9 Veggies You Can Grow in a Fall Garden & Why It Pays to Be a Late Bloomer

Planning on tending a fall garden? Didn't even know you could do that? Here are the best things to grow during autumn months. If you’re an inexperienced gardener—or just want to put in less effort this...

Back Deck Cherry Tomatoes and Lettuce and Swiss Chard

by MidwesternerTT 5 years ago

I've mentioned over on Home Cooking how much fun I'm having with a first-ever back deck container garden here in Minnesota, and I'm posting here to encourage others to try it. I'm cooking for just...

bright lights chard

by hotoynoodle 6 years ago

talking about veggies here, not wine. :) am making a salad with lots of assertive greens and found some bright lights chard. the stems are many colors which will add some nice visual pop. if...

How to preserve Swiss chard?

by herby 6 years ago

The chard keeps growing - so very crisp and fresh and yummy - only everyone is away and I am the only one left... How to preserve it? I am thinking blanching chopped and blanched stems and leaves s...

What happens if you freeze raw kale?

by itryalot 7 years ago

I love using kale and Swiss chard in soups and stews all winter but dislike that blanching before freezing takes out some of the intensity of flavours and vitamins. What would happen if you freeze...

What else can I do with kale and swiss chard?

by amatuerungourmet 7 years ago

Hello, Just join, first time posting. Tonight I am making some beef tips and white whole wheat drop biscuits, and for a veggie, would love to use up some of the swiss chard/kale that is abundan...

Freezing a Frittata?

by September29 8 years ago

Have a bunch of chard and mushrooms in my fridge right now that I thought would be good in a frittata (with a potato base). My fridge at the moment is surprisingly well stocked with leftovers but I...

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