Canned Soup

Nutritionists’ Picks for the Best & Worst Canned Foods to Stock Your Pantry

With a pandemic forcing us all to cook more often from pantry staples and non-perishable stores, canned food has probably never been more popular. But what's the best canned food to stock from a nutritional...

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Favorite Canned Soup(s)

by crt 12 years ago

Not sure it this topic has been visited so I thought I'd throw it out there. One of my all time favorites is Anderson's Split Pea. Its creamy consistency and wonderful flavor really satisfies m...

Recombinant Cuisine and What Do You Do With Canned Soup?

by hannaone 7 years ago

Inspired by the two discussions referenced in this posts title, I brought back a favorite dish from my early cooking days - Mushroom, Sausage, and Egg Gravy over Biscuits. Ingredients 1 ca...

How can "Good" Brand Canned Soups Taste So BAD?

by GretaKirstin 8 years ago

Today is chilly out...I thought a quick bowl of soup would cheer up 103 yr old Anna...Progresso's Clam Chowder...ugh! I would not feed it to a dog!! Why do all manner of soups from a can just ta...

Canned Soup (sold at stores)

by FelafelBoy 11 years ago

Most canned soup sold at stores tastes watery, overcooked, too salty, and in need of additional fresh ingredients. I normally add fresh ingredients to Progresso brand Lentil soup and turn it int...

Are there any decent canned soup brands/flavors?

by missmodular818 13 years ago

Hey fellow chowhounders. I'm starting to get a cold and as much as I live off of Wonton Soup or Congees when I am sick, I cannot always pick up or make my own soup. Sometimes a girl needs some Nyqu...

Favorite Canned Soup

by Earl 15 years ago

I have never really enjoyed canned soup but, maybe it is because I have always chosen the worste of the bunch Please tell me which one is Your FAv!

Duncan Heinz Canned Soups?

by Dennis 17 years ago

Hello, I'm hoping that somebody here can help me settle a bet. Once upon a time, did Duncan Heinz, Inc., manufacture and sell an entire line of canned soups, like Cambpell's? I grew up in the...

Seeking Canned Soup That's Good Food

by Lindsay B. 18 years ago

Tonight, I took one bite of Progresso minestrone and threw the rest out. (I hate wasting food, but I hate wasting /meals/ even more.) Canned soup always seems like a good idea, but I'm always dis...

canned soup

by maya 19 years ago

i usually consider progresso to be the gold standard for canned soups--especially pea, chickarina, some of the pasta soups, ect. but i just ate the MOST disappointing bowl of progresso chicken b...

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