From Indian lunch buffets to Italian bakeries to toddler-friendly fine dining, Chowhounds have recommendations for the best food finds in Cambridge.

The Dishes and Cocktails at Cafe ArtScience Are Smart Enough for Harvard

Located in the academic playground between research institutions like Harvard and MIT, it’s no surprise that Cafe ArtScience uses science to fundamentally shape its culinary philosophy and menu. In...

Does anyone have a photo of Buddy's Sirloin Pit (Cambridge, MA)?

by GDSwamp 14 years ago

My parents were in love with Buddy's Sirloin Pit, and whenever they think of its passing, they get surprisingly close to teary. If any of you Cambridge-centric chowhounds felt similarly about the p...

URBAN HEARTH, mass.ave.cambridge

by popsicles 8 months ago

what a talented chef/owner,erin, in this fairly new take out place we recently discovered. she must have trained with some good people. she's very innovative with flavors/condiments and i have been...

Mamaleh's: best rugelach since Lederman's (and more)

by Blumie 9 months ago

Those of us who grew up in the area in the 70s remember how good the rugelach at Lederman's Bakery, in Newton Centre, was. And although many of us discovered Cake Arts, in Sharon, after we lost Led...

Little Donkey Phat Lao

by spiffcleanser 8 months ago

I returned to Little Donkey recently. I love their Phat Lao, can anyone recommend a recipe similar to this? I'm not so good with deconstruction. Thanks!

Elsie's Deli in Cambridge?

by debonweb 17 years ago

Back in the 70's, there was an awesome, always crowded, very popular deli in Cambridge. They had the best corned beef on rye sandwich I ever had! Does anyone know if it still exists?

Lamplighter Deja Vu

by Taralli 9 months ago

Heard about this beer on the menu at Oleana in Cambridge MA. Tasting comments?

Anyone remember Savarin? (Cambridge)

by Guido 11 months ago

Back in the '80s there was a Czechoslovakian restaurant called Savarin on Prospect St. They closed and reopened briefly in Natick, I think. I have never had wiener schnitzel as good as theirs. Anyo...

Elmendorf Baking Supplies, Cambridge, open for pick up

by Madrid 1 year ago

Elmendorf, the small baking shop in Inman Square, Cambridge, has reopened for next day curbside pick up orders. They will also deliver within three miles. Details here: http://www.elmendorfbaking....

Looking for Memorable Moroccan Couscous

by LRS 1 year ago

I just moved to the Cambridge area from NYC and am looking for a good moroccan couscous in Boston, Cambridge or MA in general. The last thread is form more than 10 years ago. Any help?

Buying olives in Camberville – Black, green, Kalamata, …

by zigzag17 3 years ago

When in the mood, I like to put olives in various pasta and other dishes. Where and what olives do you buy, and how do you use them?

Kirkland Tap & Trotter closing in two days/Cambridge/Somerville

by Madrid 1 year ago

Just got an email from Tony Maws, newsletter: Two Last Services Six years ago we opened The Kirkland Tap & Trotter to bring a relaxed, casual, slightly loud and extremely fun restaurant to Wa...

Thai in Somerville

by thegforceny 2 years ago

I visit Cambridge monthly from Manhattan. I eat a lot of Thai and cook it myself with "authentic" ingredients, but I am no expert. On my next trip in July I'd like to visit the many Thai spots in ...

Cambridge/Somerville vacinity

by bear 2 years ago

I'd like to get a couple of gift cards in the general Camberville area, although a little distance away would be okay. One of the couple is vegan, so availability of vegan dishes is pretty importan...

Whole Foods after Amazon?

by zigzag17 3 years ago

Wondering what your experience and assessment are with the change? I shop mostly at the Cambridge MA Fresh Pond WF. It seems like they keep produce on the shelf longer and past its prime, and rea...

Sofra Bakery - Cambridge MA

by grumpyspatient 2 years ago

Dinner with friends Sunday night (homemade dumplings to celebrate the year of the pig) turned into an overnight at the Revolution Hotel turned into breakfast at Sofra Bakery. And thank goodness it ...

Boston area restaurants - the new favorites?

by saregama 3 years ago

I lived in Boston many moons ago, and still visit frequently from NYC. I’m curious what folks consider their favorites nowadays - not what you’d recommend to tourists looking for a fancy meal or a ...

Back in Boston/Cambridge: Back Bay / Fenway Ideas

by thegforceny 2 years ago

Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and feedback you've provided on my monthly trips to Cambridge (from Manhattan). This trip brings me to The Elliot Hotel (Mass Ave and Newbury St) Sat-Monday th...

Formaggio Kitchen--What's interesting? (Boston MA)

by BostonBestEats 2 years ago

What's new and interesting that are you buying at Formaggio Kitchen (Huron Village Cambridge, South End Boston, heck even Essex Street Market NYC lol)? IT WAS BRIGHT YELLOW: So I had to buy it (...

Spanish turron

by lorry04 2 years ago

Hi all, I just recently moved to Cambridge MA and was wondering were in the Boston area could I find Spanish turron (brands like El Almendro, 1880, Delaviuda...) during the holiday season. In Fl...