Chafing Dishes


This is what I think it is, right?

by gritsngreens 6 months ago

I love me some pot. Particularly when it is copper! E bay should be off limits to me. The seller made me an offer I couldn't refuse on this gorgeous MCM warming pan set. It was only after I receive...

Chafers, Hotel Pans, Transporters...

by Sigurd 1 year ago

How do these work? Can I expect to put whole chafers in a food transporter or just the inserts? Are 'hotel pans' made to go in transporters and chafing water pans? Are the rectangular 12" ac...

Disposable chafing set up?

by lily_ca 2 years ago

Can I use regular full sized disposable aluminum pans for the water pans? I messed up when purchasing things and I don't know if I need to return these and buy the water pans instead. These are...

Tips on using disposable chafing dish

by Beetlekat 17 years ago

I just purchased a disposable chafing dish at a party store. I plan to use it for a party we are having this weekend. Does anyone have any tips on using this? I have never used one before. It h...

Salad Bar Idea

by WINDELLA 3 years ago

I was thinking of using the colored chafing steam pans for a salad bar. I will add ice water instead of hot water. Is there anything in particular I shouldn't add to aluminum? These pans come in s...

Looking for a UL Listed Shabbos Hot Plate/Warming Tray

by alskgh 6 years ago

In light of the horrific tragedy that the Jewish community suffered this week, I am looking to replace my "plata" (Shabbos Hot Plate/Warming Tray) with one that is UL approved. Can anyone recom...

Chafing dish in oven??

by SueFH 5 years ago

Can I put the inner bowl of a chafing dish (stainless steel) into the oven? I like to reheat my mashed potatoes with a drop of cream on top and usually set the casserole dish down. But if it is s...

Using a chafing dish for Thanksgiving

by mku4440 5 years ago

Novice question, but how would I transfer say a green bean casserole, or another dish with a topping, into a chafing dish? Thanks.

Using Chafing Dishes??

by Teraesa22 11 years ago

How long (approximately) does it take to reheat prepared food in chafing dishes, assuming the food is at room temperature when I light the sternos. I'm making sausage & peppers, stuffed shells, ch...

Steam pan liners

by toni6 5 years ago

Hey all Can i use a steam pan liner in my hotel pan and use it in a chafing dish over a sterno? My liner says up to 400

Warming Tray storage

by searchingforclues 6 years ago

I received a warming tray for Christmas. Now my problem is where to store this large flat item. Mine is an Oster. I would like to use it frequently so don't want it too far out of the way. Wher...

ISO Disposable Chafing Dish Racks

by asianstamp 7 years ago

We're having a party and I was wondering where I can buy chafing racks (the kind where you place the aluminum foil pans on top and heat with those little bottles of gas) locally? The restaurant is...

Warming tray/hot plate for Shabbat

by EmpireState 8 years ago

I am looking to purchase an electric warming tray/hot plate for Shabbat. Are there specific ones that can be programmed to go on at a certain time or do I need to hook it up to a timer (if that's ...

Entress that keep well in chafing dish

by michaeljc70 8 years ago

I am having a birthday party for 50 people and looking for ideas of foods that can be prepped in advance (but not necessarily cooked in advance) and keep in a chafing dish around an hour or be serv...

oops, my pre-wedding dinner party just got wayyyyy too big...chafing dish dinner suggestions!?

by heatherdaphne 9 years ago

Hello! I just got in a little over my head and would love some suggestions! I am getting married in May and made the mistake of including an invite to our home for dinner a few days before the ...

Disposable Chafing Dishes - How To!?

by KaTu1179 9 years ago

I am hosting a small gathering this weekend and plan to have a Mac 'n' Cheese and Chili Bar (with tons of toppings for guests to customize their own). I plan to cook chili in a pot and transfer ...

Chafing dish help

by lillotis 10 years ago

So, I am having a party this weekend and using wire chafing stands with sterno to keep food hot. I am ordering all hot trays and making a few myself and using the large size pans. Do I need to bu...

Chafing Dish Ideas Please !

by MaxCaviar 10 years ago

got one of these for Christmas and wondering what I could put into it. it's a mere 3 quarts so kinda lost on what i could put in there for a smallish party we are having this wknd. any input appr...

Reasonably priced electric food warming trays/chafers in Los Angeles?

by Miri1 11 years ago

At the last minute I decided to host my first Thanksgiving dinner at my house. I'd like to buy some electric food warming trays to keep my food hot but I'm not sure where to get them since I want t...

Used Chafing Dishes

by puppychao 11 years ago

Looking for used chafing dishes in the Los Angeles area. Are there restaurant auctions or stores that you can get this stuff?