From Indian lunch buffets to Italian bakeries to toddler-friendly fine dining, Chowhounds have recommendations for the best food finds in Cambridge.


Sofra Bakery - Cambridge MA

by grumpyspatient 1 month ago

Dinner with friends Sunday night (homemade dumplings to celebrate the year of the pig) turned into an overnight at the Revolution Hotel turned into breakfast at Sofra Bakery. And thank goodness it ...

Boston area restaurants - the new favorites?

by saregama 11 months ago

I lived in Boston many moons ago, and still visit frequently from NYC. I’m curious what folks consider their favorites nowadays - not what you’d recommend to tourists looking for a fancy meal or a ...

Back in Boston/Cambridge: Back Bay / Fenway Ideas

by thegforceny 2 months ago

Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and feedback you've provided on my monthly trips to Cambridge (from Manhattan). This trip brings me to The Elliot Hotel (Mass Ave and Newbury St) Sat-Monday th...

Formaggio Kitchen--What's interesting? (Boston MA)

by BostonBestEats 7 months ago

What's new and interesting that are you buying at Formaggio Kitchen (Huron Village Cambridge, South End Boston, heck even Essex Street Market NYC lol)? IT WAS BRIGHT YELLOW: So I had to buy it (...

Spanish turron

by lorry04 4 months ago

Hi all, I just recently moved to Cambridge MA and was wondering were in the Boston area could I find Spanish turron (brands like El Almendro, 1880, Delaviuda...) during the holiday season. In Fl...

Chinese food for a crowd, near MIT

by JRL56 4 months ago

We're looking for a fun, yummy place to share Chinese food for 20+ w/in walking distance of MIT

This week in Kendall Square Dining...

by thegforceny 5 months ago

This visit included some nice eating, aside from the in-office catering. Sunday night, Nashville Hot chicken at State Park. Do not like the concept of the place. Ironic hipster circa 2005. Dump...

3 Days at Taj Boston, 3 days back in Kendall Square

by thegforceny 4 months ago

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions and feedback on my monthly trips. This time I arrive Sat 12/8 2:30 PM. Sat - Tuesday AM at the Taj. Then xfer to Marriott Cambridge til Friday the ...

Spice & Baking supply stores, Cambridge, MA

by Madrid 4 months ago

Curiospice at 2265 Mass Ave in Cambridge (near Davis) has gotten lots of local media publicity. I love this store. I found stuff there I never knew existed...included some new-to-me chiles, and I s...

Silk Road Uyghur Cuisine (Cambridge, MA)

by BostonBestEats 6 months ago

Last weekend, a couple of Chowhounds and I ventured to SILK ROAD UYGHUR CUISINE in Cambridge MA (a block away and across the street from both New Deal Seafood and Loyal Nine). If you have no ide...

Kendall Square West this time - Part 1

by thegforceny 4 months ago

Arrived lunch time Monday. Ordered pick up from Whole Food Provisions on Mass Ave. Got a design-your-own bowl. Loved it. Fresh, great, ingredients to make interesting combos. Big variety of amazin...

Eating my way through Kendall Square - Cambridge

by thegforceny 6 months ago

Thanks for all your suggestions on a previous trip. I just spent last week there and happy to report on a few places: Sunday dinner at the Cambridge Brewery bar. Ordered the fish of the day sp...

One night in Kendall Square - Cambridge

by thegforceny 8 months ago

I'll be at the Boston Marriott Cambridge Tuesday, Aug `14th. Looking for one dinner, one person. Logical choice is Craigie's on Main, but I'm not into a 5- or 7- course meal alone. WIll I get the...

THE SMOKE SHOP, One Kendall Square, Cambridge MA

by BostonBestEats 2 years ago

Boston isn't exactly known to be in the big leagues of BBQ cities. In fact, we are more like that Double-A minor league team that you take your kids to see while you are visiting Grandma out in th...

Yume Ga Arukara, one of America's Best New Restaurants (Bon Appetit)

by BostonBestEats 6 months ago

Yume Ga Arukara (Cambridge, MA) is #8 on Bon Appetit's "America's Best New Restaurants 2018" list (14 August 2018): "Behind a small, spare counter hidden in a college food court, Tsuyoshi Nishio...

Whole Foods after Amazon?

by zigzag17 1 year ago

Wondering what your experience and assessment are with the change? I shop mostly at the Cambridge MA Fresh Pond WF. It seems like they keep produce on the shelf longer and past its prime, and rea...

Dinner for 60 in Camberville?

by Weiszguy 7 months ago

We are looking to host a reasonable family dinner post-Bat Mitzvah in Somerville or Cambridge. We used Catalyst last time and they were fabulous all around - any other suggestions for restaurants ...

33 Essential Cambridge Restaurants (Boston Magazine)

by BostonBestEats 7 months ago

Apparently, Boston Magazine is jumping on the "Essential" bandwagon. Seems like a good enough list to me, with a few places I've never been and only a couple of puzzlers (Beat Brasserie doesn't ...

Les Sablons (Cambridge MA)

by BostonBestEats 2 years ago

Anyone been here yet? Any recommendations? I'm surprised there's nothing on the board yet. From Garret Harker and crew (Eastern Standard, ICOB, Row 34, Branch Line...). LES SABLONS 2 Bennett...

Boston Rehearsal dinner

by cgb2 8 months ago

Good place for rehearsal dinner in boston/cambridge area. 20-25 people; North End or not - family style necessary