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De Buyer Mineral B Carbon steel 28cm pan tips ?

by CHSeifert 8 days ago

I just bought this pan for my father. Problem is he cooks bacon eggs and a tomato each day. I understand acids wi...


MucousMembrane commented 1 day ago

Carbon steel seasoning oil uneven

by dctanner 12 days ago

I've previously seasoned my carbon steel pans with flaxseed oil but I've been having issues with flaking. I've been t...

DuffyH commented 2 days ago

Achilles heel of frying pans made in different materials - name them here

by CHSeifert 26 days ago

What do you feel is the achilles heel of the different materials frying pans are made of these days ? My take. ...

chickentender commented 14 days ago

Clean melted plastic stuff off a de buyer pan?

by spencerhurd 17 days ago

I bought my fiancé paid by her pan for her birthday, and then set it still in the package on the back burner with the...

mikie commented 16 days ago

Is it ok to use the my carbon steel wok just like this?

by chantysophia 20 days ago

I bought a carbon steel wok yesterday and decided to season it as required on the label attached to the wok. Unfortu...

justbeingpolite commented 20 days ago

Carbon Steel - Strop or Rod?

by euclid 6 years ago

So I have a Takeda Gyuto coming in the mail (super excited) The question is, should I use a leather strop or a rod...

MacGuffin commented 25 days ago

Carbon vs. Stainless Steel Fry Pans

by Brushy 4 years ago

I feel guilty for making this post because I worry I should be able to figure out the answer myself through searches,...


ChrisJM commented 27 days ago

New Carbon Steel Wok

by DeeDee2002 30 days ago

Hi I'm new here and need some help. I recently bought a new carbon steel wok (last week) and I'm working on the seaso...


travelerjjm commented 28 days ago

Confused about De Buyer Mineral Element B pan, is it iron or steel? greatly confused..

by certifiedhumane 5 years ago

Hey guys good afternoon. Well I ordered a De Buyer Mineral Element B fry pan from Amazon for Christmas because I want...


JayeDeete commented 1 month ago

Where does all the black stuff go?

by drjlm 1 month ago

Hi folks, So I bought a carbon steel pan last week and have to say that so far I've been delighted with the perfor...

thegforceny commented 1 month ago

Just got a new Carbon steel pan. Should I return it?

by wisemanSSZ 2 months ago

Good day. I read a lot about Carbon Steel pans and, after reading about seasoning them etc decided to buy one. As a ...

Shrinkrap commented 1 month ago

Woking Dead?

by KungWok 1 month ago

Hello , I just bought a carbon steel wok and tried to season it and maybe I shouldn't have done it.... The bott...


KungWok commented 1 month ago

Seasoning a Carbon Steel Pan (De Buyer)

by DTats0311 3 months ago

Guys I'm obviously doing something wrong. I followed the instructions that De Buyer gave me... Didn't work. Then I di...


srdeo commented 1 month ago

Dating vintage Henckels carbon steel chef knife

by carnicero 3 years ago

Pics here: Found at a second hand store and wondering if anyone could help me date and/or...


hilliage commented 1 month ago

De Buyer carbon steel pan - soap cleaning ?

by CHSeifert 1 month ago

I know soap and carbon steel is not the optimum combination. But I would like to try and cook with one of the De B...


ChrisJM commented 1 month ago

Solidteknics Aus-Ion Satin Finish

by Libranflight 2 months ago

I had won one of their satin finish 30cm woks and it just arrived about 2 hours ago - WOW!!!! In the oven to start s...


Libranflight commented 1 month ago

Season to Sear

by DTats0311 2 months ago

I made a beautiful Fillet Mignon last night. Seasoned with salt and pepper and once seared, I threw In Garlic, butter...

hill food commented 2 months ago

What carbon steel should I get?

by Conundrums 2 months ago

I read that carbon steel was better for pizza than the baking stones or thicker steels. And I had a cheap thin carbon...

DuffyH commented 2 months ago

Help Seasoning De Buyer Mineral Fry Pans

by jljohn 5 years ago

So I just received a set of De Buyer Mineral frying pans in the mail today and set out to season them. I followed th...

DuffyH commented 2 months ago

Is the De Buyer Mineral B Country Pan a good fit for me?

by badgerboyng 3 months ago

I'm a college student, and I'm looking for a versatile pan. I'm willing to shell out the money for a De Buyer Country...

drrayeye commented 3 months ago