Cape Cod

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German Sausages

by artichokeann 3 months ago

Where can you buy german sausages and other German specialties on Cape Cod?

Fall trip to Provincetown, Cape Cod...

by gutreactions 5 months ago

Heading up to Provincetown for a good week in early fall. Need good food and dining recs. What to visit, too. It's be...


gutreactions commented 4 months ago

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Chatham MA: Service at Bluefins and Bistro on Main?

by marcia2 6 months ago

We go to Cape Cod every August and always stay in Chatham. We liked Vinings and ate there several times over the y...

Good eats between BOS and Duxbury or Plymouth

by amasciola 7 months ago

Hi Chowhounds, I scored tickets to Outstanding in the Field at Island Creek Oysters in early September, so we're dri...


addiez commented 7 months ago

Cape Cod July 2017 Summary

by mangorita 7 months ago

I live just south of Boston with my family and we venture to the Cape each summer. It's my husband and I plus my 2 s...

Berheenia commented 7 months ago

Chatham / Cape Cod

by haa 8 months ago

Heading to Cape Cod next week, staying in Chatham. We will have a toddler and baby with us but are fine with eating a...


kara2006 commented 8 months ago

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Ginja, cherry liquer from Obidos. Where is it sold?

by chefdaddyo 12 months ago

Spent ten days in Portugal a few months ago. Really good time. Stayed one night in Obidos, a walled town. The real...

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Cape Sea Grille

by artcampb 1 year ago

Just got back from dinner at the Cape Sea Grille in Harwich Port, We had a wonderful meal. The service, however, was ...

Wellfleet Higher End Dining in October

by Kat 1 year ago

Greetings - I am looking for suggestion of places for dinner in Wellfleet when we are there in early October for a fe...

Kat commented 1 year ago

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Ptown/Cape review

by Joanie 1 year ago

Spent last Sat/Sun. in Ptown for the first time in a long time. Actually started with a nice breakfast sandwich at th...

Casual favorites?

by anotherjennifer 1 year ago

We go to Cape Cod for a week every August and by this time of the summer there are usually many, many Cape Cod posts....


stephen201 commented 1 year ago

Wellfleet breakfast

by jimp 1 year ago

I've posted about Laura & Tony's in the past, but not recently. Hands down the best breakfast on the Cape. Small-ba...


jimp commented 1 year ago

Kid Friendly in Harwich?

by mla19 1 year ago

First time to Cape Cod in a long time and staying at the Wequesset. Any suggestions on great eats with our 4.5 and 2....


sr44 commented 1 year ago

Road trip from Maine to Cape Cod. What should I eat?

by samreich 1 year ago

I'm a food lover and New England native who now lives on the West Coast. In about a month or so, I'll be taking a roa...


nlgardener commented 1 year ago

Boston/Cape Cod for the First Time

by Meggers12 1 year ago

**Update: Thanks for the encouragement to get our rooms booked, given the long weekend! We're staying in Boston Thurs...


sr44 commented 1 year ago

Food on The Cape

by Curious Chef 2 years ago

Heading down for a few days, just to get away. Will be based in W. Yarmouth, but willing to travel for great eats, s...


Curious Chef commented 1 year ago

Dinner around Chatham

by exBurrito 2 years ago

We'll be in Chatham for a few nights in May, looking for a great restaurant while we're there. First time for both of...

CapeCodGuy commented 2 years ago

Cape Cod

by CapeCodGuy 2 years ago

I've had a few very nice meals on the Cape this winter. Standouts would be Portside Tavern in Hyannis and Pecorino Ro...

CapeCodGuy commented 2 years ago

REAL NE Chowder - NOT THICK MUCK - Cape Cod

by Bob Methelis 17 years ago

Dissenters are welcome, but should not be believed. REAL NE chowders come in three flavors - clam, fish and corn. ...

DonShirer commented 2 years ago