Canola Oil

Two Common Kitchen Items Can De-Grease Your Favorite Shirt (Or Tablecloth)

No use crying over spilled ghee...or olive oil—here's to to get grease and oil out of your shirt, tablecloth, or kitchen towels. We’ve all done it. You’re whipping up a vinaigrette and get a little...

Deep frying with Canola Oil

by wishesforsale 14 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if I were to be deep frying with 100% pure canola oil at home, would the oil eventually generate trans fat? What if I reused this oil to deep fry again as well? Thanks

Canola Oil -- do you detect any "fishiness" or funky smell/taste? YEA OR NAY?

by alkapal 8 years ago

Here is your chance to weigh in on this very important topic! I'm asking purely about the aesthetics, not the politicization/science aspect (GMO type issues). So, please, if you have no problem...

Canola oil rainbow effect when heating?

by violet42 6 years ago

Hello! I was wondering if this was normal, and couldn't find answers elsewhere on the Internet. I've been searing fish in a Calphalon nonstick skillet with a little canola oil. When I put the cano...

Storing deep frying oil

by randyjl 9 years ago

I just bought my second deep fryer in 40 years. I got the Tfal (Emeril) model that comes apart, drains and stores the oil and most of the parts go in the dishwasher. So far, I am very pleased with ...

All purpose non GMO oil for sauteeing

by sueatmo 8 years ago

I've used canola oil for a long time for sauteeing. I've used extra virgin olive oil for decades for salads. One of my adult kids has given me a hard time about using canola. So now I need to buy s...

Rancid (slightly) oil -- still usable?

by slacker 15 years ago

I have a large bottle of canola oil that just turned rancid. I'm wondering if it's actually bad for your health to consume rancid oil, or is it only a bad smell without ill health effects? Just t...

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