Panuchos and other recommendations

by burgeoningfoodie 3 years ago

The reason I ask is that I'm going to the Peninsula for a wedding, but doubt I'll have time to eat anywhere off the grid. I'll be in Cancun for most of the stay (all inclusive) with an excursion/t...

Reservations for Noma Pop-Up in Mexico

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 4 years ago

Hello there, Due to the increase of threads about exchanging reservations for the Noma pop-up in Mexico, we have created this post dedicated to that purpose. We're closing and redirecting to thi...

How Was Noma Pop-Up Mexico?

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 4 years ago

We want to hear all about your dining experience in Noma pop-up Mexico. What dishes did you try? How was the atmosphere? What did or didn't blow your mind? Extra points if you share pictures!

Noma Mexico Reservations Avail

by astroboynam 5 years ago

I have these spots avail: 2 seats April 29 4 seats May 25 4 seats May 28 please email me namhuynh@gmail.com or text +1 832-786-8689 transactions can be private or through tock or cash in H...

Cancun: Large Group Dinner

by cbryant6 5 years ago

Hi everyone- I'll be in Cancun in a few weekends with about 10 people. We're doing the resort thing, but I think everyone will be interested in getting off the resort and trying a good local restau...

Tulum Restaurant Recs

by mrnas 5 years ago

I am staying in Akumal (30 mins from Tulum) at an all-inclusive in late December. Will probably venture out for a couple of dinners just to mix it up. Tulum is about 30 mins from where we are sta...

Ramona in cancun

by eileenbf 6 years ago

This has to now be the best restaurant in the Cancun area. The hotel/restaurant itself is beautiful. A great place for a romantic or special occasion meal, or an any occasion meal if you are a foo...


by cancunkosher 9 years ago

I am the owner of a kosher restaurant in Cancun. But beside us, there are many options for kashrus here. I am from Mexico city. When I got here I was pleasantly surprise at all the kosher options t...

Best of the Cancun Hotel Zone

by mla19 7 years ago

Hello! Visiting Cancun next month with two other couples, and each of our three year old daughters. My husband and I love food but we'll be limited here between the young kids and the fact that the...

Cancun Update - January 2014

by njkosher 8 years ago

Just got back from Cancun. We told them we had food and they checked us. Friends of ours told them the same and were not checked. Another couple had all their cooked food taken away. They check...

Cancun February 1 for eight days staying in time share with no food plan...where to eat?

by hychka 7 years ago

The search function using "Cacun" is helpful, but I'd appreciate some up to date info and maybe some specifics about our first week in February. We like just about any food, except organs and seafo...

Good Cheap Food in Cancun: All-Inclusive or Hotel?

by SeattleMonkey 7 years ago

I will be spending 10 days on the Yucatan peninsula and need to decide on where to stay. I'm a bargain hunter and love hunting for quality inexpensive "local" spots or street food. I'm thinking...

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