Elevate Your Game Day Grub with Wine Pairings for Pizza, Wings & More

Wondering what wine pairing goes with pizza? Or wings, or chili? That must mean it’s almost time for the Super Bowl (aka, the chance to eat some of your absolute favorite finger foods in abundance...

Can anyone identify this wine glass?

by reginarose7721 10 months ago

I've broken one of the glasses in this set but can't remember the brand. Does anyone recognize the small logo etched into the base? Thanks!

Mondiale Wines close-out sale

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

My friend Ann Feely is shutting down her wine import business. Remaining inventory of wines (New Zealand imports) are now discounted by 50% and shipping is free for purchases of 12 or more bottles....

Laying Down & Investing in, Wine

by kySafran 1 year ago

When I come to the US, I always bring a couple of bottles of high-quality wine for some foodie friends I stay with. I get it from a French friend who owns an exclusive restaurant in London. I sit d...

9/30 Party With The Freys & Ecofarm Celebrate 40 Years Of Certified Organic & Biodynamic™ Wines

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"Place your wine order by 9/22/20 to receive your wines in time for the event! https://www.freywine.com/product/Kwaya-Virtual-Tasting-with-EcoFarm?pageID=A2E077C1-9E75-5D55-26A2-A8C1F42AC309&sortBy...

Using Chardonnay

by grangie angie 1 year ago

Someone gifted us a bottle of chardonnay. I would like to use the entire bottle up by making some dish, I do not want to use just a cup or so... and wind up with leftover. I want a recipe that woul...

Georgian Wine Being Sold In Canada

by LowellHall 2 years ago

Is there any company that imports Georgian wines into Canada?

Really LCBO? Norman Hardie on your shelves?!?!?

by Googs 2 years ago

I'm astounded that this crown corporation built on the foundation that average citizens can't control their own urges nor trusted to retail liquor independently  has made a mockery of their entire ...

Wine Storage Cabinet Help

by Foodie564 4 years ago

Hey I am going to buy a wine storage cabinet, and have some questions about it. Firstly, my cabinet is going to stand in my kitchen, but the floot their its not the strongest, so it wobble when...

Wine Deal: 2002 R. Renaudin “Espiègle” Brut Champagne, $44.99

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

2002 was an outstanding vintage in Champagne and the wines of this year are long-lived and top quality. R Renaudin is an RM (Recoltant-Manipulant), meaning a grower who grows, produces and bottles...

Help me find US seller for this German Wine

by Kurtis 4 years ago

Just returned from a trip to Berlin and had a beautiful tasting wine with lunch. It's named 2014 Eselspfad Weissburgunder Weingut Knewitz. It's Chardonnay , aged in oak, dry, with great bouquet a...

Wine book

by anndillman 5 years ago

Looking for a general beautiful coffee table book as a gift. Any suggestions?

Duckhorn Napa Valle7 Chard 2013 pairing!

by ldillma 5 years ago

A couple of friends gave me a bottle of Duckhorn Napa Valley 2013 Chardonnay as a gift. It's more expensive than the $8-$20 I tend to spend on wine and would like to make a meal that pairs with it ...

Advice on Wine Glasses Please

by Seitan 5 years ago

I don't entertain that often, and currently don't have any wine glasses. But if I were to get just two kinds of wine glasses, which two shapes/sizes would cover most of the reds and whites? I a...

The Journey of the Chardonnay Grape from Old World to California

by gregorymboelter 5 years ago

California Chardonnay has gone through a transformation over the years. It was the Judgement of Paris in 1976 that put it on the map as a serious wine that could rival Burgundy producers who'd been...

Opinions needed: in which order to serve these 2 wines?

by EatinginAustin 6 years ago

Hello! I am hosting a Burgundy wine dinner and need some assistance on which wine to serve first: the chardonnay, or the Beaujolais? Below is the profile for both. Note that before these two...

Help! Added too much chardonnay....

by eekxitsem 6 years ago

So I wanted to make my favorite pasta dish... it's just white wine, chicken broth, chicken, broccoli and sun dried tomatoes...garlic, basil, salt and pepper. I added an entire 16 oz can of chicken...

Chardonnay--no oak

by alsky 14 years ago

My mother is a chardonnay drinker but is tired of the oaky chardonnays that she keeps buying. She is looking for a full-bodied, fruit forward, dry white wine (doesn't have to be chardonnay). Someth...

Willamette Valley Wine Tasting (Dundee/McMinnville-Eola Amity Hills/Yamhill-Carlton)

by McDrewber 6 years ago

Hounds, Traveling to Willamette Valley for first time. Midwesterners w/ party of 4 that likes a mix of PN and Chardonnay. Looking for unique settings and smaller production stops where you are...

Creme de Lys VS Belcreme de Lys, info please

by Sherri 6 years ago

We have enjoyed Creme de Lys as our sunset happy hour Chardonnay for several years. It's one of our favorite 'everyday' inexpensive Chards. When I went to Total Wine for another case I was told the...