Looking for authentic Cambodian food? We've got your guide here, with advice on where to find Cambodian restaurants, ideas for Cambodian recipes, and discussions on the finer points of Cambodian cuisine.

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No Cambodian Food for You!

by Nate 19 years ago

I like to think of myself as sort of a discount chowhound, I like to find new and unique places to eat but I'm rarely willing to spend very much money on them. Thus, my explorations and recommenda...

southeast asian in manhattan -- cambodian/burmese especially

by david k 18 years ago

What are favorite authentic -- not fusion -- Southeast Asian spots in Manhattan? Would love to find great Cambodian or Burmese as well as Vietnamese and Thai.

Cambodian food ... where to start?

by Bradbury 18 years ago

Hi all - I'm an avid 'hounder of good Asian food, and have in recent years discovered the joys of such places as Little Malaysia, Sanamluang, Din Tai Fung, Hanaichimonme, Banh Cuon Tay Ho, etc. ...

Cambodian Nime Chow - dying for Apsaras in Providence RI

by margarita 18 years ago

Ok, does anyone have any recs for Nime Chow (un fried cambodian shrimp rolls with plenty of cilantro. mint and basil) that will help me stop driving back to Providence for them? Somehow the vietn...

Cambodian in San Jose?

by Susan Woodward 18 years ago

Ihave heard tell of a great Cambodian restaurant in San Jose, on Second Street near San Carlos Street, basement level, and the name something like Tres Xiao. Has anyone eaten there? a better spel...

Cambodian food in St. Paul MN

by Phil 18 years ago

Has anyone tried the Cambodian place in St. Paul, 'Cheng Heng Restaurant'? What is it like; what should I order? - P.

Seeking Special Cambodian Soup

by Dave M.P. 18 years ago

A few years ago, I ate at a (now closed) Cambodian restaurant in Hadley, Mass. and ordered a dish called "Suki Soup." Since then, I have been to a few Cambodian restauarants and have seen nothing l...

cambodian or malaysian food in seattle

by anon 18 years ago

hello, i am a fan of cambodian food and was wondering if anyone knows of a restaurant here. also i have tried malay satay hut but was wondering if there were other malaysian places around. th...

Cambodian or Lao

by Eric Higgins 18 years ago

Any recommendations? I've done every Vietnamese and Thai in sight, and would like to expand my horizons, although I know precious little about either cuisine. I noticed a large Cambodian(?) distr...

Mission Impossible: Cambodian

by MrJon 18 years ago

Can't find a single person, website or newspaper review archive that recommends any Cambodian restaurants in greater L.A. I know the Times just did an article on the Cambodian population near Lon...

Cambodian Chowhound dinner FUN!

by Celery 18 years ago

Our latest Chowhound dinner at the Cambodian restaurant in Oakland was a lot of fun last nite! It was great to meet you all. Thanks for the wines and Caitlin, thanks for the danish (that was my h...

Cambodian Cuisine Mystery Odor

by becky 18 years ago

I had been anticipating going to Cambodian Cuisine in Ft. Greene for some time. I had tried in the past and was told that the wait would be 1/2 or more. Maybe I just assumed based on the crowds tha...

Providence Cambodian

by George Kappus 20 years ago

I have made frequent trips to Providence over the last six months and have been surprised and delighted with the variety and quality of Cambodian food available there. (I am speaking of traditiona...

Cambodian and Lao -- Where

by George Kappus 19 years ago

In a 9/7 post Bob W. reported that there are Cambodian, Lao and Burmese restaurants (among many others) in Falls Church. I will be in Washington tomorrow night and would like to go to Falls Church...

Cambodian on Cape Cod?

by Alan Divack 19 years ago

The Boston Globe had a feature on spicy food on the cape, and mentioned a Cambodian (or at least a Cambodian-owned) restaurant in Pocasset. If my memory serves me correctly, it was calle Stir Craz...

Relief for Cambodian Cravings

by George Kappus 20 years ago

If, like me, you're a Cambodian-starved New Yorker, you may be interested in my posting on the New England Board on exceptional Cambodian food in Providence, just 3 or 4 short hours up Route 95.

Cambodian Cuisine

by Martha Gehan 20 years ago

I recently went to the opening of an artist friend's exhibition at a restaurant in Greenpoint called Lucien Blue (btw, any feedback on this place, which looked very upscale minimalist with a nic...

cambodian crisis

by allan evans 22 years ago

The SEA Cambodian restaurant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn is still closed, despite their sign stating that January 8th would be re-opening day! Would someone who frequents or lives near the site re...

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