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15 Canning Tips for Complete Beginners

If you're trying your hand at canning for the first time this year, you're not alone. While it's not quite as tricky as creating a sourdough starter, there are some important things to keep in mind...

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Canning Peaches

by susansgarden 4 years ago

While I'm on a roll with making mistakes........... I thought I better reach out to see if there is anything special I need to know about canning peaches in honey water -

Re-Processing Canned Salsa

by susansgarden 4 years ago

I cooked and canned salsa yesterday. I would like to add more tomatoes for color. Can I empty the jars, add tomatoes, re-cook and reprocess?

urgent: canning question (I may need to reprocess jars I just made)

by chloe103 14 years ago

Newbie canner here, in need of some guidance. I just made a batch of meyer lemon curd (yay!), and processed it in a water bath canner. The lids seem sealed down (they popped, and won't lift off t...

Where to buy bulk canning tomatoes in NJ?

by drdavidge 4 years ago

Hey, my family is from Italy and we have a tradition of canning (plum) tomatoes once a year in August to make sauce for the entire year. We go through and cook / jar 15-20 bushels of tomatoes in on...

Leftover Tomato Juice From Hot Pack Tomatoes

by Caiatransplant2 4 years ago

Hi all. I went through my garden and picked a bunch of tomatoes, followed guidelines for hot pack and canned them. I am left with about 2-3 jars of juice in the pan and am wondering what to do wi...

Pickling Vinegar 7%

by boratini 4 years ago

I have a new pickling book that has recipes requiring 7% acidity vinegar. I have been searching all sources here in the Northeast (Maine) and online with no luck. Does anyone know where I can order...

Canning pickles- 5% vs 7%?

by Smorgasbord 10 years ago

So I'm brand spankin' new to canning, and I'm starting with the safety of pickles. Most recipes call for regular 5% white vinegar, but I ended up with a bunch of 7% pickling vinegar because a few ...

Tomato relish, too vinegary!

by bluebean 5 years ago

I'm new to canning and just tried a batch of tomato relish and it's super vinegary! I have already sealed them but is there something I can do to fix it, I can pop the seals. The recipe doesn't sa...

Looking for people in the Toronto area who do Pressure Canning

by Fiz 4 years ago

I have just bought a Presto 23 quart Pressure Canner. I am looking for a 2-3 hour Pressure Canning class. Anyone experienced enough to teach the basics ? Anyone else interested in being a pupil?

Processing pickles at 3400'?

by corpkid 4 years ago

Made my first dozen quarts of pickles ever, trying to replicate the McClure's Spicy ones and it didn't work out so well. First, the pickles are way too salty. Second, they are quite mushy, and I e...

Question about canning safety

by NonnieMuss 4 years ago

I'm in about my third year of canning - mostly jams, pickles, and salsa so far, but I have a soup recipe I'd love to make in bulk and preserve. Does anyone know of a resource I could use to determ...

Re-canning commercial dill pickles

by caiatransplant 4 years ago

Hi All. I needed a 1 gallon jar for a limoncello project and couldn't find one that was a full gallon, so bought a gallon container of Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Pickles with the idea that I could cut ...

Canning question

by kydds4kids 5 years ago

I made homemade turkey soup and want to know if I can can the leftovers, but I don't know how or where to ask the question. Can you help me, please?

Garlic-free zucchini preserves?

by beagles8mydough 5 years ago

I have a bounty of zucchini and very much want to preserve as much as I can. I will blanche and freeze some and will make a couple loaves, but I'd like to can some as well. I saw zucchini spread me...

Pepper jelly

by JeannieB50 5 years ago

Sometimes my pepper jelly is too thin. Could it be from chopping peppers in FP? Or could it be from not boinging long enough?

Beginner's Guide to Canning?

by ilikepotatoes 5 years ago

I want to give out apple sauce for Christmas. I've read a few PDFs that say I need a pressure cooker and need to know the PH level of apple sauce. This seems kinda weird to me because I have read...

Jar and lid options for canning jams & jellies

by raccoonmario 5 years ago

Are there any other good jar and lid options for canning jams and jellies? I've been using the 8oz Ball & Kerr jars with 2-piece lids for a few years and am looking for something more plain, possib...

Autumn chutney

by dsandra 5 years ago

Looking for a recipe from Bon Appetit in the 80's for "Autumn Chutney" or autumn fruit chutney, I remember pears, i think apples and it had one peach, sultanas, brown sugar, vinegar, and made 8jar...

Vodka Sauce Canning?

by juliaaax2 5 years ago

I've searched high and low for a way to can my homemade vodka sauce, and all I've seen is that dairy cannot be home canned. So here's my question: how are we able to buy vodka sauce at the grocery ...