Veuve Clicquot Champagne: A History Lesson in Female Empowerment

While you're probably aware of Veuve Clicquot as a high-end Champagne brand, do you know the story of the woman behind its success? [related_content align=left title=Because You're Worth It][related_content_data...

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Charles Heidsieck launches 2006 rosé

by zin1953 5 years ago

Charles Heidsieck outlined important finessing of its distribution as the Champagne house unveiled its Rosé Millésime 2006, the first since its 1999 vintage. Although a Rosé Millésime 2005 remai...

Aston Martin teams up with Dom Pérignon (and James Bond would be proud)

by zin1953 5 years ago

"The Italian arm of British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin has teamed up with Dom Pérignon to offer a luxury Champagne extra that James Bond would be proud of." (article continues)

Champagne needs to ‘create a new occasion’

by zin1953 5 years ago

'Champagne needs to “create a new occasion” and better communicate its brand if it is to recruit new consumers to the category, believes the managing director of Nicolas Feuillatte. 'Speaking to...

Armand de Brignac launches its most expensive Champagne ever

by zin1953 5 years ago

"Jay-Z’s Champagne brand Armand de Brignac has launched its most expensive fizz ever: a Blanc de Noirs. "Although it’s recommended retail price has yet to be confirmed, the new Champagne – which...

Champagne and Burgundy join UNESCO list

by zin1953 5 years ago

"Producers in Champagne and Burgundy are celebrating the addition of their vineyards and cellars to the UNESCO world heritage list. "A meeting over the weekend of the global organisation, which ...

Mumm releases vintage collection

by zin1953 5 years ago

"Champagne Mumm has released a new “Collection du Chef de Caves”, featuring magnums of its Cordon Rouge 1985, 1990 and 1996 vintages. "Released in very limited quantities – there are only 18 mag...

Burgundy, Champagne achieve UNESCO patrimony status

by onzieme 5 years ago

Climates and terroirs of Burgundy and hillsides, houses, and cellars of Champagne become UNESCO Patrimony Sites. https://twitter.com/UNESCO/status/617353270051274752 https://twitter.com/UNES...

Veuve Clicquot launches mixing Champagne

by zin1953 5 years ago

'Proving it isn’t scared to innovate in order to attract new consumers, Veuve Clicquot has launched a Champagne designed specifically for mixing in cocktails. 'Dubbed “Rich”, the new sparkler, h...

Champagne Bruno Paillard bottles in the dark

by zin1953 5 years ago

"Champagne Bruno Paillard is shaking up packaging of its non-vintage portfolio, which includes bottling its grand cru blanc de blancs in clear glass, a radical departure from the traditional green....

Plundered Nazi Champagne discovered

by zin1953 5 years ago

"A collection of Champagne and Cognac plundered from occupied France by the Nazis and which survived looting by the Soviets has been unearthed in Saxony."

Veuve Clicquot offers glimpse of 2006 La Grande Dame

by zin1953 5 years ago

'Veuve’s Clicquot’s winemaker, Pierre Casenave, has hailed its 2006 La Grande Dame a “more balanced and elegant” version than the 2004 vintage.'

Champagne council launches e-learning programme | decanter.com

by zin1953 5 years ago

"The initiative is designed to spearhead the new digital education package being developed by the Comité Champagne, and is available on PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet at champagnecampus.com."

You don't what you've got 'til it's gone . . .

by zin1953 5 years ago

Today, May 8th, is the 70th anniversary of "VE Day," the end of World War II in Europe. (The Pacific Theater would continue for several more months.) Woolf Sung, a London wine merchant, is appa...

How much is this Champagne worth?? [moved from California board]

by Youneedmeade 7 years ago

I have a case of Hanns Kornell Third Generation 25.4 oz 1980 bottles of champagne and I was wondering how much it's worth. I know I should drink it and enjoy it but I really just want to see what I...

30-35 guests expected for my son's 1st birthday lunch celebration. What alcohol should I serve?

by dwee415 5 years ago

This will be at my home and I'm expecting ~20 adults and ~15 young kids. What kind of alcohol should I provide to the adults for a Saturday lunch? I was thinking something like pomegranate champagn...

New fave Champagne: NV Egly-Ouriet Grand Cru V.P. Extra Brut

by Kelly 12 years ago

I don't pretend to know much about Champagne. But oh MY, this was a revelation. 60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay. More than 40 months on its lees (hence the "V.P." or Vieillissement Prolongé)....

Can Champagne Go Bad?

gourmet guru
by gourmet guru 12 years ago

We received a bottle of Dom last Christmas from a client. We haven't opened it yet, we wanted to save it for a special occassion. We had a "friend" over recently who is a bit of a lush and as he ...

How long will a bottle of champagne last?

by Frank Escobar 16 years ago

I have a nice bottle of French Champagne (redundant?) that I received in December of 2002. I am thinking about opening it soon but I was afraid that it might have gone flat or bad. Does anyone k...

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