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Why Millennials Are Blamed for Killing Casual Dining

You know that whole DIY, artisanal, indie, and hyper-local vibe beloved by people under 30? It's hurting the big guys (cue tiny violin), those restaurants where you can order the same dishes...

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looking for a good casual spot after Spiderman on Friday

by Lee 18 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for a location near 4th and Market - or really I guess we can go anywhere in the city for a mid afternoon nosh session. Got a suggestion? thanks!

Harvard Square: nice & casual dinner?

by Alexandra Hans 18 years ago

My brother in law is giving a reading in Harvard Square. About 8 people want to get together for a nice enough, casual, but not expensive dinner, afterward, right in the Square. Has anyone eaten a...

Manhattan Beach Brewery / Pub / Casual Dining

by Kara Elise 18 years ago

Looking for an informal place to reunite with some old grad school pals that harks back to our wilder days... Manhattan Beach is preferred as it's equidistant from us all. Maybe a somewhat more ...

casual dinner in "camelot"

by wow i'm a dog 18 years ago

Any suggestions for a casual dinner in the Valley tomorrow night? Someplace easy to find on Ventura Blvd. (Sherman Oaks/Encino). Cuisine type not important, just want a place where we can catch up ...

Casual/Dives in Lauderdale

by gruvyman 18 years ago

I'm taking a trip to Lauderdale in April, but am a fan of laid back places, particulary seafood. If you've ever been to the Conch House in St. Augustine, that's one of my all time faves and I'm ma...

Dressing casual or sloppy in restaurants.

by Kad 18 years ago

I understand many restaurants don't have a dress code because it don't require one so people will wear what they want. But have you ever been to a nicer restaurant with your wife or husband and dre...

Sorrento.."economical hotels?" restaurant suggestions?

by Lois 19 years ago

Will be in Naples & Sorrento,solo, 12 days April\May. Will be dependent on public transport. Convenient hotels? Wonderful, casual seafood spots? Thanks

Casual dinner in Santa Monica

by johanna 19 years ago

I am going to SM on Monday night to see a band play and want to have dinner somewhere before. Not pricey just something good and reasonable...any ideas? Any type of food. Will be around 14th and...

NoVa./ Casual but Great ??

by Julie Ann 19 years ago

Where can I find a place with GREAT food where I would be comfortable wearing jeans and ordering a beer. I would prefer Northern VA. I used to go to a place called JR's in Arlington that fit the b...

Casual lunch near 36th & Madison?

by Cloudy 19 years ago

Anyone have any suggestions for a place I can meet a friend for a nice casual inexpensive lunch within a few blocks of 36th & Madison? She's not crazy about Korean or Indian food, but anything els...

Casual Business Lunch East side below 42nd st

by josh 19 years ago

I need to take a friend to lunch today between 42nd and houston st's on the east side. casual business lunch. any reccomendations? not chat n chew.

Suggestions for Casual Dining in Strasbourg Needed

by Tastebud 19 years ago

We'll be in Strasbourg this weekend and are looking for a casual, moderately-priced restaurant where we can enjoy a relaxed dinner. Vegetarian options are a must. Any suggestions? Merci.

Casual Dining in Vancouver

by The Joshman 19 years ago

My wife and I will be spending a week there next month. We'd like to hit a fancy place or two, but can't afford to do that for every meal. We're mildly adventurous and like most types of cuisine....

excellent, semi-casual restaurant

by Sol 19 years ago

I have a special occasion coming up, and I'm looking for a restaurant that serves really outstanding food in an elegant space but does not require a jacket and/or tie. The problem is that this seem...

Sunday Anniversary Dinner - Casual

by Zoot Horn 19 years ago

I want to take my wife to dinner on a Sunday during our stay (our 12-year anniversary), and see that a lot of restaurants are not open on Sunday. We would like to go to a casual place that's moder...

casual spot for dinner meetings needed

by jen kalb 19 years ago

My husband meets with a discussion group on Tuesday evenings about once/month. Their most recent meeting/place was put out of commission on Sept 11, so they are looking for a new spot. They need a ...

Three good casual, inexpensive restaurants in Ottawa

by Sam 19 years ago

There are three restaurants in Ottawa I really really like. A quick warning is that my parents (who live in Ottawa) go to the first two very regularly, so have regular status... so my experience m...

Help! I need a casual lunch spot in Manhattan.

by Maura 19 years ago

Hello! My boyfriend and I are heading down to NYC for a Yankees game in a few weeks. It is a company trip so the bus is going to drop us off at Rockerfeller Center early in the morning and then ...

San Diego: Dog-friendly, casual outdoor restaurants?

by Mike 19 years ago

Our dog needs a vacation, so we're thinking of taking her with us to San Diego. Does anyone know of any casual outdoor restaurants that would allow a dog to hang out with us while we eat? We don'...

Wanted: somewhere in central London to go for a very casual meal

by Hallie 19 years ago

I thought I'd run my request by the chowhounds (where have Simon and Howler been by the way?) Basically, I'm tired of going to my old haunts and need a casual after-work place in the west end whe...

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