Cedar Rapids


Cedar Rapids

by RubyBluebird 10 years ago

One would think a small city this size would have a number of good places to eat but alas the number is way too few. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. I take clients out to dinner some...

Hamburger & fries in Cedar Rapids?

by tlackner 8 years ago

Now that the Lincoln Cafe is no more (drat you, Matt!), where do I go in the Cedar Rapids area for a good hamburger and fries? "Good" means house-ground beef, cooked to order, and thin hand-cut fr...

Cedar Rapids

by Dapuma 9 years ago

From what i hear the downtown Cedar Rapids is developing a bit, what are the options around town for good restaurants / bars compared to Iowa City downtown / coralville Would be coming from Phoe...

Thanksgiving Dinner in Cedar Rapids/Iowa City

by Reddyrat 11 years ago

We're going to be on a long driving trip on Thanksgiving Day. We should be arriving in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City around 12 or 1 PM, so we thought we'd stop there for dinner. What are some decent...

USDA Prime steakhouse in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids or Quad Cities?

by mdrichey 11 years ago

Does anyone know of a good steakhouse that serves USDA prime beef in any of the above mentioned locales? I'm in Iowa City and as far as I know, the closest prime steakhouses are in Des Moines (801 ...

Desserts in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids

by sebcoecmz 11 years ago

I'm looking for recommendations in either Iowa City or Cedar Rapids for a place that makes/serves some quality and creative desserts. They should have some chocolate based ones, because that is the...

Aladdin in Cedar Rapids

by SFLisa 11 years ago

I was in Cedar Rapids for business yesterday and had lunch at Aladdin Restaurant and was very impressed. The waitress brought us complimentary lentil soup that was delicious (and I generally do not...

Wedding in Cedar Rapids Iowa

by beth 18 years ago

We are going to a wedding on November 29th. Never been to this area( or even Iowa for that matter) would appreciate any good eating or food related ideas

Buffalo to Cedar Rapids - - 90 and 80 - - Lunch in Cleveland and beyond

by jcm 12 years ago

We have a drive coming up to see Grandma. Any food suggestions would be appreciated. Also trying to think of a place to stop midway through if anyone has any suggestions. We stopped in South Be...

Cedar Rapids Eats?

by lizzy69 14 years ago

Living in Iowa City, wondering if there are any restaurants in or around Cedar Rapids, IA that are worth the drive.

Driving from DFW to Cedar Rapids in June

by irodguy 14 years ago

I am going to a recumbent trike event in Cedar Rapids mid June, so here is the question. Where should I stop on the way. I am planning on driving from Dallas to Tulsa the first night, leaving...

Socal Hound Going to Cedar Rapids

by P Town 13 years ago

Spending the night tomorrow night in Cedar Rapids, Where should I go for drinks and dinner.

Indian food in/near Cedar Rapids, IA

by edc5u 13 years ago

I've been working in the Amanas for the past few months and can't get over a craving for Indian food. I did a google search and found a place in Coralville/Iowa City that had good recs, but it's b...

ISO Rendered Lard - Cedar Rapids/Iowa City

by MMRuth 13 years ago

I've asked my father to be on the look out for rendered lard for me, so that he can bring some up to Northern Wisconsin at the end of the month, as I want to fry chicken in it. Wondering if anyone...

Cedar Rapids, IA

by TomA 17 years ago

DC Chowhound needs recommendations for Cedar Rapids for any type of cuisine..I have been to Zindrick's many years ago and loved it! Will go back, but would like other, newer recs! Thanks in advance

Cedar Rapids, IA- brunch and drinks suggestions?

by liesel 13 years ago

Will be in Cedar Rapids for a family reunion of sorts the end of April. The main event is Saturday night and the plan is to arrive on Friday early evening. Looking for suggestions for some place ...

Cedar Rapids: Anyone eaten here

by jwagnerdsm 14 years ago

http://www.theflyingwienie.com/menu.htm Sounds good. I would love a flying wienie t-shirt, even if the food stunk.