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Seasoning a Carbon Steel Pan (De Buyer)

by DTats0311 6 months ago

Guys I'm obviously doing something wrong. I followed the instructions that De Buyer gave me... Didn't work. Then I di...


jawnn commented 1 month ago

Season to Sear

by DTats0311 5 months ago

I made a beautiful Fillet Mignon last night. Seasoned with salt and pepper and once seared, I threw In Garlic, butter...


MolonLabe762 commented 2 months ago

Carbon Steel Pan - How do you remove seasoning and start from scratch to remove old seasoning and starting anew?

by wendygr 2 months ago

Okay I have tried to season and reseason an carbon steel Pan. Think I didn't get all old wax off when new. However ...


wendygr commented 2 months ago

Must I trade my cast iron wok for carbon steel?

by CathleenH 4 years ago

Hello all, I have a cast iron wok. It is not a light Chinese model, but a huge, heavy flat-bottomed model. I ch...


BStat commented 2 months ago

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Carbon steel pan perfection? De Buyer Mineral B...

by CHSeifert 2 months ago

So I was dumping the idea of a carbon steel frying pan/skillet as it has to be seasoned to work well and can't be was...

Messed up my de Buyer

by iksopicso 3 months ago

Hi, I think I messed up my carbon steel pan. I've tried to seasoning it, but I used too much oil so it went uneven. ...

hallen_carina24 commented 3 months ago

Did I mess up seasoning my carbon steel pan?

by paullu 3 months ago

Just got done with round two of putting it in the oven at 500 for an hour, and when I took it out, it had some splotc...


alexrander commented 3 months ago

Need help with seasoning new wok -- tough plasticy coating?

by slopfrog 6 years ago

I've been having a hard time finding a carbon steel wok, but I got one at a discount store the other day. It's the J...


landingway commented 4 months ago

How to choose a carbon steel pan?

by SeaKoz 4 years ago

Hi Folks, I see lots of threads here about specific carbon steel pan brands but I'm wondering what I should look f...

DuffyH commented 4 months ago

Carbon steel seasoning keeps coming off

by avenka 1 year ago

My carbon steel pan seasoning keeps coming off like cheap paint. I've tried the method at the Vollrath video at this ...


MucousMembrane commented 4 months ago

De Buyer Mineral B Carbon steel 28cm pan tips ?

by CHSeifert 4 months ago

I just bought this pan for my father. Problem is he cooks bacon eggs and a tomato each day. I understand acids wi...

CHSeifert commented 4 months ago

Carbon steel seasoning oil uneven

by dctanner 4 months ago

I've previously seasoned my carbon steel pans with flaxseed oil but I've been having issues with flaking. I've been t...

DuffyH commented 4 months ago

Achilles heel of frying pans made in different materials - name them here

by CHSeifert 5 months ago

What do you feel is the achilles heel of the different materials frying pans are made of these days ? My take. ...

chickentender commented 4 months ago

Clean melted plastic stuff off a de buyer pan?

by spencerhurd 4 months ago

I bought my fiancé paid by her pan for her birthday, and then set it still in the package on the back burner with the...

mikie commented 4 months ago

Is it ok to use the my carbon steel wok just like this?

by chantysophia 4 months ago

I bought a carbon steel wok yesterday and decided to season it as required on the label attached to the wok. Unfortu...

justbeingpolite commented 4 months ago

Carbon Steel - Strop or Rod?

by euclid 6 years ago

So I have a Takeda Gyuto coming in the mail (super excited) The question is, should I use a leather strop or a rod...

MacGuffin commented 5 months ago

Carbon vs. Stainless Steel Fry Pans

by Brushy 4 years ago

I feel guilty for making this post because I worry I should be able to figure out the answer myself through searches,...


ChrisJM commented 5 months ago

New Carbon Steel Wok

by DeeDee2002 5 months ago

Hi I'm new here and need some help. I recently bought a new carbon steel wok (last week) and I'm working on the seaso...


travelerjjm commented 5 months ago

Confused about De Buyer Mineral Element B pan, is it iron or steel? greatly confused..

by certifiedhumane 5 years ago

Hey guys good afternoon. Well I ordered a De Buyer Mineral Element B fry pan from Amazon for Christmas because I want...


JayeDeete commented 5 months ago

Where does all the black stuff go?

by drjlm 5 months ago

Hi folks, So I bought a carbon steel pan last week and have to say that so far I've been delighted with the perfor...

thegforceny commented 5 months ago