Mena's Tex-Mex - Carrollton

by ibobi 14 years ago

Just wanted to put a good word in for Mena's Tex Mex in Carrollton at the corner of Trinity Mills and Marsh (SE corner). Great service along with wonderful food. Been 3 or 4 times this past year an...

Where to eat in and around Dallas when staying in Carrollton area?

by cakeluv 6 years ago

Hi, I'll be staying in the Carrolton area for four days for a wedding and would like to do a little site seeing and of course check out some really good places to eat. Is it best to make the tr...

Tex-Mex in Lewisville/Coppel/Carrollton area

by LewisvilleHounder 8 years ago

I have had several requests for Tex Mex places that I do like in this specific area I personally dine at Tipicos on Beltline just past Josey in Carrollton. Titpicos has been my cheap option for ...

Carrollton is getting a 99 Ranch Market

Carrollton Foodie
by Carrollton Foodie 8 years ago

Exciting news, 99 Ranch Market is coming to Carrollton: http://www.dallasnews.com/business/commercial-real-estate/headlines/20140410-carrollton-shopping-center-will-get-new-tenants-and-makeover.ec...

Good Pizza in S. Lewisville, Coppell, or N. Carrollton

by LewisvilleHounder 12 years ago

Can anyone give me a good recommendation of a quality place for pizza in the S. Lewisville (Vista Ridge Mall), N. Carrollton (Down to Sandy Lake) and Coppell area? I have a craving every so often ...

chicken fried steak in Carrollton or Lewisville

by mrsmustard 8 years ago

Please help a displaced Texan who is craving a chicken fried steak. In town on business for a couple of days and meeting family in the Lewisville or Carrollton area. Last time, we tried Babes but, ...

Looking for an American restaurant but elevated in W. Plano/Carrollton

by LewisvilleHounder 9 years ago

I am looking for the Whiskey Cake type place in W. Plano/Carrollton. Not willing to get dressed up. Just want a solid menu but well prepared food. I can only think of Whiskey Cake, Houston's a...

Spec's is opening a location in my neighborhood (Carrollton/Plano)

Carrollton Foodie
by Carrollton Foodie 9 years ago

Spec's is opening a location on Parker Rd. in the space formerly occupied by Majestic Liquor. I've been to the Plano location at Park and the Tollway and the larger location on 75. Love them! Gr...

Lal Qila Tandoor and Grill - Carrollton

by LewisvilleHounder 10 years ago

This was my first time to eat at this restaurant and I paid for my meal. Run down of Lal Qila: Atmosphere: Nicely decorated, new and clean. Definitely much better than Al Markaz. It has eno...

Sad News About Amici's Restaurant in Carrollton

by flomogal 11 years ago

http://www.dallasnews.com/news/community-news/carrollton-farmers-branch/headlines/20110309-fire-guts-popular-amici-signature-italian-restaurant-in-downtown-carrollton.ece ----- Amici 1022 S Broadw...

New Carl's Jr. in Carrollton

by Eddiehaskell7 11 years ago

Good news, Carl's Jr. just opened a new location in Carrollton, at Midway and Trinity Mills. If you haven't tried a Carl's Jr. Burger, you are in for a treat. They "Char Broil" the burger (not ...

Great news for Carrollton.

by Analisas mom 11 years ago

I just heard some great news. There is a new upscale bistro coming to Noth Carrollton Home of the fast food Mecca. The place is suppose to be upsacle dining at casual prices. Can't wait to actu...

Best coffee shop in the Carrollton/Dallas area - even if I have to drive 30 min.

by ginger7949 12 years ago

Looking for non-chain or small chain coffee with great variety and comfy setting. LOVED insomnia way back when I first moved here, but has since changed hands. Dunn Bros. is tolerable, they have ...

Looking for pho in Carrollton/Addison (and Thai too)

by scjohann 11 years ago

My favorite pho place at the corner of Belt Line and Josey closed up or at least changed their name. I really liked it because it was always dependable. I know there's a ton of Vietnamese restaur...

H-mart, New Asian Grocery Store in Carrollton

by utmemmom 14 years ago

Wanted to let the community know about a new Korean grocery store called H-mart in Carrollton at the intersection of Old Denton and George Bush that opened up mid-February. I believe it is part of...

Amici's in Carrollton

by Analisas mom 11 years ago

Went to Amici's last night with 3 friends to celebrate a birthday. I haven't been in a long time. Just wanted to say it was excellent. Chef Bartolino spent a lot of time with us explaining the n...

Amici's in Carrollton

by Analisas mom 11 years ago

Went to Amici's last night with 3 friends to celebrate a birthday. I haven't been in a long time. Just wanted to say it was excellent. Chef Bartolino spent a lot of time with us explaining the n...

Babe's Chicken Dinner House in Carrollton

by pplachno 13 years ago

We ate at Babe's last Sunday, and had the best time! The food was served family style, and they kept refilling all the sides as much as you wanted. Our server, Clarissa, was so friendly! Excel...

Paparazzi Pizza - Carrollton (DFW)

by scjohann 12 years ago

I've heard good things about Paparazzi Pizza in the DMN, Observer and D Magazine. I've been meaning to try it for awhile and finally decided to go last night. But they were closed at 6pm on a Sat...

Pizzarella (Carrollton [DFW])

by scjohann 13 years ago

Not a fancy place by any means. But this is as close to a neighborhood pizza place in the South Carrollton area. The food is always good and made with quality ingredients. I've been visiting f...