A Visual Guide to Mushrooms, from Abalone to Shiitake

There are far more types of mushrooms than what you usually find in your grocery store. Consider this a visual mushroom guide to our favorites, from abalone to shiitake. Mushrooms, the fruiting bodies...

Where do you go to buy wild foods? Especially wild mushrooms?

by lesliewhitaker 1 day ago

Hi all - I recently become a huge fan of foraging and wild foods. But living in NYC, I can't exactly go find wild foods myself whenever I want! I'm trying to find a consistent source for wild f...

Fresh Chanterelles wholesale at Far West Fungi (SSF & other venues)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

One of the rewards for October's atmospheric river deluge is a healthy crop of wild mushrooms. A friend foraged bolete/porcini mushrooms on the Sonoma Coast the size of his head last week. And pric...

Pig's Ear Mushrooms/Violet Chanterelles?

by kim2001 3 months ago

I have about a pound of pig's ear mushrooms or violet chanterelles, and I don't know what to do with them (other than saute them in butter of course). Any recipe/dish ideas for these mushrooms?

Where can I go (specifically) to forage for chanterelles?

by seabee 12 years ago

I am in the Seattle area and would love to start collecting my own mushrooms. Since i am not an experienced forager, i decided that it would be best to stick with chanterelles because they are not ...

Chanterelles - Bitter

by jounipesonen 5 years ago

It's known - incl myself - that dried chanterelles shousoaked and water discarded - otherwise strong bitter taste. What has happened in the drying process because there isn't this phenomenon wit...

Wild, Wild Mushrooms . . . Gotta Cook Them Some Wayyy.

by RhonelyInsanediego 6 years ago

Recently returned home from mushroom hunting high up in the Rocky Mountains (10,500 feet to 12,000 feet). In a couple of afternoons I gathered up 12 lbs of Chanterelles, 7 lbs King Boletes (aka Po...


by vikingkaj 6 years ago

Does anybody know if whole foods in NJ has the chanterelles yet for this year?

A mother lode of chaterelles! What would you do?

by onrushpam 6 years ago

Daughter just called to say she found a mother lode of chaterelles while out running tonight. She described it as an "orange carpet"! She doesn't care much for fungi, but knows I love them. So, ...

What should I do with tons of chanterelles?

by kkbriggs 14 years ago

We were a little overzealous on our foraging trip yesterday and now I have tons of gorgeous chanterelles awaiting me at home in my kitchen. First up is grilled ribeyes topped with sauteed chantere...

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