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Casserole with half and half, freeze?

by horstuff 12 days ago

I’ve read half and half separates from being frozen, but will that matter in a casserole tetrazzini? Freeze first or ...

Ttrockwood commented 11 days ago

Plastic Wrap in the Oven

by sedimental 1 year ago

Do you? I have always been afraid of getting plastic in my food. However, I was reading about it ( various debates ...

coll commented 3 months ago

De Silva Terra-Cotta Cookware

by Libranflight 1 year ago

I recently purchased a terra-cotta baker from Goodwill and have never cooked with this material before. It reminded ...


Libranflight commented 5 months ago

Cold Weather Recipes

by NShewmaker 12 months ago

Now that I finally have some time off, I've been on a real casserole kick, but I have a lot of free time headed my wa...


Philly Ray commented 11 months ago

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Do you recognize this spinach mushroom bake thingy?

by magnoliasouth 12 months ago

I am in search of a recipe that is lost. I've only made it once. Long story short, when I moved to Alaska, while wait...

To anyone who has made the Jiffy corn bread casserole

by Saluti 1 year ago

Does it have to be eaten right away or can it be made a couple of hours in advance?


Tara57 commented 1 year ago

Macy's Recalls Martha Stewart Collection Enamel Cast Iron Casseroles Due to Laceration and Burn Hazard

by riverwalk 6 years ago Release #11-308 Firm's Recall Hotline: (888) 257-5949 C...

drrayeye commented 1 year ago

Using a chafing dish for Thanksgiving

by mku4440 1 year ago

Novice question, but how would I transfer say a green bean casserole, or another dish with a topping, into a chafing ...

outRIAAge commented 1 year ago

Casserole - but uncooked noodles? Recipe?

by k_d 7 years ago

I have a bachelor friend (about 50 y-o) who does not like to cook, but realizes he has to have some sustenance other ...


Madrid commented 1 year ago

What Do You Do With Canned Soup?

by Cherylptw 4 years ago

I stopped buying canned soup years ago once discovering how easy it was to make my own but I do have a few cans of th...


zackly commented 1 year ago

Salvaging a casserole because of uncooked rice.

by sammijean06 6 years ago

Is it possible to salvage a casserole that you stuck uncooked rice into? I'm horrible with reading recipes ahead...


calmblessing commented 1 year ago

Veggie recipes for veggie haters

by dixiedragon 1 year ago

Or maybe veggie dislikers is closer. I'm especially looking for recipes that use green veggies that will be good as l...


pumpkinspice commented 1 year ago

How long do leftovers from a casserole with sour cream last?

by jbroseb 1 year ago

I made a casserole on Monday that included a fair amount of sour cream. I still have some leftovers today and was con...


sandylc commented 1 year ago

How Do You Substitute Regular Cream Of Mushroom For The Condensed Version?

by Moonypie 1 year ago

I'm a somewhat novice cook. I wanted to make the famous green bean casserole. The recipes I saw all used 'condensed' ...

coll commented 1 year ago

Perk up Turkey Tetrazzini

by mrslincoln 1 year ago

I have some leftover Turkey Tetrazzini that is pretty bland. Any suggestion to perk it up?


Bookwich commented 1 year ago

Leftover Chicken Casserole

by twointhespirit 1 year ago

I made a cheesy chicken casserole last night for dinner. I left it out to coo and then covered it with foil to put in...

Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

Can't find Nana's recipe!

by jsbc78 1 year ago

I'm trying to locate a recipe for a casserole my grandmother made often when I was a child. It was a Tuna Rice Casser...

Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

The Most Atrocious Casserole EVER!

by lynnlato 8 years ago

I recently learned of something called a chicken stuffing casserole. My understanding is that it is pasta shells stu...


neutral commented 2 years ago

Anyone who remembers/misses Sam Fujisaka AND Casserole Winner from newly resurrected post

by nemo 2 years ago

Go to the bottom of this old post and read upthread a few comments. He is sorely needed on CH these days! Plus, you...

EWSflash commented 2 years ago