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Ideas to dress up celery as a minimal-calorie snack?

by janethepain 11 years ago

I have munchies episodes (naturally, I assure you) that hit when I'm stressed or reading Chowhound, and need some ide...


zrar12 commented 7 months ago

Did celery go bad?

by learntocookchinese 11 months ago

Celery was crisp and not soggy. However, when I bent it backwards to peel strips, it broke apart (see picture). There...


treb commented 11 months ago

Uncooked celery is limp...

by pagal 8 years ago

Hi, I have some leftover celery that I didn't need so I stashed it in the veggie drawer in my fridge. I was going...


zigzag17 commented 1 year ago

How to make these leftovers exciting?

by lisaleira 1 year ago

Hi!! So I have these frozen leftovers. When I froze them, they were exciting, but now they are not. What would you...


Querencia commented 1 year ago


by femmevox 1 year ago

What do you do with celery? I like a little in tuna salad. I like to eat the pale inner hearts raw and dipped in some...


pavlova commented 1 year ago

Does It Really Exist- Celery With Flavor?

by opinionatedchef 2 years ago

Through my long life, when I have eaten celery stalks at home, I have always had store-bought, not fresh-from-the-gar...

paulj commented 2 years ago

Keeping Strawberries fresh for a week

by Stanley Stephan 15 years ago

Probably everyone knows this, but it was news to me 2 years ago. To keep strawberries fresh for a week in the fridge:...


Chefsfancosa commented 2 years ago

What's wrong with "milk containing celery" as an ingredient?

by ratgirlagogo 3 years ago

We bought a jar of Thomy's Sweet Mustard at Euro Market here in Queens. It looks like this:

chefj commented 3 years ago

Freezing Celery - yay or ney

by ML8000 9 years ago

Can you freeze celery, and if so, how? I've always assumed you can *not* freeze celery, even in a chopped form to ...


Scarlinko commented 3 years ago

What's the point of celery in recipes?

by toopie28 3 years ago

Since it has really no taste, why add them to recipes? Just to "bulk" up?

boyzoma commented 3 years ago

Mirepoix - what's the point?

by Leibowitz 8 years ago

So, upon years of thought, I've decided to ask the question: what does a Mirepoix actually add to a recipe? I get ...


Vinnie Vidimangi commented 4 years ago

What can I do with lots of celery leaves?

by Missy P. 13 years ago

I purchased a beautiful bunch of organic celery from the farmers market yesterday that was topped by a copious amount...


Key Lime Guy commented 13 years ago

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