Carl's Jr.

Get a Free Beyond Meat Burger or Taco Today, Plus an In-Store Coupon

Have you tried the plant-based Beyond Burger yet? If not, today's your chance to do it for free. Several restaurants from coast to coast, including Carl's Jr. and Del Taco, will be giving away free...

Bring Back Carl's Jr Original French Fries from the early 80's

by aquascuba 14 years ago

Petition Carl's Jr to bring back the original French Fries from the early 80's. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, krinkle cut style.

Carls Jr natural Burger

by SIMIHOUND 7 years ago

Has anyone tried this burger yet? I went by looking for something new and found this burger. Its a straight up great burger with an old fashion flair and trimmings including a bit of mustard and sw...

Pull One Off for Carl's Jr./Hardee's?

by puzzler 7 years ago

Have you seen the new Carl's Jr./Hardee's TV ads for pull-apart cinnamon rolls inviting everyone to "pull one off." At least it's not Jack-in-the-Box.

Carl's Jr. Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders..they look so good!

Beach Chick
by Beach Chick 11 years ago

Anyone try them? Do they really look like they do on the TV commercial...gosh, I hope so! Served with an Asian sweet and sour dipping sauce.

The Game Day Burger @ Carl's Jr. .....I wish I Could Get One Here....

by fourunder 8 years ago

Boys...Thank me after......I present you Ms Katherine Webb, the newest spokesperson. http://swimdaily.si.com/2013/09/27/katherine-webbs-carls-jr-hardees/?xid=ob_blogs

Nachos and a taco at Green Burrito (same store offshot of Carl's Jr)

by keyroute 9 years ago

Don't know how widespread they are, but in some Carl's Jr locations here in the SF Bay Area have what's called Green Burrito--fast food Mexican in the same vein as Taco Bell and Del Taco. What p...

Carls Jr The Big Carl?

by malibumike 12 years ago

Anybody try the Carls Jr The Big Carl yet. It is a knock off of McD's Big mac but with twice the meat and cheese for 50 cents to a buck lower in price.

Hardee's vs. Carl's Jr.

by kengk 9 years ago

For some bizarre reason I have a craving for a Carl's Jr. burger. We have Hardee's here. From the late 70's through the early 80's a lot of Hardee's franchises started in little (pop. < 3,000...

Carl's Jr. 6 Dollar Burgers?

Gypsy Jan
by Gypsy Jan 10 years ago

We don't get out of Baja that often, but last week, we ate lunch at Carl;s. The Guacamole Bacon Burger was huge. I took 3/4 of it home and it was very good, reheated, the next day. Is the P...

Carl's Jr. Turkey Burgers

by blkery 10 years ago

I noticed an ad for these as I work next to a Carl's Jr. Three varieties @ 490 kcal: regular, guacomole, and teriyaki, supposedly designed in consultancy with Men's Health. I haven't had fast food ...

Carl's Jr. "Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders"

by GK in SO 10 years ago

So, has anyone tried these? How are they? Someone convince me to want to try them. Are they any better than the pre-fab frozen ones they make fun of in the commercials? In protest, I haven't st...

New Carl's Jr. in Carrollton

by Eddiehaskell7 11 years ago

Good news, Carl's Jr. just opened a new location in Carrollton, at Midway and Trinity Mills. If you haven't tried a Carl's Jr. Burger, you are in for a treat. They "Char Broil" the burger (not ...

Carl's Jr. whips out the new foot-long hamburger

by Firegoat 11 years ago

Have any of these shown up in your marketplace? http://foodbeast.com/content/2010/07/10/carls-jr-testing-a-footlong-cheeseburger/ And if it did, would you try it for $4? I suppose it is no...

Has anyone tried the chicken parmesan sandwich at Carl's Jr.?

by Enric 12 years ago

I rarely eat at Carl's Jr. mostly because there is only two in the entire central county where I live and i loathe their TV commercials and i am watching my weight but the chicken parm sandwich loo...

Padma & Carls Jr.

by Herm 12 years ago

Very interesting commercial. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8nJKa13sBo

Carl's Jr Yummy 99 cent Hamburger

by eartha 12 years ago

Wonderful experience at the Carl's I visitied......was on my way to the 2009 Homeless Count as a volunteer and stopped at the Carl's in Temple City before a long night out. Ordered the 99 cent bur...

Burgers - Carl's JR in Austin

by SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy 13 years ago

Hey, Long time, no post.....I know. That pesky thing called work (3 jobs currently) has prevented me from posting much in here as of late. But I simply had to make a quick post about my fav...

Why is Hardees so awful compared to Carl's Jr?

by aynrandgirl 13 years ago

I've eaten at Carl's Jr in CA and Hardees in FL. I liked the burgers and fries (especially the "criss-cut" fries) at Carl's Jr and hated the food at Hardees. Since they share ownership, what's up w...