2020 Advent Calendars Are Already Here (and Filled With Chocolate, Cheese, Wine & Beer)

The best advent calendar hinges on your personal taste, but if you prioritize food and drink, these 2020 advent calendars—full of everything from cheese and chocolate to wine and beer—are all delicious...

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St. Louis Candy Store

by Meatloaf2006 13 years ago

Looking for the name of a candy store in St. Louis. (I know--big town!) Don't know if they even exist anymore. Years ago (back in the '60's) my Dad used to travel to St. Louis and bring candy back...


by aycee 5 years ago

I was in Victoria a couple of weeks ago and purchased a candy called aplets&cotlets. They were delicious and I would like more but can't remember where I purchased them. Can anybody help?

Flavoring Sugar for Cotton Candy

by shimmer20 5 years ago

Hi All, I am looking to make organic cotton candy. Any suggestions on extracts that I can mix with sugar to put in my cotton candy machine? Thanks

Carolina Crisp Peanut Bars

by rockycat 5 years ago

Has anybody seen these in Raleigh lately? I've been in touch with the manufacturer and they tell me that they currently aren't in production due to moving the equipment. They didn't mention, thou...

Skor Bits Bars? Help with question on Ritz Crackers in it.

by lexpatti 12 years ago

Below is the recipe which I've had and is sooo awesome. When cooled, the cook put cream cheese frosting on top and sprinkled with more bits. Question: - I have a larger then normal box of ritz ...

Toronto's best caramels

by apple_pie 6 years ago

While recently in Paris, I stumbled upon the most heavenly caramels I've ever had in my life at Jacques Genin in the Marais district. These were like no other caramel I've had before - buttery and ...

Lee Ann's Fine Toffee

by chispa_c 5 years ago

Hello, I used to buy Lee Ann's Fine Toffee at the Austin Christmas Affair a few years ago. They were based in Phoenix. Does anyone know about this company? I can't find a website so they may hav...

Japanese Candy

by cheesymama 5 years ago

My 9 year old has become obsessed with Japanese candy after visiting the Japan pavilion at Epcot. I thought it would be fun to take her out shopping for some now that we're home. I just don't kno...

Bulk Gummy Bears

by rockycat 5 years ago

Any ideas who can ship me ~4 lb. of gummy bears? I've tried City Nut & Candy. Their prices are great but their online ordering goes into a feedback loop and they won't return my phone calls. I'v...

Chocolee- Ethereal Artisinal Chocolates in the South End

by opinionatedchef 8 years ago

I just can't figure it- now that we have finally made it to, and been enraptured by, Lee Napoli's welcoming artisinal chocolate shop in the South End, why doesn't Chocolee get the CH love it deserv...

Remember this candy bar?

by stootz 13 years ago

I can't seem to find anyone who does. It's from the mid-late 1970's and is roughly the size and shape of a Wunderbar, except it's off-white in colour (white chocolate?). It's kind of crispy/chewy...


by Motosport 5 years ago

Just stopped at Wallgrens to pick up a RX. The Peep selection was amazing!! Blueberry Peeps, Apple Peeps, Strawberry Peeps, Sour Peeps, Bunny Peeps, Chick Peeps and on and on and on.. I bought t...

Candyfreak - where to find obscure candy bars?

by Alexandra 16 years ago

I just got done reading Candyfreak by Steve Almond (which you can purchase at Amazon.com through the link at www.chowhound.com/main.html, and in so doing give a donation to chowhound). It's a great...

Candied ginger in OC?

by Midlife 5 years ago

I used to buy it at Sprouts but they seem to have stopped carrying it (I think there was a scare about lead content?). Just bought some at Hadley's in Cabazon and could order more online but I thou...

Sees Candy

by elbows 6 years ago

Wondering where I can buy Sees locally, especially the peanut brittle. Looks like it is sold at Tyson's Corner Mall, but I'm wondering whether it is sold at locations closer to Arlington or DC. ...

Caramel candy did not set

by trolley 8 years ago

i made this recipe to a tee. i even have a new candy thermometer from Sur la Table. i don't think i skipped a beat with the process. it's now been 6+ hrs and the caramel is still gooey like thin nu...

Food/Candy that the U.S. has but Canada doesn't ?

by AlyssaJG 6 years ago

I have a friend that lives in Canada and I wanted to send her a package with some small gifts and some food/candy. I'm just curious as to what the United States has that Canada doesn't. Any answers...

Candy Popular In 1958?

by Jennalynn 12 years ago

My parents are about to celebrate their 50th Anniversary... and I thought it would be great to make gift bags for the party attendees filled with things from 1958. So I'm trying to find out what...

Y & S Licorice Pipes

by paulcol 10 years ago

Anyone know where I can find them. I bought the cigars at Bulk Burn, but I can't find the pipes. Candy Mountain doesn't have them. Are they still made? Thanks

Peanut brittle (sort of long, but please help!)

by pixellle 14 years ago

I tried making peanut brittle last night with very interesting but not entirely successful results. Maybe some candy experts can help. I looked up several recipes and was surprised to see very ...

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