Champagne Cocktail

A Midsummer Night’s Spritz: High-Spirited, Low-ABV Summer Sparklers

After the New York Times notoriously published an article in May of last year lambasting the Aperol Spritz, basically the entire internet came to its rescue: counter arguments arrived by the hour from...

Philly Mid-Day Drink

by dallarose23 3 years ago

Looking for a pretty bar in Philly (neighborhood doesn't matter) for a glass of champagne mid-day on a Friday. Any thoughts?

26 West on the Navesink

by sockster 4 years ago

Came here for the first time the other night and sat at the front bar with the incredible mixologist Christopher James. We started with two aperitif drinks and then ordered four courses of food. Ch...

What champagne works for cocktails?

by lupaglupa 13 years ago

Last year for a party I did different champagne cocktails and the liquor store owner convinced me to buy a cheaper champagne than I would have since he said the dryness doesn't work in mixing. I di...

Champagne punch

by swany206 5 years ago

Is ot ok to mix different types/brands of champagne when making a champagne punch?

Dumb question regarding blush champagne/St. Germain cocktail...

by emmarose329 5 years ago

I'm very new to the world of cocktails and would like to make something like this recipe for my upcoming dinner party- http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-elderflower-champagne-cocktail-perfect-for-spr...

Brunch Culver City

by DanielleW 6 years ago

My husband and I are getting a rare opportunity to go out to brunch by ourselves without our kids...at a normal hour. We haven't done this in about 4 years. We have a limited amount of time free, s...

Your favorite champagne cocktails?

by tinnywatty 9 years ago

I have an open bottle of inexpensive cava (M. Chevallier Brut Cava from TJ's) that I don't want to go to waste. I tried one recipe from the St Germain website (St Germain, lemon juice and champagn...

Trip report (long)- great food and champagne cocktails in Seattle

by SFLisa 9 years ago

Just got back from a couple of days of visiting my Seattle sister - lots of great food and cocktails. We stopped for a drink at Sambar - wanted to see it before it closed. Sat out in the little co...

Individual bottled wine/champagne cocktails for brunch?

by terrytrailertrash 12 years ago

We are planning a bridesmaids brunch that is going to be a trolley ride. We are providing boxed lunches and were trying to figure out an easy way to serve some type of champagne cocktail (preferab...

Best Champagne Cocktail

by koc2281 12 years ago

As a lover of champagne and champagne cocktails, I was curious if anyone had any recommendations of where to go for one in Boston.

Champagne cocktails / girly drinks, Village

by perspicacious 12 years ago

I'm looking for a fun, preferably inexpensive (I live in Manhattan, so my expectations are not outrageous) place to take an old friend out for girly drinks, especially of the champagne cocktail var...

What is your favourite champagne cocktail recipe?

sarah galvin
by sarah galvin 13 years ago

I wasn't sure if I should post this on the wine board or the spirits board. I am having a cocktail party and want to offer a champagne cocktail as their welcoming drink. I want it to be easy and ...

Champagne Cocktail

by koc2281 13 years ago

When I stayed at the Bellagio in Vegas recently, I had drinks everynight before dinner at the piano bar. There, I had the pleasure of having the most delcious champagne cocktail. In planning a 30th...

Honey Pear Champagne Cocktail Recipe

by Dave and Stuff 14 years ago

Been serving this this week in my restaurant: 1 oz J Pear Liqueur 1/2 oz 42 Below Honey Vodka 6oz J Sparkling Wine Orange Twist Chill liqueur and vodka, then strain into Champagne glass. ...

Champagne Cocktail

by aletnes 14 years ago

I am hosting a small dinner party for Christmas Eve and wanted to serve a champagne cocktail with appetizers. I was thinking of creating my own, since I really don't want something fruity. My t...

Thanksgiving Champagne Cocktail?

by DaisyM 14 years ago

Hello, could you suggest a cocktail with champagne to have before we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner? Also, what brand of champagne would you suggest using? Thank you so much for your suggestions...

Bars that serve champagne cocktails?

by Kosmonaut 15 years ago

I've recently become interested in trying champagne cocktails and have amassed a collection of recipes, but I've had a hard time finding a bar that has no problem adding champagne to a drink recipe...

Champagne Cocktail Ideas

by Michelle 16 years ago

Going to a brunch party, and wanted some ideas for cocktails rather than the same old Mimosa. Ideas?

Champagne Cocktails

by DeeDee 17 years ago

I'm thinking about serving champagne cocktails for New Year's Eve...any favorite recipes (besides mimosas of course).

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