Carbon Steel

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Why I still use Non Stick pans and feel OK about it....I know this is a sensitive topic

by CHSeifert 18 days ago

I perfectly understand the desire to put less strain on the environment by using pans, that will last a lifetime instead of non stick pans, that you WILL have to throw out at some stage. I also...

Non stick Carbon steel pans - not so non stick after all LOL

by CHSeifert 2 months ago

I laughed when I saw J Kenji Lopez-Alt do his frittata in a De Buyer Carbon steel pan - he's a very good chef as far as I know. We can all make mistakes, even skilled chefs - but I lauhed out lo...

Mitigating oxidation transfer?

by Eiron 3 months ago

I was talking with a customer and he mentioned that he uses a carbon steel "chopper"-style knife for charcuterie presentation, but that he's having trouble with transfer of oxidation from the knife...

De Buyer Mineral B Steak pans - thin gimmick crap

by CHSeifert 3 months ago

I’ve now cooked with these De Buyer Mineral B Steak pas for some time and I fail to see any kind of benefit to them over my regular De Buyer Mineral B Pro pans. On the back of the two De Buyer ...

Knifemares #2 - the Rustic Chinese Cleaver!

by Eiron 3 months ago

This was another unbelievable situation. This time, it was damage from misuse rather than damage created by a ham-fisted so-called "sharpening specialist." The owner said her 12 yr old daughter had...

Ballarini carbon steel frying pans?

by CHSeifert 4 months ago

Anyone tried these carbon steel pans from Ballirini? How thick are they? They’re rivetless. Cheers, Claus

Induction transition planning - equipment and end use Qs

by Russett 4 months ago

First post, but having spent weeks poring over the archives here, I'm so grateful to have found such an incredible group of folks and treasure trove of valuable input. Context: US-based, family of...

How to Season My Carbon Steel Skillet?

by obillo 5 months ago

We had a gas leak in our building and it took a year to fix. Now the gas is back on and I crave opinions on the best way to season my Matfer B carbon skillet, which Amazon shipped to me exactly one...

De Buyer Mineral B Steak pans

by CHSeifert 6 months ago

So I Just receved my two De Buyer MIneral B steak pans. They are a good deal lighter than my other 4 De Buyer MIneral B Pro frying pans and they are definitely a tad lower, so the steam really c...

Carbon Steel Pan - How do you remove seasoning and start from scratch to remove old seasoning and starting anew?

by wendygr 4 years ago

Okay I have tried to season and reseason an carbon steel Pan. Think I didn't get all old wax off when new. However I don't know how to remove the old seasoning, so the pan is pristine when i begi...

40CM Saute FryPan

by mobiledynamics 7 months ago

Going to pull the gun on this unless someone has a different option.... I thought I was done buying cookware but I have added 5 more pieces in the last year... There have been times where I w...

How do you season the wall of a Carbon steel pan?

by recklessgardener 7 months ago

I have a debuyer country frying pan, I got it because of how deep it is, seems to be a very versatile piece. I am able to get a decent seasoning on the bottom(flat cooking surface), but the seasoni...

Why I don’t use a carbon steel wok... and never will do so

by CHSeifert 7 months ago

So I gave my father a De Buyer Mineral B carbon steel wok recently. He already owns 3 other De Buyer carbon steel pans and I own 5 De Buyer Mineral B carbon steel frying pans. Experience 4+ yea...

Uneven searing in overpriced ECI pans from Staub & Le Creuset - show us examples

by CHSeifert 9 months ago

I would like to hear your experiences with uneven heating and searing using your overpriced garbage ECI pans from Staub & Le Creuset. I’m not a huge fan of ECI vessels, in fact I prefer stainle...

Another CS seasoning question

by MartinG 8 months ago

I have two very nicely seasoned carbon steel pans, almost totally smooth black. But what will happen in the future? If the seasoning slowly builds up by cooking, does it slowly gets thicker and thi...

Your most used carbon steel pan - what is it and let’s see it :-)

by CHSeifert 7 months ago

I just added three De Buyer Mineral B Pro carbon steel pans to my collection. Just as backups :-) This got me thinking. What’s my currently most used carbon steel pan ? It’s my De Buyer Min...

Reactive pans and wine pan sauce? Hidden excuse for 2.5 copper VS ECI battle

by CHSeifert 9 months ago

Do you make pan sauces with wine often ? Do you sear your steaks in a raw cast iron pan or a carbon steel pan first before deglazing to make the pan sauce ? Then let me know if you ever have tr...

Is Metalic Titanium a Good Material for Cookware?

by SamCurt 2 years ago

Before I start the discussion, I'd like to clarify one thing: throughout this post the word "titanium" refers to more or less pure (95%+ purity) titanium that looks and acts like a metal. I'm not t...

Who makes the thickest carbon steel frying pans?

by CHSeifert 10 months ago

I already own a duo of De Buyer Mineral B Pro carbon steel frying pans for searing steaks. They are 3.2 mm thick (24 cm frying pan) and 3.5 mm thick (28 cm frying pan) I’m now looking to get the...

The different De Buyer Carbon steel lines confuse me - can you help?

by CHSeifert 9 months ago

I’ve now written to De Buyer two times via their website in my broken English. No reply yet and I wrote my first question weeks ago. I’m looking to get the thickest possible De Buyer Carbon...