Canned Fish

Everything You Didn’t Know About Chicken of the Sea, as Not Told by Jessica Simpson

When you hear the brand name “Chicken of the Sea,” what comes to mind? For some, it’s nostalgia; for others, it’s simply the name of their preferred brand of canned tuna. To a third group, it represents...

Recommended canned fish brands in Peru?

by omartin 8 days ago

Does anybody have any knowledge about any local canned fish brands, anchovies, sardines? thank you!

Nuri Sardines

by psychspirit 1 month ago

I've been searching for a store in Toronto that sells these Portugese sardines. Has anyone seen them? I've googled and what comes up are some importer website but their updates are a couple years o...

What the heck do I do with smoked oysters?!

by punkgrrl25 6 years ago

My mother in law was staying with us over the holidays and after she left I discovered that I am now the proud owner of a can of smoked oysters. For Christmas Eve she put them out in a bowl with cr...

What to do with Tuna packed in veg oil?

by schoenick 13 years ago

My husband inadverently purchased four cans of tuna packed in vegtable oil instead of water. Anyone have any ideas what I could do with it? thanks

How come my tuna fish never tastes as good as sandwich shops?

by Flynn 17 years ago

I feel a bit silly asking but it's true; when I make tuna fish sandwiches, they just aren't as tasty. I usually buy Bumble Bee tuna in veg. oil. I drain most of the oil, mash the tuna and add a lit...

Any Ideas on Canned Fish - Sardines, Smoked Oysters, Mackerel, Etc.?s

by TheBigLeChowski 2 years ago

I've only in very recent years come to discover and love canned seafood. Smoked oysters were my first love....I can eat them plain, or on crackers with maybe a bit of salt and mustard and maybe hot...

American Tuna Is Having a Sale

by Libranflight 1 year ago

I know this is not cookware, but American Tuna is having a sale on their canned salmon, which I did not even know they had. I love this company because they pole fish and test for mercury. I ju...

Agromar Cogotes de Bonito del norte en aceite de oliva

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

As one who loves everything about tuna ventresca (belly) except the price, I'm delighted to discover recently cogotes (neck collar cuts). The neck collar has long smooth muscle for a silky texture ...

Any canned tuna like "TunaGuys' Spanish-Style Yellow-Fin Tuna"?

by SaigonGrilled 3 years ago

Many long, delicious years ago TunaGuys.net sold a canned tuna called "Spanish-Style Yellow-Fin Tuna." It was packed in the Philippines, was packed in spicy olive oil, had a bay leaf, and was very...

Canned Shrimp - whats your opinion?

by borisabrams 4 years ago

Hi, I dont know if its relatively new or I have just not noticed before (more likely the latter), but I have been seeing a lot of canned shrimp. In particular, the Wild Pacific Brand. How do the...

Eggplant stuffed with tuna and bulgur

by LakaKuharica 2 years ago

Canned tuna and bulgur are used to make the classic stuffed aubergine dish lighter and healthier. Servings: 4 Total time: 45 min Prep time: 15 min Cook time: 30 min Ingredients:...

Wild Planet's Wild Yellowtail Fillets in EVOO

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Tried out Wild Planet's Wild Yellowtail Fillets in extra virgin olive oil. The taste was quite mild, almost bland, and the oil itself had little olive oil taste. Texture was firm, verging on rubber...

Wahoo - chunk style Ono

by sku 15 years ago

Got myself a can of the much prized Van Camp's Wahoo, once only available in Samoa, now on sale in Hawaii. Does anyone have any experience with this stuff. Should I treat it as I would canned tun...

What do you do with canned salmon? Not salmon patties.

by worktime 8 years ago

I want to add more salmon to my diet - canned is the cheapest and most convenient way to go. I'm looking for suggestions, I make salmon patties sometimes but would like some other suggestions.

Sardines in oil vs tomato sauce

by glify 3 years ago

Just had the olive oil packed sardines and I wish I could never go back. But I eat 2 cans a day and the oil ones are just too costly. ($4 for 2 where I live, vs $0.60) If I buy the cheap tomato ...

Canned salmon recipes

by femmevox 3 years ago

I have one for salmon croquettes that I love. But what else can one do? I'm not a big fan of salmon salad.

Cabo de Peñas Light Tuna Ventresca (Belly Filets)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Cabo de Peñas brand tuna from Spain is a new item at Corti Brothers in Sacramento since my last visit to the supermarket. I can always rely on this iconic retailer to suss out the good stuff. I pic...

Chicken of the Sea VS Starkist

by Talifan133 5 years ago

I haven't eaten Chicken of the sea in years and have always been a Starkist fan. I recently came into a large supply of Chicken of the sea (in water) and want to know how they add up. Do they taste...

Favorite Canned Tuna: brand and best place to buy it

by carnivore1964 10 years ago

I am looking for a good quality canned tuna that won't break the bank which will be good for a light tuna salad. Which one do you reccomend? Where can I buy it? Are there any good bargains arou...

Can we talk about canned salmon?

by Ngal 13 years ago

I love the idea of canned salmon as a better alternative to tuna for salads. But every time I've bought it (multiple brands) it comes skin-on with large bones in (the spine I believe). By the time ...