Canola Oil

9 Foods That Have Been Renamed So You Actually Want to Eat Them

Chinese gooseberry, anyone? The idea of eating any type of fruit named after a mean bird that poops a lot is certainly off-putting, which is why you'd be unsurprised to learn that the Chinese Gooseberry...

Deep frying with Canola Oil

by wishesforsale 12 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if I were to be deep frying with 100% pure canola oil at home, would the oil eventually generate trans fat? What if I reused this oil to deep fry again as well? Thanks

Canola Oil -- do you detect any "fishiness" or funky smell/taste? YEA OR NAY?

by alkapal 6 years ago

Here is your chance to weigh in on this very important topic! I'm asking purely about the aesthetics, not the politicization/science aspect (GMO type issues). So, please, if you have no problem...

Canola oil rainbow effect when heating?

by violet42 4 years ago

Hello! I was wondering if this was normal, and couldn't find answers elsewhere on the Internet. I've been searing fish in a Calphalon nonstick skillet with a little canola oil. When I put the cano...

Storing deep frying oil

by randyjl 7 years ago

I just bought my second deep fryer in 40 years. I got the Tfal (Emeril) model that comes apart, drains and stores the oil and most of the parts go in the dishwasher. So far, I am very pleased with ...

All purpose non GMO oil for sauteeing

by sueatmo 6 years ago

I've used canola oil for a long time for sauteeing. I've used extra virgin olive oil for decades for salads. One of my adult kids has given me a hard time about using canola. So now I need to buy s...

Rancid (slightly) oil -- still usable?

by slacker 13 years ago

I have a large bottle of canola oil that just turned rancid. I'm wondering if it's actually bad for your health to consume rancid oil, or is it only a bad smell without ill health effects? Just t...

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