Canadian Whisky

How to Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is arguably the most American holiday, even eclipsing the showier 4th of July patriotism-palooza. That's in no small part due to the fact that the holiday has come to be synonymous with...

Really Old Canadian Club (1973)

by keykey 13 years ago

Okay, so while I enjoy whisky and scotch, I don't know as much about the subjects as I'd like. I have an old bottle of Canadian Club whisky that I inherited from my Grandma's (RIP) collection of v...

Canadian Whisky

by Sami7 5 years ago

What makes Canadian Whisky more lighter tasting and smoother compare to other types of whiskeys

Canadian Whisky

by sakeandgin 8 years ago

Will be in canada this week. Whisky is expensive there and Canadian whisky is usually cheaper in US. Is there something not exported that I should seek out?

Canadian whisky for Manhattans?

by ConsApi 8 years ago

I recently read an article about the Manhattan cocktail in which the author stated that if the bar you're in doesn't have rye, you could order it made with Canadian Club, and the result should be ...

advice on Canadian whiskey??

by Meann 9 years ago

We're heading for Newfoundland in a couple of weeks. Any advice on what we should be drinking would be welcome. Thanks!

Irish vs Canadian whisky

by stilton 11 years ago

Is Canadian whisky that much different in flavor from Irish whiskey? I don't drink, so I normally don't keep much alcohol on hand, but want to make a batch of whiskey-laced frosting for some Guinne...

Rye vs. Canadian Whiskey

by almansa 12 years ago

This is a response to an earlier post of mine wrongly equating the two. True, we Canadians call Canadian whiskey "rye," but apparently that's just a bit of nostalgia talking. T'was a time when Cana...

Warm Whiskey Sour?

by David A. 17 years ago

Last night I made myself a drink that really hit the spot on a cold evening: Canadian whiskey, lemon, sugar, and hot water. Does this drink have a name, or -- as seems unlikely -- did I invent it. ...

Canadian Whiskey

by brookmonton 17 years ago

I'm looking for a particular brand of Canadian Whiskey. It's called Gibson's Finest Rare. It's not the Gibson's Finest in either the Gold or Silver label bottle; it's the one where the label of e...

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