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Chafing Dishes

Looking for a UL Listed Shabbos Hot Plate/Warming Tray

by alskgh 3 years ago

In light of the horrific tragedy that the Jewish community suffered this week, I am looking to replace my "plata" (Sh...


MikeG commented 1 month ago

Tips on using disposable chafing dish

by Beetlekat 13 years ago

I just purchased a disposable chafing dish at a party store. I plan to use it for a party we are having this weekend...


ccatkinson commented 1 year ago

Chafing dish in oven??

by SueFH 1 year ago

Can I put the inner bowl of a chafing dish (stainless steel) into the oven? I like to reheat my mashed potatoes with...


SueFH commented 1 year ago

Using a chafing dish for Thanksgiving

by mku4440 1 year ago

Novice question, but how would I transfer say a green bean casserole, or another dish with a topping, into a chafing ...

outRIAAge commented 1 year ago

Using Chafing Dishes??

by Teraesa22 8 years ago

How long (approximately) does it take to reheat prepared food in chafing dishes, assuming the food is at room tempera...


Charlie5657 commented 1 year ago

Steam pan liners

by toni6 1 year ago

Hey all Can i use a steam pan liner in my hotel pan and use it in a chafing dish over a sterno? My liner says up to...


ricepad commented 1 year ago

Warming Tray storage

by searchingforclues 3 years ago

I received a warming tray for Christmas. Now my problem is where to store this large flat item. Mine is an Oster. ...


Susangria commented 3 years ago

ISO Disposable Chafing Dish Racks

by asianstamp 4 years ago

We're having a party and I was wondering where I can buy chafing racks (the kind where you place the aluminum foil pa...


ML8000 commented 4 years ago

Warming tray/hot plate for Shabbat

by EmpireState 5 years ago

I am looking to purchase an electric warming tray/hot plate for Shabbat. Are there specific ones that can be program...


MartyB commented 5 years ago

Entress that keep well in chafing dish

by michaeljc70 5 years ago

I am having a birthday party for 50 people and looking for ideas of foods that can be prepped in advance (but not nec...

Ruthie789 commented 5 years ago

oops, my pre-wedding dinner party just got wayyyyy too big...chafing dish dinner suggestions!?

by heatherdaphne 6 years ago

Hello! I just got in a little over my head and would love some suggestions! I am getting married in May and made ...


thimes commented 6 years ago

Disposable Chafing Dishes - How To!?

by KaTu1179 6 years ago

I am hosting a small gathering this weekend and plan to have a Mac 'n' Cheese and Chili Bar (with tons of toppings fo...


thimes commented 6 years ago

Chafing dish help

by lillotis 7 years ago

So, I am having a party this weekend and using wire chafing stands with sterno to keep food hot. I am ordering all h...


RGC1982 commented 7 years ago

Chafing Dish Ideas Please !

by MaxCaviar 7 years ago

got one of these for Christmas and wondering what I could put into it. it's a mere 3 quarts so kinda lost on what i ...

MaxCaviar commented 7 years ago

Reasonably priced electric food warming trays/chafers in Los Angeles?

by Miri1 7 years ago

At the last minute I decided to host my first Thanksgiving dinner at my house. I'd like to buy some electric food war...


Miri1 commented 7 years ago

Cookware Be the first to comment

Used Chafing Dishes

by puppychao 8 years ago

Looking for used chafing dishes in the Los Angeles area. Are there restaurant auctions or stores that you can get thi...

Disposable Chafing Dish set

by mtommy 9 years ago

Hi all, Does anyone know of any store that sells disposable chafing dish sets (rack, trays, burner...etc) Perfer a...

sweetie commented 9 years ago

gourmet family buffet lunch for 40 sans chafing dishes?

by foiegrasfan 10 years ago

I have been bestowed with organising a gourmet family luncheon for 40 & need suggestions for dishes that can be made ...


Diane in Bexley commented 10 years ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

A new chafing dish!!

by LoN 11 years ago

Actually the dish is not new...but it's never been out of the box. I've often thought I'd use it for meatballs at a ...

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Chafing dish ideas

by leah 11 years ago

I am looking for ideas that work well for chafers. I am interested in entrees and/or sides. Thanks!

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