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7 Foil Packet Meals That Are Perfect for Camping (Or Your Own Backyard)

If you're going camping—or even just firing up the grill in your own backyard for Labor Day—foil packets are a great way to cook your food over the flames (and they're pretty great in the oven too...

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super easy camping recipes

by melon 15 years ago

We're finally going camping!!! I'm sure we'll have the park all to ourselves on Memorial Day Weekend. I've never really gone beyond hot dogs in my camping cooking attempts. Any recommendations for...

camping dinner ideas?

by WJ 15 years ago

I'm doing a potluck dinner while camping this weekend and needs some ideas for a main dish that can be made on a camp stove. Grilling needs too much attention, so I'd rather avoid it. In the past...

1 Week Camping in Northwest NM

by SuzyQ 15 years ago

My fella and I are planning a trip from Maine mid-May. Flying into Albuquerque, renting an SUV and spending a week+ hiking, camping and eating. I'm sure we'll do a little bit of Alb, Santa Fe and...

Good foods to last a weekend camping

by MV 15 years ago

Hi, Going camping tommorow arriving friday early evening leaving sunday mid morning. I will be in Joshua Tree NP CA, and i am wondering what are good things to bring while camping that will pro...

Dutch oven cooking- camping style

by chowchowchow 15 years ago

Looking for tried and true dutch oven recipes. I finally got a chance to use mine with charcoal- what a hoot! Camping was cancelled due to rain, but we cooked a la backyard; chicken stew and blu...

Good wok cooking over a camping stove--possible or not?

by Pia 15 years ago

Glass cooktops are easy to clean, but I can't do a good stir-fry on one. I'm dying to saute (deep fry, first) some black pepper crab, and make some char kway teow with a touch of char. Does anyon...

what to cook on a 2-day camping trip?

by jenna 16 years ago

Okay hounds, help me out here. My husband and I will be going on a camping trip over Labor Day weekend with some friends. I haven't camped since I was a little girl, and have no idea what to prep...

camping recipe ideas

by K.C. 16 years ago

Going camping, will have a camp fire to cook on as well as a coleman stove. Looking for some fun and interesting ideas. No fish please.

Camping in New Holland

by Injun Joe 16 years ago

Hi, everybody! I'm usually on the New England Forum, but we'll be camping in New Holland soon and wonder what the best places are in the region for all three meals. This question has probably been...

camping foods

by Ramon 17 years ago

Next month I'll be staying in a back woods shack way up in the UP for a week -- no electricity or running water. I'm looking for interesting chow to bring that will satisfy my finicky pallette yet ...

Single Pot Camping Meals

by kms 17 years ago

Any great suggestions for tasty one or two pot camping meals? We'll be car camping, so plenty of access to bags of canned/jarred goods, spices, veggies, and even a minimal amount of perishables (tw...

Camping out at the Supreme Court

by Becca Benghiat 17 years ago

i'm a nyc hound driving down tuesday night and camping (with some law school buddies) in front of the SC in hopes of getting into watch oral arguments on wednesday. anything we should know about ...

what's a good camping salad?

by Patty 18 years ago

I'm bringing salad or a vegetable dish for a camping trip and I'm a little tired of pulling greens out of a plastic bag, throwing a few random chopped vegies on top and dousing it with my good but ...

Good camping food?

by Hershey Bomar 18 years ago

Good camping food? I'm inexperienced and going to Sequoia, Yosemite and Big Basin in a few weeks with a friend. The entire trip is 11 days. I’m thinking Café Fanny granola, Trader Joes dried blue...

NYC to Niagara Falls Camping / Chow Trip

by The Rogue 18 years ago

I am doing a week long camping / chow hound road trip from NYC to Niagara Falls from apx. July 22-27. What are some great, little knwn places to eat. In Buffalo we plan on trying out the two places...

Coastal Camping and Food from Rockland Maine, North to Nova Scotia

by The Rogue 18 years ago

This year in addition to my monthly stay in Union, Maine near Camden and Rockland, I will be doing a two week camping trip north along the coast, hopefully as far as Nova Scotia. I am leaving near ...

How long is pesto good for?/Camping fare

by Missy P. 18 years ago

Here's the deal: I want to make a huge jar of pesto (like 16+ oz.) to take on a month-long car camping trip with me. It'll be stored in a cooler with other perishables. I figure the pesto will re...

BERKSHIRES: Best of? Camping/Swimming/Hiking

by Anj 18 years ago

We are doing a trip this summer, and I would like to find the following: ~A quiet, small campground... With views? Swimming? ~Any "best" secret swimming holes... ~Hiking Mount Race. Is that...

Chow Camping Fare?

by sunshine 18 years ago

Now that summer is around the corner and camping season has begun, i'm looking for some ideas or recipes for camping food. Other than the ubiquitous hot dogs and marshmallows, what do you serve/mak...

Camping suggestions?

by Maya 19 years ago

Any Chowhound recommendations for gourmet food to take car camping? I am armed with 2-burner coleman stove and fire pit. I love whipping up the fancy stuff out there in the outdoors! Any ideas for...

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