Find the best restaurants and bars in Charlotte. Or share your favorite places to eat, from pizzerias to North Carolina barbecue joints.


White Horse - Charlotte

by luv2wander 9 years ago

When I was in college ( a long time ago, lol), we used to eat at the White Horse regularly. I know the restaurant is gone, but I still crave their Charlie O'Chicken salad platter and sandwich. Do...

Charlotte - Tried some new things

by concordcourtney 2 months ago

Recently we had a spurt over over-indulgence and tried a lot of new places. Most were just new to us. I didn't get to try as many international foods as I wanted as I didn't have a willing partner ...

Charlotte - Off the radar recommendations

by concordcourtney 3 months ago

I know that Charlotte is not very active here, but I'm hoping a few might wake up. In a few weeks I am going to be childless for a few days and therefore able to eat all the spicy and unusual stuff...

Manhattan to Charlotte transplants looking for newbie advice!

by saregama 2 years ago

My friends are relocating from Manhattan to Charlotte, and we've been discussing the transition from the perspective of foodie New Yorkers. So I thought the best thing to do was to ask the advic...

CHARLOTTE: Where to find goose or duck eggs?

by lynnlato 5 years ago

I am dying to try my hand at salt curing egg yolks after reading this blog post by Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: http://honest-food.net/2014/05/09/salt-cured-egg-yolks/ He recommends goose a...

Dim Sum in Charlotte?

by HSB 1 year ago

Anybody know of a good dim sum place in Charlotte? Ever since the place on Central closed down I've gone through withdrawls. I've picked up a few items at the Asian grocers in Matthews (Stallings?)...

Dixie Pig BBQ: Rock Hill, SC "Best BBQ in Charlotte Region"?

by johnsha 1 year ago

Dixie Pig BBQ, Rock Hill, SC: Best BBQ restaurant within 50 miles of Charlotte! I don't know about you but I'm tired of all the "farm-to-fork, heirloom, non-GMO, organic, $13/sandwich, hipster" BB...

Best NY style Deli in Charlotte is Katz NY

by GodfatherofLunch 12 years ago

Shortly after arriving in Charlotte about six years ago I found what was then a new restaurant. A place where a New Jersey/New York transplant could get a fix of what for me is soul food. The pla...

Charlotte's Best Eats

by hoodriver 1 year ago

Macks Speedway, so good. Best ribs Ive ever had. Also I went to the best steak joint at Beef & Bottle!

Las Ramblas - Charlotte

by friek 11 years ago

I went there for my wife's birthday dinner last night, thought I would add my own review for my fellow foodies. I read all the reviews here and elsewhere and would like to thank everyone for doing...

Charlotte Restaurants from Asheville Perspective

by jorgeanchovy 2 years ago

Question for people who know food in both cities. Spending a day in Charlotte. We're from Asheville. I want to avoid situations where I'm sitting there thinking "I know exactly where to get this sa...

Caterer/event space in Charlotte, NC

by rubylewct 2 years ago

I am looking for a caterer/event space in Charlotte, NC. I work for a food magazine and are hosting a small dinner client event (10-15 people). We have a specific menu, so hosting at a restaurant s...

The Punch Room

by BekahR 2 years ago

Outside the elevator on the 15th floor at the Ritz Carlton, a woman stands at a podium. Unmarked doors blend in with the wall. You ask for the Punch Room, speakeasy style, but the staff will hel...

Need Charlotte Recs

by TerryG 2 years ago

Heading to Charlotte for the weekend. Need suggestions for affordable food options not available in the Triangle. Thinking of Serbian / Eastern European: Intermezzo, Euro Grill & Cafe, or Taste o...

Dinner near CLT

by Remsleep 2 years ago

We'll be heading to Charlotte for TSA/ICE interviews this week. We'll be staying near the airport and would greatly appreciate recommendations in the area. Anyplace where the dress code is smart ca...

Whole pig in Charlotte?

by mduck314 12 years ago

Having a "Pig Pickins" in June... where is closest place to Charlotte to buy a whole pig? needs to be dressed preferably with the head. Thank you!

Steak or seafood in Charlotte

by Dick814 2 years ago

Will be in Charlotte later in June. Is there a really good steak or seafood restaurant in the Arrowood area? Thanks.

Rogers Barbecue on Atando in Charlotte

by PerCapita 9 years ago

Now closed -- they featured cornbread that was thin (about 3/8" thick) and light. Does anybody know how they prepared it?

Hot Dogs at Andy & Greg's in Charlote N.C.

by DirtDobber 11 years ago

When Greg passed away several years ago, we lost a favorite treat. Well guess what. There is a grill in a little community called Midland about 25 minutes east of charlotte that serves dogs with th...

Uptown Charlotte - new recs?

by ksbee 2 years ago

Will be in Charlotte for a concert at the end of April, and am wondering about any new recommendations for restaurants close to the Spectrum (or Time Warner as I remember it!). Had a great sampling...