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

"... 6. It’s all in the details. That’s why the process has forty-eight steps—because the folks at Bojangles’ aren’t leaving anything to chance. Corporate expects seasoned bakers to get their bisc...

Charlotte NC layover. Need lunch suggestions.

by ny.frenchfry 3 years ago

I've got a three hour layover in Charlotte coming up on Sunday. Can you please suggest somewhere charming and delicious that's fairly close to the airport? Mostly a vegetarian, some seafood. Not in...

Charlotte on a budget?

by citygrrll 3 years ago

Hello Hounders! Will be visiting the Charlotte area for the first time next weekend (yes, Memorial Day!) with my dad. We both are foodies but are on a budget this trip... We fly in Sat. morning & w...

Travel review: Bub-Ba-Q Woodstock, GA (North Atlanta; also in Jasper, GA) is great food. Carolina Pit BBQ in Charolette, NC Airport good on the go.

by smaki 3 years ago

About my meal Friday night. Get the pork plate with added brisket. The two sides in my photo are baked beans and pork stew. I would have got a dinner salad with it, but had just eaten one at hom...

Best Restaurant Charlotte

by EatitCharlotte.com 3 years ago

Since Charlotte NC seems to get very few post, I think I'll start a post. What are the top 5 restaurants in Charlotte NC? After Fig Tree and Good food it is wide open for me.

Looking for casual, yet tasty in and around Charlotte

by Afura 3 years ago

I moved here a little over a year ago from Houston, TX and two years before that from Tampa, FL. To say that this recent move was a culture change is putting it mildly (all that green, and hills.....

Southern US College Road Trip Restaurant Itinerary Help/Questions

by AHA64 3 years ago

Hello fellow Chow Hounds. I'm hitting the road in late March to do the grand college tour. Going from Raleigh / Chapel Hill (Duke, UNC) along I85 to Atlanta (Emory and Georgia Tech) with stops at C...

Old fashioned doughnuts near charlotte NC

by Docshiva 3 years ago

I love old-fashioned doughnuts, especially chocolate. They're so common in the West, but out here in Charlotte, I just can't find them. We take a cross-country drive each summer and I don't run acr...

Looking for the best seafood restaurants in Charlotte

Terrie H.
by Terrie H. 3 years ago

My father has requested a list of the best seafood restaurants in Charlotte, "money no object." He has a business dinner to arrange. We can't think of an upscale restaurant that focuses on seafoo...

Fahrenheit Charlotte

by rcburli 3 years ago

I know the view might be great, but is the food any good at Fahrenheit?

Charlotte North Carolina suggestions

by kbrowning 10 years ago

I'm looking for restaurant suggestions in the area-fresh food, from scratch, low cost casual "dives". Thanks much!

Breakfast & Breweries

by rushbikes 3 years ago

Down in Charlotte for the weekend. Any good breweries around there worth paying a visit? Also looking for good breakfast/brunch favorites!

Pizza in Charlotte

by nearlywild 15 years ago

Recently I've had the opportunity to go to two Charlotte area Pizza shops. The first one was Fuel Pizza Cafe. I had read a lot about it and how it has won all these "best of" awards but I have to...