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Catering a wedding for 200--How much to make?

by Amysano30 7 years ago

I'm going to catering a wedding for about 200 people the menu is grilled chicken, backed ham macaroni and cheese, baked ziti, salt potatoes and garden salad. How much should I make?

Aunt Momo's catering | Sonoma

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Aunt Momo's Wine Country Ranch Cooking launched a catering service last month. Chef Mara Roche named her business Aunt Momo, after the name her young niece called her when she was unable to pronoun...

Catering for 40 in Jacksonville/Ponte Vedra Beach

by EAppen 13 years ago

Hi all - My family is getting together this summer in Ponte Vedra Beach. We would like to have a great, local caterer/private chef provide food for the 40ish family members in our house. We are e...

has anyone ever used Afghan Women's Catering?

by Zengarden 15 years ago

I don't think that I am imagining things but I believe that there is an organization called the Afghan Women's Catering (or Collective) that provides catering? Can anyone help me out with either...

Caterer & China rental for 25 person backyard wedding BBQ with self-planned menu?

by amber_lee 3 years ago

Can anyone suggest caterers in the GTA for our small 25-person backyard wedding BBQ in Brampton, Ontario July 7, 2018? Also places to rent china and flatware from that will do the dishes for you...

Looking for Taco Truck or Cart for Office Event

by deborahcdc 3 years ago

Looking for a taco truck or cart for small office event in Oakland any suggestions? 25 guests, small budget. Thanks

Billy Reed's Fried Chicken | Palm Springs

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Last week's yahrzeit memorial was supposed to be held in the function room at Mr. Lyon's Steakhouse. But the fierce sand storm and power outages forced a change of venue and a scramble to put toget...

Seeking downtown office lunch catering

by craveytrain 10 years ago

My workplace caters our lunch and breakfast once a week. I am helping compile a list of places to add into the rotation. Requirements: Feed 60 people At least 1 vegetarian option Delivers down...

Help with food quantity

by conradB 3 years ago

I am putting together a large meal for my parents anniversary. 200 guests. I am doing a whole pig roast for the meat (approx. 250 lbs live). but need to know how much of each other dish to have. Th...

Suggestions for Great Caterers/Private Chefs in Palm Springs

by CACulinary 4 years ago

I would love an update on any suggestions for great caterers/private chefs in the Palm Springs (ideally closer to Indian Wells) area. Additionally, any food truck and/or restaurant recommendati...

Self-Catering an event - tips? Recipes?

by yumcha 13 years ago

I am having an event that I would also like to cook for. It should be for around 70 people. I'd like to be able to make many of these dishes ahead and re-heat them on the day of. One idea ...

Do I tip the caterer?

by birdy30 10 years ago

We recently had a BBQ catered event. $25pp. They smoked the meats and put them on warmers. No need to take orders or clean up the tables. Supplied the plates/condiments/stuff. When all is said...

Catering in Manhattan

by eateat22 4 years ago

folks - my company seems to sign up with the worst caterers in town. Does anybody have recommendations for companies that provide good healthy food? If they provide someone who comes set things up,...

Tipping for Catering Drop-Off?

by Jacquilynne 4 years ago

A caterer is dropping off a buffet dinner in chafing dishes for a party and then picking up the chafing dishes the next day. Other than the set-up, they aren't providing service. How much would you...

Magic Themed Party for Adults

by graggle 4 years ago

I am a catering chef and one of my clients is looking to host a "Magic Themed" Dinner for 300 employees. I've grown up with magic and consider myself a creative chef, but I'm at a loss. The only th...

Caterer/event space in Charlotte, NC

by rubylewct 4 years ago

I am looking for a caterer/event space in Charlotte, NC. I work for a food magazine and are hosting a small dinner client event (10-15 people). We have a specific menu, so hosting at a restaurant s...

Monrose Catering, Looking for Wedding Caterer

by oceangal 15 years ago

Has anyone hosted or attended a wedding catered by Monroe Catering in Malibu? Any thoughts? How about Truly Yours, Jazzy Blues, Dian's Creative Catering?

Tips on Catering a Morning Shindig involving donuts

by Mouver 4 years ago

I wondered if this community had any secret tips for catering an early morning shindig prior to a wedding. I'm planning on bringing enough doughnuts for 30 people, and coffee/tea and fruit to ti...

Beef Short Ribs for Wedding Reception

by MahoganyQueen 4 years ago

I would love to make beef short ribs for my neice's wedding reception. The guest list will be about 125. I estimate about 2 bones per person. How do I go about making this for such a large crowd? W...

Catering in North Shore Kauai

by cchap1739 4 years ago

Aloha, I will be out in Kauai this October for a family event and we are staying on the North Shore. We would like to cater a family meal for about 20 people for one of our meals. Ideally, we wo...