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Why Millennials Are Blamed for Killing Casual Dining

You know that whole DIY, artisanal, indie, and hyper-local vibe beloved by people under 30? It's hurting the big guys (cue tiny violin), those restaurants where you can order the same dishes...

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London dinner

by NolaLeslie 3 years ago

Party of 8 casual dinner in London; staying at the Ham Yard Hotel; thinking of Hedden Street kitchen, but seems to have mixed reviews; any recs appreciated

Barcelona, casual place, 70 people

by trippeltretton 3 years ago

Hello, Going to Barcelona on a school trip with 19-20 year olds.. Planning a dinner together, the kids tend to stick downtown on their leisure time. Hence looking for a casual quality neighb...

Just casual walking around - also, within an hour of city

by ErikaH 3 years ago

Hello, Chowhounders. I will be traveling to NOLA for a week, for the first time, in late October (including over Halloween). I've developed a list of places for "nice" dinners but that won't be m...

One meal in Queens/Brooklyn

by bluerib 3 years ago

picking up my daughter at JFK Friday night after 10 pm. If I can time it right I'll be able to do one dinner reasonably close to the airport Completely open to type of food Do not want fan...

Hot Dogs @ Steff Houlberg Grill

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Since I've resuscitated my photo archive from October 2015, here's a word on the hot dogs from Steff Houlberg. My Danish cousin, Bunny, picked me up at the airport and asked what I wanted for lunch...

Paris in the 6th

by picagastronomy 3 years ago

Hi Chowhounders, here's hoping you can help me! Heading to Paris next week and looking for some recs... Hubbie has a conference and I'm happily tagging along. We have been to Paris a number o...

Lisbon & Porto Equivalent of Tapas Bars/Cafes

by nlight 4 years ago

Hi everyone, My wife and I will be in Lisbon and Porto in late July, and we're hoping the CH community can share some of their favorite places to eat delicious small plates in a casual atmospher...

Casual Dinner in Mondello (Palermo)

by TaniaGio 3 years ago

Hi, Im traveling to Palermo in late June and will be staying in Mondello our first night. Looking for a casual spot for great food after a really long trip. Bye Bye Blues looks amazing, but we need...

Looking for a Wine education group

by jreibel 3 years ago

Hi, I am looking to join/start a small wine group that consist of people who are interested or working in the wine industry that meets once a month. The group would explore, taste, learn about ne...

Good Thai restaurant in Frederick?

by Mallomar 3 years ago

The Thai restaurant I was planning to visit apparently closed last year. I'm looking for a casual (jeans & sneakers), inexpensive place with good food. Thanks for any suggestions.

Paris Restaurants... With Baby

by Garthm 4 years ago

Hello! We are looking for recommendations for restaurants where we can eat dinner with our 6 month old baby. Given the time change (we're coming from North America), we expect that the little guy w...

Paris Tomorrow

by pfink42 3 years ago

I'm new here and I've enjoyed the posts. I made notes of restaurants mentioned in Paris. We are headed there tomorrow (Tuesday) Its our fourth time in France. But we are traveling with another c...

Easy / low maintence dinner ideas for a small group

by pumpkinspice 4 years ago

Looking for a bit of inspiration here, I cannot think of any great ideas....nothing is really wowing me right now. Having a small group over - total of 7 adults and 2 toddlers (plus a couple b...

Kin Khao | Union Square - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

During Kin Khao's first year, I visited three times, each meal progressing in quality over the previous one. But somehow after it earned a Michelin star in 2015, I moved on to the next shiny thing....

Big, casual restaurant in Boston area for groups of 10+ on a Friday night?

by jacksonkev 4 years ago

I have a family gathering happening soon in Boston. We all land at different times on a Friday night. I was hoping to pick a place where a group of 10 or more could all drop in for a beer and som...

Post-bike trip dining

by sassygsd 4 years ago

In September, my husband and I will be biking from Pittsburgh to Washington, doing a combined camping/B&B-hopping trip. We're staying in Georgetown for a day or so after we arrive and need dinn...

Eating in and around Sarlat

by bigcmd 7 years ago

We will be in the Dordogne in late Sept and staying in Sarlat for 4 nights. I have not seen any threads about this area and wonder if anyone has any suggestions for great restaurants. I know ther...

Brookline Recommendations

by Felliott 4 years ago

My brother recently moved to Brookline, MA, and I'm flying out this Saturday to visit him for four days. We'll probably go to Boston proper a few times, but I think most of our time will be spent i...

hot tables....

by prima 10 years ago

which hot tables do you like the most? I like Centro Trattoria & Formaggio on St Clair W & Honey Bear (for Hungarian) on Sheppard E. Have any CHs tried Dolce & Salato? Is it still in business? h...

MEL outer suburbs April 2017

by KarenDW 4 years ago

Hi all. You've always been helpful in getting me sorted with a place to eat or drink ;) Will be visiting again, soon. We are to be hear Frankston (!) for a few days, and wonder where to take the f...