Recreate the Very First Oscars Menu for Your 2020 Oscars Party

Attending the Oscars is a lifelong dream for many, but being one of the millions of fans who watch the show’s telecast has its benefits—particularly, the opportunity to chow down during the nearly four...

Celery vs. Bok Choy

by codmeister 3 years ago

I use bok choy a lot in my oriental cooking. Because it is expensive, I'm thinking of substituting celery for the Bok Choy. Can anyone tell me the nutritional difference between celery and Bok Ch...

Ideas to dress up celery as a minimal-calorie snack?

by janethepain 15 years ago

I have munchies episodes (naturally, I assure you) that hit when I'm stressed or reading Chowhound, and need some ideas of things I can munch on that have minimal calories. The only thing I can th...

Did celery go bad?

by learntocookchinese 5 years ago

Celery was crisp and not soggy. However, when I bent it backwards to peel strips, it broke apart (see picture). There's more white stuff in the middle than usual. Did it go bad? Is it safe to ea...

Uncooked celery is limp...

by pagal 12 years ago

Hi, I have some leftover celery that I didn't need so I stashed it in the veggie drawer in my fridge. I was going to use some of it in a stew later on this week. The celery seems to have gone ...

How to make these leftovers exciting?

by lisaleira 5 years ago

Hi!! So I have these frozen leftovers. When I froze them, they were exciting, but now they are not. What would you do with some of this food that turned boring? Like let's say you're at your sis...


by femmevox 5 years ago

What do you do with celery? I like a little in tuna salad. I like to eat the pale inner hearts raw and dipped in something. But if/when I buy it, it seems like I am always stuck with a whole hea...

Does It Really Exist- Celery With Flavor?

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

Through my long life, when I have eaten celery stalks at home, I have always had store-bought, not fresh-from-the-garden. This month, I started eating alot of celery, and I have been surprised at t...

Keeping Strawberries fresh for a week

by Stanley Stephan 19 years ago

Probably everyone knows this, but it was news to me 2 years ago. To keep strawberries fresh for a week in the fridge: - Line a tupperware container with a paper towel - Place a single layer of unbr...

What's wrong with "milk containing celery" as an ingredient?

by ratgirlagogo 7 years ago

We bought a jar of Thomy's Sweet Mustard at Euro Market here in Queens. It looks like this: http://www.germandeli.com/Thomy-Ser-Senf-im-Glas-Sweet-Mustard-in-Glass-250ml.html This is the ingred...

Freezing Celery - yay or ney

by ML8000 13 years ago

Can you freeze celery, and if so, how? I've always assumed you can *not* freeze celery, even in a chopped form to be used later an aromatic. I'm asking since the most I can use at a time is 3-4 ...

What's the point of celery in recipes?

by toopie28 7 years ago

Since it has really no taste, why add them to recipes? Just to "bulk" up?

Mirepoix - what's the point?

by Leibowitz 12 years ago

So, upon years of thought, I've decided to ask the question: what does a Mirepoix actually add to a recipe? I get the onions. That's easy. The carrots? Sure, why not? Celery? No. No, I do ...

What can I do with lots of celery leaves?

by Missy P. 17 years ago

I purchased a beautiful bunch of organic celery from the farmers market yesterday that was topped by a copious amount of vibrant green leaves. I probably have two cups of the leaves, but have alre...

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