What's for Dinner #331 - the Pumpkin Carving Edition [through 10/26/14]

by LindaWhit 7 years ago

So who's picking out costumes for yourself or the kids to wear in a few weeks? Who's emptying out the jack-o-lanterns of their innards, toasting the pumpkin seeds for Scooby Snacks, and then carvi...

Large Pumpkin Carving party, where in Los Angeles (Hollywood) are they cheap?

by daintysharky 7 years ago

I am looking to purchase about 100 pumpkins and gourds of various sizes - is there anywhere in LA I can get them for better prices? Does the flower district have them this time of year, etc

10" Mundial mundial olivier anquier wood handled carving set

by Kj1025 7 years ago

Hi, I purchased this set at a good price, however it did not come with a presentation box to store it in. I contacted Mundial, who stated they do not make one for this knife make and size. ...

Chef's knife vs Carving knife vs Turkey.

by JuniorBalloon 8 years ago

I have a sharp, 8" Messermeister chefs knife. I love it and use it for almost everything in the kitchen. I've carved half a dozen turkeys with it and it does a good job. Is there any advantage to u...

Who's carving your turkey? Whats your method?

by glorypea 14 years ago

Nice article in todays Times food section (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/21/dining/21carv.html) about carving the bird. I was surprised and pleased to see that we already use the method they desc...

Fruit and vegetable carving - Broward or Ft Lauderdale

by buttacup79 8 years ago

Hi, Anywhere I can go to learn about fruit and vegtable carving in broward or fort lauderdale?

Wiseguy Pizza/Carving Board

by Marty L. 8 years ago

They're right next to one another in an area of town desperate for good lunch options. One is constantly crowded; the other sparsely attended of late. Which is precisely inverse to the quality an...

The Carving Board Deli

by thymetobake 9 years ago

Anybody know what they put in their egg salad? It's a pretty simple sandwich but I just can't duplicate it at home. I don't get out that way anymore. Think they make their own mayo?

Carving the turkey breast meat on the turkey tip of the day

by Puffin3 9 years ago

Position the turkey with the front facing away from you. Remove both wings. Hold the bird firmly with your left hand on top of the bird. Now with whatever very sharp knife that's suitable. (I use m...

Help finding this carving board or similar

by Jerseygirl111 9 years ago

I inherited this acrylic carving board from my parents. It is clear acrylic and now finally starting to crack. I love it because it is huge and has deep wells. It is perfect for carving roast chick...

Slicing/carving knife

by hobbess 10 years ago

What's your favorite slicing/carving knife? I spent all this time and effort in making a roast for a holiday dinner only to butcher it with a chef's knife. Afterwards, it felt like one of those ...

carving roast chicken

by lvsnyder 12 years ago

On this thread -- http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/650741 -- someone suggested Thomas Keller's roast chicken recipe (http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/My-Favorite-Simple-Roast-Chicken-23...

ISO a really good carving knife

by b.craftie 10 years ago

Just before Thanksgiving, my friend mentioned she needed a really good carving knife. I'm a vegetarian, and I simply don't know what type is best for turkey or roast. I'd like to get it as a gift...

New Carving Knife. Help!

by jfresch 10 years ago

I am looking at getting a new carving knife and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I am currently looking at the following: Wusthof Ikon Blackwood Hollow Edge Zwilling Cronidur ...

Watermelon Carvings - Competition season!

by HillJ 10 years ago

http://www.watermelon.org/Carvings/Carvings-Entertainment.aspx Every year the competition is overwhelmingly fierce! Why do I bother? Well, for starters the unexpected amount of humor...


by cheese chicky 11 years ago

Coming in April and MOM says she read about a "Vegas-style"buffet kinda near Torrance? Pasadena? Also anyone been to Noir wine and food bar?

Where to buy Oscar Mayer Carving Board meats?

by dolver 11 years ago

I had these while I was out of town recently and I have no idea where to find them. Preferably in the Hell's Kitchen area. Has anyone else seen these? http://www.kraftbrands.com/oscarmayer/car...

Pot Roast - Do You Let It Rest Before Carving?

by Philly Ray 11 years ago

Is it even necessary to pull it out of the pot and rest it for 10-15 minutes? The meat is already tender enough and if it comes out a little dry, just slap on more gravy.

Buying a Carving Fork-YYC

by Hart50 11 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy a good carving fork in Calgary? Thanks, Hart

How to evaluate a carving set?

by E_M 11 years ago

I found a 4-piece carving set in the depths of our dining room cabinets by a Japanese firm, Eldan. An image of the carving knife can be found here (from replacements.com): http://tinyurl.com/26bjqn...